August 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @BEASTFIELD314 You can do it. And, you are right, small steps lead to big things. Just so you know, in this forum, you are only a jogger if you find a dead body along your route. Otherwise, you are a runner. :wink:

    @marisap2010 Hope your headache is better. I'm impressed that you went out for a run while it was hurting.
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    this is a cool story
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    That is an amazing story @mbaker566. I thought it was going to be that he just ran across her while out there but so impressive that he set out with the intention of trying to find her.

    Date :::: Miles :::: Cumulative
    08/01/20 :::: 1.3 :::: 1.3
    08/02/20 :::: 1.6 :::: 2.9
    08/03/20 :::: 3.1 :::: 6.0
    08/04/20 :::: 5.0 :::: 11.0

    Back to business today with workouts. It was lightly raining when we started out it felt a little chilly, which was a nice change from the heat but a little unpleasant. We ran 1 mile for a warmup with nose breathing practice first. We were debating whether to substitute hills for the planned sprints and core circuit, due to the wet track conditions. Somehow this idea became doing ALL of it today. We did our typical sprint workout, and the track was ok. Then we did a core circuit on the very wet turf (3 rounds: bicycles, mountain climbers, planks, russian twists, crunches, and V-ups). Then we headed over to the hill. It was raining a bit harder now and of course we were already soaking wet. The plan was 45 minutes of repeats but I called it good at about 30 because I had to get ready for meeting. It was kind of a mean trick to do two days worth of workouts in one so I didn't feel too bad about cutting it short.

    The rain is coming down pretty heavy now. Looks like it will last most of the day from tropical storm Isaias.
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    mbaker566 wrote: »
    this is a cool story

    Very cool!
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    mbaker566 wrote: »
    this is a cool story

    Very cool!

    Incredibly cool.
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    @HonuNui I installed the FB blocking extension. 10 seconds and I can block every add and unwanted topics. With that and my FoxFire FB container, I am free of some of the nonsense. Thanks.
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    I forgot that when you miss a day you are behind 4 pages of posts!

    08/01 - 2.55 miles
    08/02 - Rest Day
    08/03 - 2.44 miles

    I quickly realized why I typically run mornings last night. I ran at 5 pm while daughter was at an appointment. It was 92 degrees with 42% humidity and dew point was 66. I felt horrible! Run actually turned into a walk because I aggravated a sore muscle or tendon I injured at my morning workout two weeks ago. Soreness is at the back of my ankle and I am not 100% sure what I injured. So I am limping around today. My fitness coach told me to rest today but I will see how it goes and may go try to run/walk after work today.

    Ketchup Chips: my daughter would be thrilled if she could get these in South Louisiana. She actually dips plain potato chips in ketchup. My other daughter and husband like their catfish and fries in vinegar.
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    August Goal: 100 Miles

    8/2: 10.52 miles
    8/4: 6.40 miles

    16.92/100 miles completed for August

    832.93/1000 miles for Run the Year Team Pavement Pounders

    I ran 6.4 miles this morning. It was a really nice run. I got out the door at 5:50 and it was 70°F. The humidity wasn't too awful at 88% and the dew point was 65°. It was so much nicer than the 70°-73° dew points we've been having lately. It was such nice weather for August in Texas and I really enjoyed it since I know the forecast has us getting really hot again. I think we are supposed to be over 100° for the next two weeks. When I left the house it was clear and the moon was just beautiful and there were still stars out. It was an hour before sunup so it was still dark, but with the moonlight it didn't seem too dark. And then the sky started to lighten and it was just so pretty. I know I'll be hating that big ball of fire later, but it was sure pretty rising this morning. I saw a rabbit. He was sitting at the side of the road and he actually sat there until I was just almost to him before he ran away. And I saw a doe and a fawn running across the road. I did see a skunk, but he had been hit by a car and it hadn't been too long either because it smelled like he had just sprayed and I saw a baby raccoon that had also been hit by a car. That one was pretty sad because he had climbed up on the sidewalk and there was a trail of blood dragged across the sidewalk where I was running. But other than the roadkill it was a great run.

    @ContraryMaryMary What a sweet way for your daughter to raise money. Although I have to admit that at first I read it as "dog biscuits" which is a totally different thing than dog shaped biscuits.

    @noblsheep You're right, it shouldn't seem any weirder to have ketchup flavored chips than it is to put ketchup on french fries. I don't usually put ketchup on french fries, but I don't think it is weird when other people do. And I guess it's not that different than barbecue flavor chips. It's just something I never heard of.

    @Tramboman Yay us! 1600! I wasn't sure which of us would sync first. I didn't know if we were both in the same time zone. I thought you might be Eastern time.

    @mbaker566 That really was an awesome story. I love that he actually went looking for her and didn't just stumble on her which is what I was expecting.


    2020 races:
    11/7/20: Run for 57th AHC Half Marathon
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    mbaker566 wrote: »
    this is a cool story

    Wow, yes very cool story! That woman is tougher than me; No way I could survive 4 days without eating!
    bride001 wrote: »
    I forgot that when you miss a day you are behind 4 pages of posts!

    Yes, this is my motivation to check in everyday!
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    Good afternoon, everyone!

    I think it's been a week since I checked in - work has been awful. Today is the first almost-normal feeling work day I've had in a while. It's not a good time in the world to be having work trouble....

    I had some really beautiful runs this weekend and have been doing a lot of PT and lifting for the aravaipa Vertigo challenge, which starts next Monday. I think it's 119k total. I'm pretty excited! I've posted a lot of photos in the fb group for anyone interested. It's been a great time.

    Welcome to everyone that's new and returning! @polskagirl01 So glad you're back!

    @Elise4270 I am so sorry! So, so, so sorry. I cannot imagine.

    Monthly question:

    How am I coping? Well, we still have one therapy appointment that we have been able to maintain. Also, I try to focus on what I want NOW and compare it to what I want MOST. What is most important right now? What are my priorities?

    i try to keep my priorities in check so that I can give my attention to what and who needs it most.


    WORKING SOOOOOO MANY HOURS! Worry about the safety of my kids and myself. Worry about the kids' return to school. My daughter is in her element right now because she doesn't love social settings or the pressure of performing at school but my son has really let himself go. I have to MAKE him leave the house to go outside. It's a work in progress - I'm working with both kids on routine and structure, etc. Spending quality time. Gardening...

    Running really helps. It's been the best running year of my life, actually. Also I am in the market for some new trail shoes. I am leaning toward the Nike Wildhorse trail shoes, but I don't know how they are for stability. I'll have to go try them...

    Anyway. Just wanted to check in on all of you. I hope everyone is well!
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    @Elise4270 Can you port the number to Google Voice (I have done it in the past), which you can then pair with google's hangouts dialer app and use it from any tablet (even wifi only)
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Not running related obviously... Just tech/emotional advice

    Problem: I want to keep DS's phone number. I can't say why exactly. It's part of him that is still here, his bloody phone active with his number. DH wants to save the 20$ a month and cancel it. I really don't know what I want. I get stuck on the "Alex" problems, and it's all I wanna do. I think I am trying to fix that he's gone.

    Solutions posed by Brian at Verzion.
    1) leave it as is

    2) I can put his number on a watch, saves 10$/mo I think. But watch is 350-500$
    Raised the question- Would I be able to pair my line with it and continue to get notifications, is it useable? I like the idea of having "him" with me all the time. But I have a 500$ Garmin Fenix that I'd be shelving. ETA- will not pair with Android

    3) I can put it on a tablet. Cost is similar to phone line. My tablet is wifi only. 600+$ for new tablet
    I could use the tablet outside of wifi then... Kind of nice between classes and having it not hotspot or on schools wifi. Or I know with kids/school now, I could sell/gift it to a family member.

    4) I can have his number and my number on one phone. My phone isn't compatible. 450-550$ for new Apple SE phone (have Galaxy- love Samsung and Google) I think google pixel 4 is dual sim. But this is out of stock and has iffy reviews. The galaxy 20 or what have you is just too expensive. Won't sell that to DH.

    5) DH offered to put his number on a prepaid. sounds ok. But what if I want it back? Verzion may not be able to port it back once out.

    6) Move on and let it go. 0$

    So IF I decide to choose one of options 2-4, Why would I, outside of keeping the number?

    Honestly, DH usually comes around and will sign off on "whatever makes me feel better". Right now it's just perceived unwillingness to be cooperative and supportive of his goal, I seem combative to him. Rightfully so, mind you. I also just bought expensive google ear buds, which will still pair with apple. I am personally leaning towards the phone. or watch. or tablet. or begging to just leave the line for another 6 months, just 120$.

    Fix me.

    I can not tell your heart how to feel. If it needs the number for now, it needs it. I can give you a much cheaper technical solution.

    You could transfer it to Google Voice, which is free. Then you could forward the number form there to your phone so you get all the texts, and such. I did this a long long time ago with a number I have from a state I used to live in. Back when "long distance calling" was a thing. By keeping the number on Google Voice I could still get local calls.

    I assume they still do it. And if so, that is by far the best technical option.
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    @quilteryoyo I noticed that both of my old ticker links (one was for the month and one was for the year) are now taking me to the same ticker, no matter which link I choose. I thought maybe something with my browser, but didn't try to make a new one.

    @Elise4270 I can't imagine what you're going through, so can't really say which option I'd choose. Grief makes everything look different, so it's hard to say if the number will be as big a deal to you in a few months. Or it might be more important to you as time goes on. So many layers of pain, I'm so sorry you're experiencing it.
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    I'll look at it. I think DH suggested it also, but I am, well. I don't know what I am right now. An uncooperative crybaby, I think...

    @polskagirl01 Thanks.