Morbidly obese and taking no prisoners

I'm creating this thread as a sort of ongoing diary of sorts. It's a place where people can come and be motivated or motivate others.

Anyways, I am 6 foot 3 inches and starting weight is of about a month and a half ago, just need to get on a scale and see where I am at now.

Highest weight ever was 435 and my goal weight as of now is 250.

Obviously I'm tracking calories, so my exercise regimen is every other day is strength training with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. The days in between are for cardio, specifically trail running (jogging) and walking around town.

Every month I might post progress photos, unsure at the moment.


  • Katmary71
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    Sounds like you have a great plan! I'll check in and see how you're doing, I wish you the best, you got this!
  • crawfishgirl333
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    That’s great 😀. I’m joining you with this journey keep it up think and say it matters ! I’m cutting out real sugar mainly for my coffee and cokes and bread. I’m going to eat less cause I need to I’ve noticed my clothes don’t fit and I want to be pain free too , my legs hurt and think because my weight. You can do this , weigh the same time every time you step on scale. Get a note pad too write down also what you eat. Now how can I get to walking? Need to lol.
  • DarkTwain
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    I can't wait to see your progress! Let's get it
  • Katmary71
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    Way to really and still work out! I make myself either go for 5 minutes or one song. If I'm really resistant I'll dance while doing chores. Usually by the time is up I'm fired up enough to keep going.

    Awesome job staying under calories!
  • suegreg2
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    @METALforCHRIST You are doing an awesome job! Keep moving (I might actually get up off my rump today and move, too!). Thank you for posting - you really do help keep others (including me) stay motivated. You are the kick in the pants I needed. Thank you!!
  • dew11252
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    You just motivated me to get moving today! I'm gonna start with some housework, then some cardio, then stretches.

    Have a good day meeting your goals.
  • mc62412
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    Great job ! Good for you for getting in that exercise. I started in April at just under my highest. 290.5.
    I’ve mostly just been watching my food. Counting and staying with in or under my calories. As of today I’m at 249.7.

    Exercise is something I struggle with to do. Some days I do some sort of movement. But most days I don’t. I’m sure if I did I’d be farther ahead in my journey.

    What gets you motivated to exercise ? I could use some tips, maybe get my butt in gear !

    Awesome progress so far though. Kudos to you ! 😊
  • Jch4mb3rs
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    When it comes to exercise I basically have to pep talk myself. The reality is that if you take two runners of equal athleticism and have them race the one that pep talks himself will push way harder.

    Anyway its funny that you mention the exercise because today is the day that I wasnt able to do any lol. I had a very long day at work but lucky for me my job is very active and all on my feet. I was only a couple hundred steps away from hitting my goal for the day.

    In other news I obviously ended my day under calories again, and plan on ordering a steel mace tomorrow. I DO have the benefit of the fact that my "strength " training with kettlebells is also a cardiovascular exercise, and so isnt mace training. Killing two birds with one stone.
  • mc62412
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    What is mace training ? Never heard of it.
    Well either way good for u ! 👏🏼🎉 I need to get myself to move more.
  • dew11252
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    Please keep posting.

    Your persistence is very motivating.
  • Deewithadoo
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    You're doing GREAT! That Mace training looks cool...but my neighbor's would be scared :D
  • mc62412
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    Very interesting