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Less Alcohol - OCTOBER 2020 - One Day at a Time (Try a Sober October)



  • shorepineshorepine Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    Good morning! Well, it's morning for me anyway.

    @FeelinFooFoo that sounds like a day of total hell at work. I am so sorry! I'd have wine too if I were you. I hope it gets better at work soon. I like the idea of 'soberish' October. That is a bit more my speed right now.
    @Samand303 I agree that homemade fresh salsa almost requires a beer, and I'm not even really much of a beer drinker.
    Also, now I want mojitos too @dawnbgethealthy !

    However, I did have 3 glasses of wine last night (unplanned) so I think I'm going to have to lay off the mojitos this weekend. I may take a page from @globalhiker and look into that mint chocolate ice cream. I LOVE mint chocolate, in almost any form.

    My 3 glasses of wine happened because my father and his GF packed up their car yesterday and informed me they were headed home. YAY! He also said they would come over with some wine as a last hurrah last night. Given that we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum and the last month with them here has been riddled with anxiety, I pretty much can't be around them without having a glass of wine, so I happily indulged with them. I wish I didn't have THREE glasses, but what's done is done. Before that I was toying with the idea of joining the sober October people for the rest of the month at least, but that's not going to happen now. Also, a friend is coming over tomorrow for a socially distanced get together, and we'll probably have some wine.

    Oct 1: 2 drinks
    Oct 2: 6 drinks
    Oct 3: 4 drinks
    Oct 4: AF
    Oct 5: AF
    Oct 6: AF
    Oct 7: AF
    Oct 8: 3 drinks

    So far in Oct: 4/8 days AF
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 4,196 Member Member Posts: 4,196 Member
    I love your new profile pic!!
  • MissMayMissMay Member Posts: 2,536 Member Member Posts: 2,536 Member
    @Lilylady3k I am here and doing great. Another busy time of year for my business just before Winter sets in.
    Sorry I have been absent. I am reading everyday.

    You all so keep me grounded. Much ❣
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 995 Member Member Posts: 995 Member
    Day 3 AF done....and Covid test came back negative. Yay!!!

    Got results within 48 hours. Testing very quick and easy. Just made an appt. and pre-registered online with CVS pharmacy, went to the pharmacy drive thru window, they gave me the swab and vial and I did the swabbing myself, then just placed it in an outside bin. All of it took like less than 3 minutes. And it was free.

    I'll probably have to do this each time I get sick this winter with any typical cold.

    On the weight topic, I still have about 11 lbs to goal. Gained 1.5 lbs on vacation. I thought I would lose since each day we put in at least 5-6 hours of hiking and I ate hardly anything during the day. But, I drank at least half those days and that wine with chips at night did the damage. Had I not drank, I would bet I would've come back with some weight loss. Damn alcohol is such a super-fattener for me.

    Expect Success and Nothing Less
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 995 Member Member Posts: 995 Member
    @dawnbgethealthy I enjoy your photos. You're inspiring me to try to make non-alcoholic orange mojitos a few different ways at home.
  • shorepineshorepine Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    Happy Saturday all.. @dawnbgethealthy your mojitos look amazing. How fun to try with the different kinds of mint. With hydrangeas, I have heard they turn different colors depending on the soil. I have one in my front garden that was white last year and this year it is pink. So interesting. At one point in time I had looked up what the different colors mean for the corresponding soil traits, but i have forgotten. I do know they often turn blue in acidic soil because I have one under a big spruce tree that is always vibrant blue.

    @globalhiker that is amazing about how easy the covid test was. There are still very few tests available where I live and it takes a week to get the results. It is so frustrating. I was briefly looking at the possibility of traveling to Hawaii this year, but I don't think we could manage the testing requirement.

    I was AF yesterday. Had a bit of a doldrums of a Friday night. I felt really fatigued for some reason and just climbed into bed, before my kids even. Today a storm arrived and it is pouring rain. It is welcome here after our fire filled September but I am worried about landslides with the unstable soil.

    Its good to hear about many of your weight loss success stories as I refocus around that.

    Oct 1: 2 drinks
    Oct 2: 6 drinks
    Oct 3: 4 drinks
    Oct 4: AF
    Oct 5: AF
    Oct 6: AF
    Oct 7: AF
    Oct 8: 3 drinks
    Oct 9: AF

    So far in Oct: 5/9 days AF
  • Lilylady3kLilylady3k Member, Premium Posts: 1,909 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,909 Member
    One glass of wine with pizza dinner and one glass with cheesecake when I returned home ... celebrating my oldest birthday! Told DH that I do not want any wine on Sunday night in order to make my 4 AF days this week.

    Oct accountability: 3/10 days AF
    This week: 3 AF days
    Goal: AF days 4 per week / 16 per month; limit 1-2 glasses per day
  • forestdweller1forestdweller1 Member Posts: 203 Member Member Posts: 203 Member
    Lovely lovely weather in Da'Burgh this week, gotta be outside to soak in the warm & see the trees decorate themselves for Fall.

    Not a hard booze or mixed drink imbiber, but gotta admire the mojito photos @dawnbgethealthy has been posting. Still cutting and drying armfuls of mint for winter tea. The original plant came from my Daddy's mint patch under his outdoor water spigot in Southern Maryland. Over the past 60 years it has traveled through 6 states and many family homes, now thriving in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana.

    Error-error-error....watched Cable News for the past 2 days. Now living in a mental maelstrom of Stephen King novels [The Stand, The Mist...etc] . Is this past year real, or just a "fever dream" ?? So much for a Sober October. Even though the serving glass is a wee 3 ounces....the Chianti bottle is quite large. Easy to lift & refill. Tomorrow is another day, right, Scarlet ??

    Just a little more than 3 weeks to go on my personal Doomsday countdown. I'll try to keep off the vino til then, after this weekend's binge. Sorry, to me and thee.

    Love and hugs [socially distant] to all those who have been affected by the virus and are doing the proper quarantining and testing. Glad to hear that there have been no really serious adverse affects among our small group, health wise.
    Job wise, yeah, that sucks.

    Eldest Daughter & DH cut short their Maine lobstering summer to go to Louisiana shortly after "Laura" to sort out the damage to their Lake Charles home. FEMA \ insurance\ contractors ...Many thanks to the local FD !! Oooppps...Tropical storm...Many thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers!! ...Oooppps...Hurricane Delta...We were on the phone last night as the wind howled up and the northside window screens left the building and the power went out for the night. Eldest Daughter had planned to spend the evening crocheting afghans for her online business. Silly child, this was her first hurricane since the one that destroyed Ellicott City in '72 when she was a preschooler. We lived on the 3rd floor of a building that flooded over the 2nd floor. As a child, she was only as affected as her parents would allow her to be. Keep calm and carry on, right ??
    Going forward, I would hope she will have some kerosene or battery lamps at the ready. Double crochet....

    Middle Daughter's husband calls me the "Ultimate Prepper" because most of the "stuff" he puts forward is something I already have or do. I just consider it "take care of yourself... if"...

    Tomorrow is a lovely day , when scrapple, bok choy , and romaine lettuce will be delivered from an online order. A year ago, would I even have thought that I would have ordered more than pizza over the "net" . "Hail NO"

    My "bucket list" for after corona has dwindled. Been slashed by reality. No Goat curry, no senior movie passes, no wide ranging expectations. ...Day-um....

  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 4,196 Member Member Posts: 4,196 Member
    I always enjoy everything that you write : - )

    What is scrapple though?

    Good story about your Dad's mint : - )
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 4,196 Member Member Posts: 4,196 Member
    I am Dawn and live in South East British Columbia. I am 60.
    My goal remains the same as it has been for quite some time, 16-20 AF days per month.

    I do it kind of diary style:

    Thursday October 01 - AF - I did manage 17AF days for September even though I drank every single day (moderately) of my birthday week while away. I have to wean myself off of that path.
    Friday October 02 - AF - I really felt like having drinks though.
    Saturday October 03 - Drinks. I did flirt with the idea of an AF October...for a minute. Not yet, and not sure if ever I will want to be joining the sober squad.
    Sunday October 04 - AF - Really going to try to get back to having at least 2AF days in a row this month.
    Monday October 05 - AF - Planned Mojitos Tuesday or Wednesday before the Mint is finished for the year.
    Tuesday October 06 - AF - No Mojitos for me today, I was exhausted when I got in from work.
    Wednesday October 07 - Various Mojitos, Strawberry Mint, Orange Mint, Chocolate Mint, and mixtures of them.
    Thursday October 08 - AF - Aiming for 2 in a row.
    Friday October 09 - AF - Thanksgiving weekend here, so I will be eating a lot of stuffing, gravy, turkey etc. for 3 days. I have a pumpkin loaf for breakfasts even though I rarely eat stuff like that. I may have drinks this weekend, not sure.
    Saturday October 10 - AF - First day of 3 of eating turkey, stuffing, potatoes gravy etc., not enough calories left for even a Grand Marnier tonight. Either I will have to eat less stuffing potatoes and gravy the next 2 days, or I will have to be AF to keep within my calorie count.

    Rolling total: 8 AF days out of 10 days so far.
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