I went vegan and GAINED weight?!?!



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    Vegan eating is mostly cabs. I would be HUGE if I went vegan. I would think a very strict calorie intake and high energy output is the only way to lose weight no matter what sort of diet you choose. The only problem with vegan, you body has lots of energy source via the food you eat so it doesn't need to go after the fat reserves.

    I think you misunderstand Veganism. There’s more to it than just no animal products, especially if you need to lose weight.
    An important factor in vegan weight loss is calorie density. A cup of beans and a cup of tomatoes will have very different calorie totals. So in order to get 100 calories of tomatoes, you get to eat a LOT more, which leads to SATIETY. Not feeling like you’re starving is a huge helper in keeping going with a caloric deficit.

    Check out these resources:
    Forks Over Knives
    The China Study
    Chef AJ
    Dr. MacDougal

    That being said- I am still struggling. I am in the caloric deficit recommended by every weight loss calorie calculator I could find, and yet the weight is not coming off. So the oft touted “calorie deficit for weight loss” is not my experience.

    Advice from Vegans (especially WFPB ones) would be gratefully accepted.
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    what does WFBP stand for please?
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    what does WFBP stand for please?

    "Whole Food Plant Based," it's a term used by people who avoid animal products but also add extra restrictions to their diet beyond that, often around oil, salt, sugar, and various kinds of processed foods.
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    I know someone who is vegetarian and is morbidly obese. He eats tons of pasta, rice, and white bread, and things like that. So I'd try to stay away from processed stuff, maybe that would help?
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    Im plant based (98% vegan) and I'm 41, its defo not easy to lose weight, Im 5'4 and 138lbs, cutting 500 Kcals so intake is 1500, if I workout, I will eat a bit more but weight isnt shifting yet (I've been mainly just doing physio due to injury, and work is busy, retail, but its not a workout) I have been injured which I feel is slowing down the results. Managed to lose a couple kilos a year ago, but I was training more then as my back wasnt as bad and Im now trying to shed another 10lbs or so if possible. 1500 Kcals isnt a ton of food, and like others have said its very easy to bump up your Kcals if adding oils or eating pasta. I feel your struggle.. add me if ya like :)

    So many people have already said it, but it's the calories.

    My diet is about 95-97% plant-based on a calorie basis and I have to watch my calories like a hawk. I am the world's best vegan cookie chef, let me tell you. I give almost all of them away when I make them, too. :-)

    I wish the OP all the best. I love my vegan friends and a lot of them are thin, but that has to do with how much they eat, not what they eat.
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    I'm not vegan but have a veggie/ vegan cookbook and we enjoy the recipes but are always a little shocked by how many calories are in some of the dishes! Lots of carbs, as well as nuts and added oil... cheese and dairy in the veggie ones too... it does mount up!