Less Alcohol - OCTOBER 2020 - One Day at a Time (Try a Sober October)



  • dawnbgethealthy
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    Awwwww you rescued a kitty!!!
    Can't wait to see photos!
    Actually, I would always love to see more photos of your two giant dogs too : - )

    You don't have to stay away on drink days btw, I am sure that we all miss your presence when you are not here.
  • dawnbgethealthy
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    You are kind of like my hero. Love all that you write, and what you choose to do in life.
    You go gurl!!
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    edited October 2020
    HUMP DAY(who started that saying anyhow?🐫)

    Chiming in on the use of goal days left for the month. As with the number of calories we should be consuming to reach our goal weight in the food calculations, I was once prisoner to them both. I have not logged food in a long long time. Because I would beat my self up even if I went over 5 calories.

    This month I went through last weekend not thinking about the fact I told myself I could have 2 drinks while out. I had one that was it. And there was no second day, like I set my goal at.
    I like how many of you like @dawnbgethealthy have a goal "range" a low end and high end goal number. If you don't already set it like that, try it. It seems to work well.

    Yes need more pet photos and of your new kitty @shorepine. Cute cuddle time photo of your pets @Samand303

    Thanks for all the concerns on my pain. Feeling much better yesterday and today. My spell checker knows I live near the ocean ~gull bladder~ sorry about that, I seldom proof read my posts.

    Another night AF. (And coffee free😨)
  • LoveyChar
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    10 days AF over here...but today I will limit myself to a can of Dark Horse Rose Bubbles, 10%.

    @LoveyChar wonderful you enjoy training and racing and that is your passion. The longest race I did was the Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon years ago. I have never done an Ultra but I would be game for the easiest one out there :). I'm talking a 50k, low altitude, shade, nice cool weather, soft ground, not too early or late start, leniency on times, etc. I am super-Diva in that sense.

    My motivation for that would be just so I could schedule a multi-day trek somewhere soon thereafter and be at my "peak" optimal fitness level to cover more ground and explore and enjoy more of it. That's it.

    The important thing is to do something daily that energizes us, motivates us, makes us feel good and resilient, releases pent up emotions, relaxes, and recalibrates and replaces or reduces behaviors that aren't in line with optimal health. And latching on to a new passion changes our thinking, perspective, etc. It's nice to forget about drinking when one is obsessed with their new hobby or activity and enjoys it.

    And if there's a boost of endorphins, anti-depressant action, youth presevering growth hormone, maybe testosterone energy as an added benefit, I will take it since I need all of the above...:)

    Love this! Wow!
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    @Samand303 I love seeing your perfectly imperfect tomatoes. I threw away two tomato plants (one a cherry tomato and the other a tomato on the vine) because mice kept eating them. Never just one tomato that they'd nibble on but all of them and they were scratched up something like yours are. Now I'm wishing I had saved them. This whole gardening thing is new to me, as of this year and I'm figuring it out.

    @shorepine I'm sure little guy will be worm free and happily ready to chase mice soon! I so would love a cat for our backyard!
  • LoveyChar
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    @MissMay I'm glad you're feeling better.
  • looneycatblue
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    Love the garden photos... but I agree with many of you, time to see some kitten pictures too!

    4 AF / 4 days

    I am planning to stay AF through Friday, that will give me 7 in a row. On Saturday my Son and his Fiance are coming over to cook a birthday dinner for me, and he already mentioned bringing over a bottle of wine... so I will break my streak then and enjoy a glass. :)
  • globalhiker
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    Still at 10 days AF. Yesterday I did stick to 1 one can like I promised myself I would.

    @dawnbgethealthy seriously you are my hero....and hero awards also go out to all the kind and determined people on this thread who all have the same mission of making their lives better, happier, healthier as well as helping to lift the spirits of others.

    I mean it!
  • LoveyChar
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    And, @MissMay I'm drinking a cup of coffee and thinking about you because no coffee is so much worse than no alcohol, in my opinion. I'm sorry. I can give up alcohol but I'd cry if I had to give up coffee. You're getting relief, though, so I'm sure it's the best feeling!
  • LoveyChar
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    Only this month did I ever start counting drinks instead of days. In the past I would count days and could get crazy with it, like an unlimited binge. So now I'm counting drinks.

    I have two sober months this year and I'm thinking about making November, December, January sober months but making no commitments because that's when I fail. So I'll stick with the "less" mentality and not deprive myself. But if I do have a drink, I'll count it as opposed to the days.

    Like many of you, my husband is an every day drinker but I'm starting to realize more and more that he cares less and less if I drink. He'll put football, basketball or baseball on and there is some sport on almost every day between the NFL and college and he'll get lost in Fantasy Football or other sport groups on his iPad or phone and he drinks and lays on the couch dominating the living room. Meanwhile I'm left taking care of the kids and I'm not complaining, just saying he relaxes while I rarely do. So drinking is definitely not a social thing for me anymore, instead, maybe it's more of a privilege. Besides I'd prefer wine in the bathtub or while watching a good movie. This is all over the place... :) But to sum it up, it's one less reason for me to drink when I really rarely have the opportunity to enjoy it much anymore, anyway.
  • dawnbgethealthy
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    I am Dawn and live in South East British Columbia. I am 60.
    My goal remains the same as it has been for quite some time, 16-20 AF days per month.

    Wednesday October 14 - AF. I worked out of town for my favourite company today (Foster Grant) and stopped on the way home for a wee trail walk. it was gorgeous with blue skies all day.
    Thursday October 15 - AF. I had to do the 6 minute wait 3 times, but it worked. I had to get those 2AF in a row.
    Friday October 16 - Drinks. Both of my tenants left to go home for the weekend. Yay. They are awesome guys, but I love having the house to myself. Rainy day, no opportunity to hit the trails, but all good.
    Saturday October 17 - AF - Felt like having drinks, but refrained.
    Sunday October 18 - AF - Had to get my 2 AF days in a row.
    Monday October 19 - AF - My whole day's work got screwed up today because of a technical glitch - containing the instructions. I puttered around, felt like having drinks, but didn't.
    Tuesday October 20 - Drinks. Had a great hike after work, came home and did my paperwork and then had a few. It was nice.
    Wednesday October 21 - AF - Easy choice, I have a very early and long day on the docket for tomorrow

    Rolling total: 15 AF days out of 21 days so far.
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    2 glasses of wine (actually some of my 2nd was poured into DHs when he ran out while we were sitting on the porch with others). When I left the group to host my bookclub over zoom I switched to water and did not refill my glass with that 1st bottle sitting in front of me. Then I did not take any out of the 2nd bottle DH opened.

    Feeling good this morning. Still soberish but not AF.
    Oct accountability: 6/21 days AF
  • Lilylady3k
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    @looneycatblue - My birthday is next week too! My daughter is moving into her new condo on Friday (the one we remodeled) and hosting a dinner & drinks for me Saturday night at her new place. So I'll raise my glass to your birthday that evening too!

    @shorepine - Love the name Blackberry! Perfect for the situation and his/her coloring.
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    11 days AF so far. Seriously, my birthday is next Wednesday. I then officially qualify for the supermarket senior citizen discount. LOL.

    How many Scorpios do we have here?

    While I don't plan to be AF much of next week, I do think the way to go for me in November is getting back to tracking drinks and also calories. If I know I am striving for a weight loss benefit, it's a major incentive for me. Seems like when I let the diet go this month, the AF momentum went along with it.
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    @dawnbgethealthy Her name was HelenGoldthworpe (probably not spelled correctly, something like that).

    @globalhiker I'm a Scorpio, birthday on Sunday and two days later is my daughter's birthday!!! Woohoo on the senior discount and the birthday! October is the most amazing and beautiful time of the year, in my opinion, and I love having an October birthday to add to all the other fun! My hubby is also a Scorpio, first born Scorpio (me too) so two very dominant, controlling and very passionate people married to each other. Three Scorpios under this roof 😬