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No results in 5 months...should I give up?

rachaelzelrachaelzel Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
In these last 5 months I have tried almost every possible thing I could to lose these extra 10-15 pounds I gained last year. I have been intermittent fasting every single day, eating 100% clean, fresh foods, only drinking water, and eating around 1200-1300 calories per day. I weighed and measured every piece of food I ate this week to be 100% certain that my daily intake was around this range.

I exercise every day too. I started doing Chloe Ting workouts every day along with other body weight exercises. After I didn't see any fat loss results from that, I tried running 2-4 miles every day to burn off the body fat that was covering the muscles I had gained.

Right now I have a lot of excessive body fat, and no diet or exercise has helped me get rid of it.
How was everyone else able to overcome this issue?


  • rachaelzelrachaelzel Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    For everyone thinking I ignored the last discussions: I haven't. I have already tried everything they suggested and it didn't work. For about 3 months I lifted, did body weight and strength building exercises while eating more protein and hitting my macros. I built muscle during that process but didn't lose any fat, just making me look even bigger. I'm trying to get to 110-115 because I know I have at least 5-10 pounds of extra fat on my body.

    My question wasn't answered though: how do I go about losing those pounds of fat?
  • rachaelzelrachaelzel Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    I have reviewed the advice multiple times though.

    People suggested I focus on recomp: which I have already tried for a span of 3 months prior to any of these discussions, but for some reason my body would not get rid of the fat covering the muscles I gained. I like muscle, but not at the expense of looking a lot fatter than I actually am, since my muscles got bigger while I barely lost any fat.

    Others suggested that my goals were unrealistic: however they haven't seen pictures of my body. I have a lot of extra fat, and losing it would put me down to my goal weight without muscle loss. I am just at a loss on how to lose it.

    Some suggested I'm not tracking my food accurately. However that's not true as I weigh everything and am honest with myself.

    Some suggested I eat a little less: I already eat around 1,200-1,300 calories a day. Some suggested I eat more: I have tried doing that the last few weeks but just gained more fat. Someone was concerned about malnourishment, but i make sure to hit my macros.

    So again: are there any other suggestions?
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  • justfor1dayjustfor1day Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I have had the same problem in the past. Went crazy weighing all the food and not eating, doing keto, and still would lose no weight. And doing a lot more exercise, like almost one hour daily, with personal trainer, gym, long 2 and 3 hour walks. Nothing moved in the scale and it was driving me crazy, also because those who were supposed to help (nutritionist, personal trainer) would not believe me (or at least I sensed they felt I was lying). So I did give up, it was just no point to go on, I was going insane. In the end of each month I would weigh a bit less but something like 1kg, 500gr or even less.

    I have managed to lose weight recently, much more and much quicker, with diet only. I can go for a walk, do yoga or acqua gym but nothing compared to the huge amount of training I was doing before. In my case, I feel the additional (a bit exaggerated) training would open my appetite - since I wouldn't eat I would just feel exausted and maybe my system would slow down or something like that. Anyway, I don't think exercise helps a lot to lose weight, at least for me. It may be healthy, make you look better, etc, but to lose weight, in my case, it will be quicker if I just focus on the food I eat. So I am doing a 1200/1300 cal diet right now, I lost a lot of weight in the first months and again I plateaued. But I think it will work if I am persistent, drink more water and activate/oxygenate my body a bit more.

    My personal experience, and you may be similar, is that if I exercise too much I will put on more muscle, look better but not lose any weight. If I want to shrink down, I really need to focus on diet, reduce on calories and use exercise more as health component, to help make me feel good, etc.

    However, my experience may be very different from yours because I am much older and need to lose more weight.
  • justfor1dayjustfor1day Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I am just arriving in this forum and I feel you are a bit too judgemental and quick at jumping into conclusions. If someone is trying to get help than any wish (to lose little or a lot of weight, to gain weight, to keep weight, whatever) is as good and important as anyone else's. I personally would also love to be at 110-115, and it is probaly a much healthier and achievable wish to have if you are at 127 than if you are 200 pounds.
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