Less Alcohol - OCTOBER 2020 - One Day at a Time (Try a Sober October)



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    Couple of bottles of wine with my sister & DH as we enjoyed the evening and dinner. My 3rd glass was handed over to DH ... :)

    Oct accountability: 0/5 days AF
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    I love your adventurous travels.
    And wow what fantastic pictures!
    Thank you for posting those.
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    I am Dawn and live in South East British Columbia. I am 60.
    My goal remains the same as it has been for quite some time, 16-20 AF days per month.

    I do it kind of diary style:

    Thursday October 01 - AF - I did manage 17AF days for September even though I drank every single day (moderately) of my birthday week while away. I have to wean myself off of that path.
    Friday October 02 - AF - I really felt like having drinks though.
    Saturday October 03 - Drinks. I did flirt with the idea of an AF October...for a minute. Not yet, and not sure if ever I will want to be joining the sober squad.
    Sunday October 04 - AF - Really going to try to get back to having at least 2AF days in a row this month.
    Monday October 05 - AF - Planned Mojitos Tuesday or Wednesday before the Mint is finished for the year.
    Tuesday October 06 - AF - No Mojitos for me today, I was exhausted when I got in from work.

    Rolling total: 5 AF days out of 6 days so far.
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    LoveyChar wrote: »
    I'm grateful for the support I find here. Thirty six consecutive alcohol free days but I'm going camping over the weekend and I don't foresee Sober October existing for me after that point...I am doing well, no pity party or excuses. I just want to be honest about change of plans and I also wanted to say thank you!

    It will be nice for you to have a couple of drinks while camping.
    We are the "less" thread after all.

    I would think that it would be freezing cold for camping for you and @shorepine
    I know that she is in Oregon, pretty cold at nights there right now. I forget where you are.
    Maybe y'all have trailers to camp in : - )
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