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  • raleighgirl09raleighgirl09 Member, Premium Posts: 690 Member Member, Premium Posts: 690 Member
    xDARKKi wrote: »

    Finally finishing my diet/cut. I started my diet and weight training one year ago and seems like i got where i wanted to get. I also started to eat way more healthy than before and dropped many bad habits on the way too.

    It feels good to finally reach this goal as this dieting started having effects like i was hungry and though about food all the time, my energy levels were low, my mood was crappy and few other things.

    I was in ~500 calorie deficit most of the time, had 5 workouts per week and did little bit of light cardio at the end too and lost about 0.3-1kg (0.7-2.2lbs) per week. At the end i added refeed days once per week, which were helpful. I also noticed that i stopped or at least majorly slowed down progressing and gaining strength/size in last five months. My "old" age could also be an factor though :]

    Tomorrow i will start reverse diet to get to my maintenance calories and drop most of the cardio out too. Then i can fully concentrate on my strength workouts and also get better results too. I gained much experience related to health/nutrition/eating in this journey and thankfully dropped many bad habits on the way too!

    And sorry about my English, it's not my first language.

    Timeframe: About one year
    Weight from 105kg (231lbs) to 62kg (137lbs)
    Height: 183cm (6foot)
    Age: 42


    @xDARKKi WOW - you look amazing but the fact that you feel amazing is so awesome! What a steel minded amount of dedication, good for you, and what an inspiration to other men!!!!!!! B) And no need to apologize for your English, you're so far ahead of many people (I mean, we in the US!!) as we're kinda lazy in the language learning department.... =>
  • jmakleanaddojmakleanaddo Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member
    hunnahs26 wrote: »

    5 month difference! Reverse the positions... I didnt actually get bigger!

    Nice job, dude!

    Thank you!
  • Elo_getsfitElo_getsfit Member Posts: 47 Member Member Posts: 47 Member

    Crazy what 2 + years of a healthy lifestyle can do 😊 Remember: they are tiger stripes not stretch marks 😉...So, heck yeah, I’m going wear a two piece bathing suit at the pool 👙

    Woahh Youve Done amazingly well for yourself!

    Thank you 😊
  • ultraastraultraastra Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    Amazing results!
    I'm about half way there, but these posts help keep me focused
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