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    @Flea, I'm not only really sad about how people follow or don't follow health measures, but more about all that we are losing and are going to lose. Students around 20 years old, are missing part of their "normal" youth. For people with comfortable families and homes, maybe no big deal or even a welcome break, but for less favoured people (cramped homes, complicated family situations, lack of means, etc) it's not an easy thing to deal with.

    I'm also sad about the impossibility to meet and communicate about other key things.
    Basically, one is allowed to go out to work here, and that is mostly it.

    @Barbara, restaurants are closed or open only for takeout. the food stores are about 2km away I think. I'm thinking of going there by scooter. it means that I cannot bring as much. I need to bring files, etc. It's a little hour by scooter. usually I don't go more than 30-40 min by scooter, but I guess I can make an exception. The owner said he can also take me to food shop or I can take an uber. I'm hesitating but already reserved (not paid) and prefer to respect my engagement.

    The thing is, earlier generations had to deal with world wars, pandemic, the depression, cramped homes, complicated family situations, lack of means, etc. It's not new ... it's just that things like that haven't happened recently.

    And we're now living through one of the defining moments of history! One of the things I've seen recommended several times to parents and teachers is that they have students write/create about their perspectives of the current situation. Future generations will study this time period like we studied WWI and the great depression.

    Can you go to a park nearby and do some of your work there?

    M in Oz
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    Switching to November thread

    ☘️ Terri
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