Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



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    I was last on here on Thursday. My husband took Friday and today off so it was/is sort of a 4 day weekend for us. However we had an agenda. We had to get my home office/art room ready. Friday I donated 5 boxes of kids art supplies after sorting through and recycling it all. Then I worked on the hallways in the basement so I could actually get into my art room. I am not the one who piles things everywhere. Mostly it was older towels and linens. I sorted through them and had my husband move the shelves out of the way and put the towels and linens away all organized. Our upstairs newer linens and towels are put away upstairs. Then I put all the remaining art supplies away in my art room. He put up my desk and I put all the office supplies away. Then he vacuumed the room for me since by that time I was reacting to all the dust. It is done. I have a home office/art room. I have decluttered the basement hallways. I have organized and added shelves to the downstairs bathroom. My daughter is on task to clean it this week. Thursday it was beautiful so I actually went outside and did my strength training in the backyard. I didn’t do the indoor part since I have been getting more physical activity cleaning and setting up things. I am going to transfer my office corner of my living room to downstairs this week. So I will still get in those stair flights and more steps for a while.

    This job is not permanent but it will get me past the pandemic and close to retirement. So when the office opens up and when my job ends in a year or 2 I will have this room set up to do my art in. Yay.

    This morning I caught up with logging my food. We had more take out since we were so busy with this project. However it looks like I stayed under my calorie goal. My weight is up though since most restaurant food is saltier and just doesn’t help me lose. I will be back to home cooking and exercise this week. In fact we went grocery shopping this weekend and I meal planned this morning. I know it is supposed to be the other way around but we needed some things for weekend breakfasts so we got a few things for the week ahead.

    Here are my goals for the week:
    • Start back to my goals of water, exercise and healthy meals at home this week.
    • Move office corner from upstairs to home office downstairs.
    • Set up weekly schedule for when I start work which includes meals and exercise.

    Now I get to catch up with all of your posts.
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    IsETHome wrote: »
    “Binge eating is a food addiction just as much as binge drinking is an alcohol addiction.”

    @alexandra_ ......That’s me and black licorice. I can’t have it in the house and it is really really hard to walk by in the store. 3 pieces is 130 cals. Let’s be honest, with a bag of licorice......that’s probably immediately weight gain of .5 a pound. I imagine ex smokers crave like this too.

    I love black licorice too and now they say too much is dangerous. So I am not sure what I will do next time I get the urge for some. I will have to ask my husband to give me just a little. Even a little over a long period of time is not safe. I figure a little over a short period will be okay.
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    @AlexandraFindsHerself Congrats on 50 lbs down. That is a great accomplishment! And all those inches!
    @Tarzan37 Nice weekly check in. It took us a few weeks to find our kittens but then we wanted a bonded pair. Actually it was my daughter who insisted on that so getting one may be quicker. It has been really fun. They are teens now.
    @Lasmartchika You are so close to Onderland. Keep up the good work. Take care of yourself. Hope you feel happier soon.
    @deadenddiva I am glad you survived and have found us. You are almost in Onderland. I found checking into this thread helped me a lot.
    @RavenStCloud My kids both turned Pescatarian when they went to college and that is how I discovered vegetarian Indian food. I always liked Indian food but I really fell for vegetarian dishes. We usually get 1 lamb dish then the rest is vegetarian. I love it too when I don’t eat all of my order when we get take out. When you are limiting treats you have to pick the ones you love the most. I am fine with dark chocolate if it is just the chocolate and not covering candy.

    I have been thinking about the holidays since we won't be having our usual extended family gatherings. I haven't cooked a turkey for years and was worried about whether I should order one. Then I got an email from my dairy that delivers some of our food each week. They have free range turkeys that you can order to be delivered with your weekly dairy order. Yay, that is all done.

    I love this dairy. They have set up relationships with some of the best bakeries and other food providers in the area. So when we want something special we just put it on our order for the week. It means less grocery shopping for us. They have great granola and we get whole grain morning glory muffins every other week. Unfortunately my husband found out he is borderline prediabetic. So if there is too much sugar or white flour he knows. These muffins don't bother him. The whole grain pancakes we have on the weekends don't either. It helps me keep my sugar and processed carbs down to a minimum too.
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    torih941 wrote: »

    10/23: 243.6 and I started October out at 238. I know I didn't actually gain 5lbs in this period of time, but it is still discouraging to see the 240s on the scale again. I'm hoping I can comfortably get into the 230s for November. I just need to be diligent and focus on controlling my portions.

    I am right there with you. I was flirting with 229 and was getting so excited then lost focus and went back into the 240s. Now sitting at 236 and fighting hard to get back in the correct direction. We can do this, staying focused and working together.
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    what's up y'all!
    I haven't posted or been that active for almost two months, but I'm back!
    this thread was so helpful, inspiring, and supportive for me, I know it's a good idea to jump back in.

    I was out of town visiting family/road tripping for most of September, and it was harder than I'd anticipated getting back into my routine. In fact, I'm still struggling a little, which is why I want to get back into participating in this thread. We are such creatures of habit, us humans, and I sure threw myself for a loop >-<
    Hopefully, by re-committing to contributing to this thread, I can also be more consistent with logging meals, making healthy food choices, exercising regularly, etc.

    I'm pretty stoked though, because although I didn't log regularly at all in September or the majority of October, I did try to be mindful, at least a little, of food choices. And while I did gain, it was only about 3.5lb up from my lowest weight, 2.3lbs of which I've already managed to drop again. I'll call that a success!

    So- my goals for what remains of October:
    ~stop eating so much sugar! ugh it's gotten bad. I think part of the problem is I've decided to stop eating meat entirely, so now when I reach for a snack or something, I default to sugary carb-y snacks.
    a more quantifiable, realistic goal: less than 45g of sugar per day. not sure how feasible this is, tbh. this is going to be me feeling it out.
    ~run 3x a week
    ~walk the dog every day
    ~two servings of dairy or fewer per day

    and then we'll reassess in November.

    here we go!
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    @KMC55 Veggies - add mint sauce (the kind you put on lamb) - basically it is mint and vinegar. Also for say green peppers slice long ways, add garlic, and a tablespoon of balsamic oil greek (you can find some for 30 cals per 2 table spoons - kraft, some others, soy ginger dressing you can usually find light - and still tasty). Also spices, I use tarragon, and also herb de provence a lot. Also I don't typically add oil to cook veggies, you can do a light spray oil if you must, or steam with a low sodium, or home made chicken stock. Also for veggie sides, I like to add kimchies and cabbage krauts german style. For radishes, I dice, add vinegar, add splenda packet or two, garlic, salt pepper. If you have a grill, grilled veggies are great, I will grill a slice of pineapple as a dessert.