Less Alcohol - OCTOBER 2020 - One Day at a Time (Try a Sober October)



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    I am Dawn and live in South East British Columbia. I am 60.
    My goal remains the same as it has been for quite some time, 16-20 AF days per month.

    I do it kind of diary style:

    Thursday October 01 - AF - I did manage 17AF days for September even though I drank every single day (moderately) of my birthday week while away. I have to wean myself off of that path.
    Friday October 02 - AF - I really felt like having drinks though.
    Saturday October 03 - Drinks. I did flirt with the idea of an AF October...for a minute. Not yet, and not sure if ever I will want to be joining the sober squad.
    Sunday October 04 - AF - Really going to try to get back to having at least 2AF days in a row this month.
    Monday October 05 - AF - Planned Mojitos Tuesday or Wednesday before the Mint is finished for the year.
    Tuesday October 06 - AF - No Mojitos for me today, I was exhausted when I got in from work.
    Wednesday October 07 - Various Mojitos, Strawberry Mint, Orange Mint, Chocolate Mint, and mixtures of them.
    Thursday October 08 - AF - Aiming for 2 in a row.
    Friday October 09 - AF - Thanksgiving weekend here, so I will be eating a lot of stuffing, gravy, turkey etc. for 3 days. I have a pumpkin loaf for breakfasts even though I rarely eat stuff like that. I may have drinks this weekend, not sure.
    Saturday October 10 - AF - First day of 3 of eating turkey, stuffing, potatoes gravy etc., not enough calories left for even a Grand Marnier tonight. Either I will have to eat less stuffing potatoes and gravy the next 2 days, or I will have to be AF to keep within my calorie count.
    Sunday October 11 - 2 drinks. Scrapped the idea of Thanksgiving dinner again tonight, I will have it tomorrow. I had decided by about noon today that it was going to be a drinks, pizza, wings kind of evening. I worked very hard in the yard, seeing the forecast that today was going to be the last sunny day and that it was going to go to minus 2 (Celsius) this week. Photos to come of course.
    Monday October 12 - AF. Mars is supposed to be viewable tomorrow night, and then not again like this until 2035. Just saying.
    Tuesday October 13 - Drinks. I have only had a sip of one so far, and am breaking my own rules: keep 2 AF days in a row, don't drink when stressed. I worked 12 hard hours today and went out twice to have a smoke...and it was *kitten* snowing!! Argh, way too early. So glad that I killed myself in the yard on the weekend having seen the weather report. We have an election in this province coming up, and the debate is on tonight in around 25 minutes. Having a few drinks, wings and pizza (believe it or not way less calories than the turkey dinner leftovers that I was planning). Stress was gone with the first sip. Didn't even wait the 6 minutes, was thinking of drinks already in hour 9 of my work day. Can't say that I am regretting it at all.

    Rolling total: 9 AF days out of 13 days so far.
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    That is great that you have friends like that!