Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 130



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    Round 129 BW: 213.6
    Round 129 EW: 209.2

    Round 130 Goal: 207.8

    1. Run/walk 15 miles with Tony (see profile pic)
    2. Strength train 3 times.
    3. Stretch/tone with Essentrics 3 times (check it out - I LOVE this program)
    4. Log every morsel of food 5 days.
    5. Be kind - be generous - laugh a lot - love my fellow human being, even if they bring up politics.

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    @xxxSheilaxxx - Congrats on being "overweight"!!! That is something to celebrate.
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    10/24 134.2 - 8.82 miles walled yesterday, 566 calories in green, all macros in green. Feeling more positive now & working towards getting back to where I was, always takes longer to claw back!

    Good job getting control so quickly! May I ask where you have your macro goals set? I can't do keto, but would like to know what is a better goal for me for carbs. Instinctively I know I feel more full when my protein intake is high, but I've never tracked a particular number. I know to cut out the stupid carbs which are what my body craves when I quit trying or get depressed or whatever. I've lost this weight I'm now carrying before (here on MFP a few years ago), but I never tried to track macros really.

    Hey @UTmom81 I know you addressed @Musicsax and she has much more experience, but I thought I would share what I am focusing on. For me, before I got back to MFP in September, the thing that kept messing up every day was cravings and how my head tends to get into a never ending loops of cravings.

    So my initial weeks, i was pushing a low carb diet, not as low as keto, but staying under 100 net carbs with some days as low as 50 ( when I did Keto 50g was a high carb day). I also was trying to hit 1g protein per pound of goal weight. Lastly, I have been trying to make sure that my food is satisfying and trying to keep away from those things that set me off (ice cream, chips, etc for which my "off switch is broken) On of my favorite lunches are rolls of deli turkey filled with cream cheese, and either pickles, jalapeños, or capers. The protein, fat and salt of that really satisfies me and i used that a lot the early weeks. Right now I am a little less strict on my macros, but still avoiding higher carb side dishes that might set me off. I am down 9 lb from the top of my COVID creep and day 1 was 9/24, exactly a month ago (BTW i did not realize it has only been a month until I looked to wrote this) edit: i thought that sounded too good to me true and looked again. I am down 9 lb since 9/14 not 9/24.

    Thank you! This gives me a good starting place to pay attention to macros. I really appreciate the insight!

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    @UTMom81 I know you didn’t ask me but - In reply to your question about macros, back in the ‘60s my dad had a book that said almost anyone will “lose weight at less than 60 grams of carbs” or words to that effect. More recent info states “there are no ESSENTIAL carbohydrates.” Our bodies will manufacture glucose, if it needs it. At first I was staying under 20 g, now I allow myself to go over ON OCCASION.
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    @UTMom81 Carbs from good veggies might do less harm to your weight loss than the junk food carbs. I eat broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and spinach with occasional spaghetti squash and other low carb veg. My DH is a corn man and I haven’t had that in ages.
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    @SModa61 YES! Eating an occasional “fat bomb” or some bacon and cheddar got me through the first weeks of keto/low carb. The fat stays with you and satisfies. During this lockdown/quarantine thing I have lost about 7# and weigh less than I EVER dreamed of!