Just For 10 Days - Round 124



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    I'm in for my 1st round!

    Female, Age 50, 5'4"
    Starting Weight = 181.4
    Ultimate Goal Weight = 134

    Round 124 Goal = Under 176

    08/25 = 178.0 (down 2.4 from yesterday) Nice "loss" from yesterday but really that was an inflated number from the weekend overeating. Still up .3 from Friday's weight. But happy it is heading in the right direction!

    08/26 = 177.1 (down .9 from yesterday) Went on a run yesterday with my husband and ate well & within my calorie range all day but eventually went over as we had wine and & a snack later in the evening. Expect the number to bump up tomorrow, as it usually take 2 days for the scale to reflect that for me.

    08/27 - 177.9 (up .8 from yesterday), there's the slight uptick I was expecting from Tuesday night's over indulgences. Yesterday was an okay day calorie wise but was in the higher part of my allowed calorie range. Wanted to go for a run as it was great weather and supposed to storm all day today but husband's knee can't do two runs in a row, so we are hoping the weather cooperates today.

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    @musicsax - Wonderful news about your grandson.💚🙏
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    Just checking in. I have to get ready for a play date with my seeing’s buds. It’s been too long! I’ll be back to catch up later!