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Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



  • KMC55
    KMC55 Posts: 99 Member
    @iloveeggnog That is AMAZING, goes to show that you are making the right lifestyle changes to have it last. I have to say it is motivating for me to see where you started to where you are and knowing how similar that is to my journey. GREAT JOB!!
  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,751 Member
    @iloveeggnog nice NSV and scale victory too!

    @Tarzan37 congrats reaching 20 lbs loss.

    Welcome @HLeticia7 and @KMC55
    Still fighting to make it into the lower 240s – keeping calories low. I have been getting more stairs in since my art room is in the basement. It is coming along. I have 5 boxes of kids art supplies ready to donate stacked by the door. We need to set up a desk this weekend. I plan to make chili today. I will try to get to some hallway clean up in the basement the rest of the week.
  • KMC55
    KMC55 Posts: 99 Member
    @speyerj Thanks. I really am pleased with how motivated I feel with reading and posting.
  • wanderinglight
    wanderinglight Posts: 1,510 Member
    KeriA wrote: »
    @iloveeggnog Happy anniversary and happy Noctober 19th!!!! You may not check this thread today but hope it was great!

    Finally the scale moved below my last lowest weight! I lost 2.2 lbs from yesterday and 1.4 lbs from my September low. I finally lost more than 20 lbs. I was so close for so long. For those of us who have lost or maintained or have only gained a lb or 2 since early March, I think we should give ourselves credit for not gaining the COVID 19 lbs so many have or if we did and are doing something about it give yourselves a pat on the back. So here is my Monday check in:

    67 years old, Height: 5'6"
    SW: 266 lbs (Dec 2019)
    2/1: 263.6
    3/1: 261.8
    4/1: 258
    7 /1:250.4
    8/1: 249.2
    9/1: 247 lowest Sept weight 246.8
    10/1: 247
    10/19: 245.4
    CW: 245.4

    1st GW: 220 The lowest weight I got to when I last lost significant weight.
    2nd GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    3rd GW: 186 overweight but not obese
    4th GW: 150 lbs. Healthy weight Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.

    October Goal weight: 242 again or at least in the low 240s

    • Log daily, stay under my calorie goal, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, get enough sleep and check into this thread on weekdays to track progress;
    • Continue my plan to up NEAT
    • Continue to increase exercise until I am at 45-60 minutes 6 days a week. Right now I am working on 30-60 minutes 5 days a week. 2 days of strength training and other exercise including walk/runs.
    • If I get this job (still waiting for official contract to sign), make sure I create and follow a schedule that includes meal planning and cooking at home (me, my husband and daughter) drinking water, increased physical activity and exercise. Adjust calories to activity and exercise level as needed.
    • Declutter Art Room and set up home office. Declutter the basement hallway and insist my youngest clean the bathroom.

    Last month I only had 3 goals but this month I added one in case I got the job. I just added another goal to get ready for my job. If somehow it falls through I will have my art room ready to use. Last week I did what I could to get things out of it that didn’t belong. I was patient waiting for my husband to get the big things out this weekend. He waited till the last minute and got them out last night. So this week I can actually organize and clean up. I will still be getting rid of things like kid art supplies from teaching. Next weekend my husband needs to help me set up the desk and move the chair in. As I have less cleaning activity I will pick back up on exercise.
    We took a little hiatus on Saturday and had our social distancing buddies over for our last meet up for the year since they live in Texas except for the summer. We celebrated my job offer and said our in person good byes for the year. I made Lancashire Hotpot they brought the bubbly and an apple pie. It was a typical Seattle day cool with a fine mist. We had an umbrella set up for their table. We also used out firepit which we hardly ever use.

    Another thing I have been thinking about. I was originally going to have a rest from deficit calories when I lost 10% of my original weight. However I have decided that since my loss has been so slow and I have had long periods of staying the same weight that this isn't really necessary. What I will watch is if I start to up my exercise schedule significantly and exercise 6-7 days a week for over 45 minutes a day I will re-evaluate my calorie goal to make sure I adjust for my upped activity level especially if I am also more physically active otherwise. Last time I lost weight I had to take a break from low calories and adjust my calories up to lose. However I am not going to assume this weight loss is the same as last time. If I am losing I will keep it going but if I am stalling with a significant calorie deficit I will look at my calorie burn.

    I will be reading your posts soon.

    It is SO INSPIRING to see your steady downward trend!!
  • KMC55
    KMC55 Posts: 99 Member
    @heatherbluebell Good for you, focus on the positive. I have been through a lot as well and it is all about the attitude you approach it with. Hang in there and you can do it.
  • MuttiNM
    MuttiNM Posts: 240 Member
    Weigh in Wednesday

    Highest weight: 435 (11/1/18)--lost 50 lbs. by the end of 2018 but got off track and gained back almost 31 lbs.
    SW: 415.8 (4/17/19)

    9/30: 201.0
    10/7: 197.6
    10/14: 195.8
    10/21: 196.6

    Oct. GW: 194.4
    GW: 160 (then reevaluate)

    Weekly exercise goals:
    - bike ride or exercise bike 5 times per week - 3/5
    - strength training 2 times per week - 2/2
    - chair yoga 4 times per week - 4/4
    - steps onto aerobic step platform twice a day at least 3 times per week - 3/3
    - bonus: 4 50-60 min. hikes

    I'm posting late today. I had to go to my parents' town and take my mom for several tests at the cancer center. Hopefully she'll have the results in a couple days.

    It was an unexpectedly nice day out today. I stopped by my son's house on my way home to see if he wanted to take advantage of the relatively warm weather and go for a short hike (it got dark before we could make it a longer hike!). We did that and by the time I got home, it was later than I planned and I'm behind on everything. :)

    The scale was not my friend this week. This is the 5th time in 18+ months that I've shown a gain for the week and this is the largest one so far. It's not terrible but still not what you want to see. I had a projected loss of 1 pound but I guess it didn't want to show up. I didn't make all 5 bike rides but did get in some hiking with my son and daughter. My daughter was home for a short weekend visit so that was really nice.

    I have one more trip to my parents scheduled for the coming week and will be doing a socially distanced car rally (no group meetings before or after the drive) with my son on Saturday so, with being gone most of the day today, I may fall short of a couple of my exercise goals again this week. Hopefully I'll be pretty close though.

    Hope you all are doing well. Have a great rest of the week!
  • keksbalance
    keksbalance Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, everyone! I just found this thread!
    Age: 33 Height 5'7
    Highest weight 225
    Current Weight 213
    Goal Weight 150 then reassess.

    I am just starting to track with MFP and plan on trying to start running again (slow and barely half a mile right now but I used to be a distance runner prior to gaining weight) and do yoga. Is anyone on Instagram? I created a private account I am going to use to keep myself accountable and am looking for good follows to inspire me!
  • JAC581
    JAC581 Posts: 50 Member
    Hey all! This is my first time posting here. I started back up on MFP on 10/7 with a starting weight of 247 lb (my highest weight was 250 at the beginning of the year. I lost 10 lbs, then it came creeping back.)

    Age: 35 Height: 5'6"
    10/7: 247
    10/14: 243.2
    10/21: 239.6

    My goal weight is 170 lb., then reassess. I've been at a calorie deficit almost everyday since starting, and had a great NSV by going on 30 min. walks 5 days last week and meeting my Fitbit goal! It's always been a challenge for me to want to be active (migraines don't help), so that is something I am definitely trying to work on!