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  • Grumpy_Hubby
    Grumpy_Hubby Posts: 177 Member
    Follow me, friend me for my not so serious musings on losing weight.

    Starting all over again for the 474628282937372nd time.

    Previously used MFP to lose over 100 pounds. So starting all over again.

    I need motivation, I need accountability. I need a new start

    And to stop eating rubbish.
  • Jackieb84
    Jackieb84 Posts: 1 Member
    I’ve used MFP for years. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Last year I lost about 30lbs+. I was on a roll then the weight starting coming back. Being in quarantine has made it so much worse. :-( so I've gotten back on my grind and hoping to be down the 30lbs and then some. Doing IF and staying under 1300 calories. :smile:
  • hazelvo57ewd
    hazelvo57ewd Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone I’m hazel from the uk, this year has not been good for me mentally. Hoping to start a fresh with myself and that means getting fit and healthy again. I lost 2 and half stone last year and have put it all back on but no more, new journey starts now 😁
  • Carp614
    Carp614 Posts: 192 Member
    John from Jasper, Georgia. let's make this happen y'all!
  • la_sportive
    la_sportive Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, All! I am back & very motivated FOR ME! I have used and loved MFP on and off over the years and had good success with it. COVID stay-in-place— I misunderstood the order and I ate-in-place 😂 I am not looking back at the gains from this time and making these changes for me. Good luck to you all!
  • CourtCourt782
    CourtCourt782 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi! Courtney from Alabama here. :) I'm back. I've been offline for a little while now. I've had some down times but ready to turn them into ups! I have some health issues and really need to turn things around. My goal is lose 75 lbs, but any at this point a plus for me. I've changed my eating habits and walk at least 30 mins a day. I've been at it for a week and I've lost about 9lbs so far. I'm doing it all at home with no equipment so if you have suggestions just let me know.
    Thanks a lot!
    Go Team MyFitnessPal! :)
  • deraffemikey06
    deraffemikey06 Posts: 50 Member
    Hello, my name is Mike, I'm not new to my fitness pal but I have not been very active. I'm looking for goal driven people to motivate me every day towards my fitness goals. I know they wont be easy, but a good goal is never easy. I run and strength train multiple times a week but still looking to get better.
  • shonie1810
    shonie1810 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi all! Just started this app two weeks ago! Trying to track my food so it goes along with my exercise! I have lost three lbs so far! Yay! I have a plant based diet but occasionally like my sweet treats! 😂
  • fitnessjustin01
    fitnessjustin01 Posts: 239 Member
    Hey Guys I'm Justin. I'm giving this app and giving myself another shot at holding myself accountable. I'm nearing 40 and life just keeps getting busier! I know what goals my heart wants. I just need the help to get my mind on the same page...
  • ARC1K
    ARC1K Posts: 1 Member
    Hey everyone.

    I am Arc. I am about to be 33. I am in the US Army. I am trying to cut my body fat down and my Wife suggested this app to help track my food and exercise. I did not realize that there was a vast community on here like this. I am glad to see so many people trying help each other with their goals. Maybe this community will help keep me accountable so that I can achieve my goals with support from everyone.

    If you want/need any friends or support feel free to add me on here.

    Here’s to adventure! I wish everyone luck on their goals!

  • tracikolias52
    tracikolias52 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m back again! It’s been a long time since I’ve counted calories, but I know it works! Here is to day 1! Can’t wait to start hitting some goals.
  • spicydino
    spicydino Posts: 1 Member
    Hey guys! My name is Anna and I’ve tracked before on and off but never really stuck strictly to it. Recently I received some not great news from the dr and now I’ve gotta 180 my lifestyle. So that means tracking everyday and working out 3x a weeks from now on. It’s already tough since I’m used to just eating whatever when I’m hungry and not exercising but I’m determined to lose the weight and create a healthier life for myself. Will be posting progress pics and weigh in soon. Looking for friends to share meal ideas and exercises. Also to keep each on track and just check in with each other. It’s easy to doubt yourself and quit.
  • unforgettable2010
    unforgettable2010 Posts: 104 Member
    Hey. My name is Rome. I’ve been a gymrat for about 12 years. I started competing in local bodybuilding shows in 2015. I’ve done 3 so far. I wanted to compete again this year but the shutdown not only prevented it, I gained a good 23 pounds during it. My girlfriend uses this app so I figured I’d give it a try.
  • philhagan956
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    edited July 2020
    I'm Phil from the UK. I'm back again, 3rd time round. Wish me luck and add me if you want to do this journey together 💪
  • sweats4fun
    sweats4fun Posts: 18 Member
    Hi, will you be my friend? I'm looking to get stronger on olympic lifting, and lean out.
  • mrhlk381
    mrhlk381 Posts: 2 Member
    I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, type 2. To say I'm overwhelmed at the moment is an understatement. I'm finding that using this makes tracking my carbs and protein easy. Wondering if the premium offers more like dietary fiber info? The month before diagnosis was the worst of my life as my blood sugar was out of control and I didn't know it. I actually dropped 35lbs in one month without changing what I ate. On the plus side I'm finding that my old diet wasn't that far off from what I need to eat now with several exceptions. Those being no more pasta as a main course, only a small side. No more 3 slices of deep dish pizza...and since I'm single so getting a pizza usually means eating in two days, pretty much means I won't be eating pizza anymore. major bummer for an italian boy!

    Anyway, as I said, I'm overwhelmed right now with all the new rules, carbs , protein, fiber, etc. Anyone else in here diabetic have any pointers for a newby?
  • happylikekristen
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    edited July 2020
    I’m so extremely nervous, I’ve tried losing weight a thousand times but never with the support of others. I’m ready this time. I’m at a weight I never thought I would get to in my life. I have no idea how I’ve let myself go this far and why and all I can do is start from day one which is today. All I know for sure is that my life isn’t normal and I don’t even want to leave my house because I’m ashamed of my body and size. I’m ready this time and I know I can’t do it alone.
  • JRico38Califas
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    New no friends
  • adreyer1932
    adreyer1932 Posts: 11 Member
    Brand new here. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and the app makes the whole experience like a competition. I want to beat the numbers and see them fall!
  • karentaylor264
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    Hi all I have joined this eve but intend to start properly tomorrow as it's now 7.49p.m so meal time is over 😁👍, I'm 41 years old had high b.p for 40 years and need too loose weight due to health issues I have 5 stone to loose , I'm not wanting to look good just wanting to live a healthy life for as long as possible , so for me as most of you on here it's to be fit and healthy .... I do wish you all the best on here and do add me as a friend , would be great to chat about how you are getting on and help each other maybe :) thank you for taking the time to read my post .... Cheryl xx

    We can do this together one day at a time.