Less Alcohol - OCTOBER 2020 - One Day at a Time (Try a Sober October)



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    Yes, we Canucks can now clean our shoes before and after going on a trail so as not to spread any "bad" weeds.
    Haha, yes, I cleaned my shoes : - )

    @dawnbgethealthy we have these types of signs at our lakes where I live. They want you to completely disinfect your boat hull after leaving a body of water, so as not to introduce invasive plants to other ponds or lakes. 🙄
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    EML112610 wrote: »
    My husband and I joked corona light was our corona vaccination...15lbs later here i am.
    I am committing to cutting out weekday drinking. One week down and happy its saturday! :#

    Oh boy.....a heavy joke indeed.
    No pun intended.
    Welcome and great weekend to be alcohol free for you. Lots of support from this gang.
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    MissMay wrote: »
    May have to rename this thread to:
    LESS alcohol - LESS politics

    Venting is fine but please remember that there are three things that force people to stop posting on a thread striving for a common goal.
    Religion ~ Money ~ Politics

    Point taken. I will fume silently : - )
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    8 days AF/3 days A. Saturday night was Pellegrino and movie night again.

    My DH switched to water at 6:45pm, 15 min before the agreed 7pm drinking's up time limit. Even though he did drink beer during Saturday afternoon working in the garage, I will take this small improvement as a win for us.

    We did do another behavior change that is helping me. After dinner, we agreed to physically move out of the kitchen to the living room. When we do that, all drinking and eating is over. Helps to be further away from the fridge too.

    Lov'n the behavior change techniques. What ever works!! Great tips. Thanks~