Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 130



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    11/02 219.0 No exercise, tracked (nibbled on DH’s fries at lunch, cornbread and pumpkin cookies again), AF. Stressful long day. Drove to Austin to visit my son & his wife to help with remodeling their new home today. My mom’s husband had a stroke and cranial bleeding after a fall this morning… he is in the hospital. She called as we were 1/2 way to Austin so rearranging the rest of the week. Then I found out one of our dear neighbors died from a bad reaction to chemo treatment this weekend when I got back home from Austin.

    @Lilylady3k I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your neighbor. Prayers to the family and to all that knew and cared for them.
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    Female 50 yrs. 5'2"
    9/23/2020 OSW 170.1
    Long term goal 125

    Round 127 ⬇️ 5.0 lbs. 165.1
    Round 128 ⬆️ 0.3 lbs. 165.4
    Round 129 ⬇️ 0.3 lbs. 165.1
    Round 130

    Starting Weight 165.1
    Goal this round 163

    10/24- 164.5 Yay, now to stay below 165.
    10/25- 164.5 No change today.
    10/26- 164.1 Slowly dropping. Sure wish it would speed up a bit, but I will take it.
    10/27- 164.8 And up we go...there were french fries involved.
    10/28- 164.8 No change, I knew it was going to take a few days to drop though. Goes up fast and down real slow.
    10/29- 164.1 Back to pre french fries.
    10/30- 163.6 Going in the right direction again.
    10/31- 163.7 Hanging in there for now.
    11/01- 163.2 Finally, I am hoping to drop below 163 to end this round.
    11/02- 163.5 Oh well almost made it. I did make it to 163 which was the goal so its a win.