What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    How angry I would become about large portions of my past life.

    I grew up and lived most of my adult life in a world where everything was an immense effort; people were basically unfriendly and unhelpful, and getting decent healthcare required me to do a lot of research and advocacy.

    Now things just fall into my lap. People can't do enough to be helpful. And I'm suddenly furiously aware of quite how much of what I suffered through and missed out on was due to prejudice.

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    - For women; my cycle makes my body react differently now (BMI 29.7) compared to when I was BMI 35.6. I'm still overweight by a lot, don't get me wrong, but I can feel a difference already. Anyone else?

    Stay strong everyone! <3

    Oh I HATE the tiny jeans pockets. so useless!

    My body reacts differently now to my cycle. it sneaks up on me because I don't get the achy breasts or the crampiness I used to. I still get the bloating and the PMS just on a much smaller scale. So I really gotta pay attention to my calendar and had to install an app on my phone for reminders that its coming because a couple of my cycles started and I didnt feel Any of the "warning" signs of the cramps, bloat, etc..

    I went skiing today . 1st day of the season. 20 lbs lighter than the end of last season. Wow that threw me for a loop. On top of being rusty from the 7 month break, I was so off balance and awkward. It was like re learning how to ski. by the end I had adjusted and was skiing like 'normal' again. The nice part was my thighs and knees didn't ache afterwards like they used to!!

    I can't wait to go skiing down 60 lbs from last season...I couldn't possibly be worse than I was then! lol

    For downhill skiing please don't neglect to have your bindings adjusted after significant weightloss. They will keep protecting you from injury that way.

    This is very important advice. My friend who's been on ski patrol for years didn't think of it and was off her leg for many months after some surgery to fix what she broke. Of course if you use telemark skis like I do, you're kind of hosed either way since they do not release.
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