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  • supercpa999
    supercpa999 Posts: 350 Member
    Looking good, keep up the great work👍
  • nea2702
    nea2702 Posts: 22 Member
    Well, I’m not at my goal just yet (but I’m getting close). These were taken 6 months apart. 5’2”, 178 in first photo to 144 currently. GW:130 💪🥰


    You are doing so well 👍🏻

  • helloelliot
    helloelliot Posts: 0 Member

    Was cycling your primary form of exercise? I'm a long-time cyclist but haven't biked consistently for weight loss in about ~7 years. I'm training for a century in late May and riding 70-80 miles a week right now but just started training. I also started intermittent fasting and using MFP to track calories (mostly to make sure I'm eating enough rather than to resist eating "too much"). Curious to see how cycling will support my weight loss! Congratulations to you. You look happy and strong!

  • supercpa999
    supercpa999 Posts: 350 Member
    Great job, keep it going👍
  • The_Elephant_Man
    The_Elephant_Man Posts: 186 Member
  • mk820820
    mk820820 Posts: 48 Member
    Wow. You rock!
  • supercpa999
    supercpa999 Posts: 350 Member
    Very inspiring, you must be very grateful I imagine
    Well done!
  • slade51
    slade51 Posts: 146 Member
    You look great!
  • iamfatbutnotforlong
    iamfatbutnotforlong Posts: 8 Member
    Great job