December 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



  • Teresa502
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    December Goal – 120 miles
    12/1 – 1.05 miles
    12/2 – 6.41 miles
    12/3 – 3.3 miles
    12/4 – 5.02 miles
    12/5 – 1.72 miles (travel day)
    12/6 – 6.09 miles (2 mile walk on beach)
    12/7 – 5.50 miles (4 mile walk on beach)
    12/8 – 6.21 miles Jingle all the 10K Way (virtual)
    12/9 – 3.51 miles (18.44 mile bike ride; 1.78 mile walk on beach)
    12/10 – 13.24 miles
    12/11 – 5.14 miles (2.27 mile beach walk)
    12/12 – 1.14 miles (travel day)
    12/13 – 1.26 miles
    12/14 – 4 miles
    12/15 – 5.02 miles
    12/16 – 4.27 miles
    12/17 – 5.67 miles (Christmas Lights Run) + 5K walk
    12/18 – 2.02 miles (trail)
    12/19 – 5.04 (Pioneer 5 Mile Race)
    12/20 – 5.01 miles
    12/21 – 4.01 miles
    12/22 – 6.33 miles
    12/23 – 7.02 miles
    12/24 – 3.11 miles
    12/25 – 2.00 miles
    12/26 – 6.00 miles
    12/27 – 7.60 miles
    12/28 – 1.00 mile
    12/29 – 4.07 miles
    Total – 131.76 miles

    The moon was gorgeous this morning. A big orange ball in the sky.

    Big hugs to you @Faebert. I hope you recover quickly.
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    @skippygirlsmom Great job on the weight loss and running consistently.

    @Faebert OH NO!!! Sorry you got a positive test. I hope you have only mild symptoms and recover quickly!

  • quilteryoyo
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    Great job @Camaramandy648 !
  • Tramboman
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    @Faebert Wishing you a speedy recovery and a great 2021.
  • quilteryoyo
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    You look so happy @katharmonic ! Yeah for making it down the hill. I really enjoyed snow skiing.
  • kgirlhart
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    December Goal: 100 Miles
    Revised Goal: 40 Miles

    12/1: 6.08 miles
    12/2: 6.21 miles
    12/3: 3.76 miles
    12/12: 2.51 miles
    12/15: 4.07 miles
    12/16: 3.21 miles
    12/17: 3.02 miles
    12/20: 6.51 miles
    12/22: 5.15 miles
    12:23: 5.11 miles
    12/24: 5.10 miles
    12/27: 8.19 miles
    12/29: 5.03 miles

    63.94/40 running miles completed for December

    1345.82/1000 miles for Run the Year

    I ran 5 miles this morning. It was a pretty good run.  It was 60°F and humid and windy. I'm at 63.94 for the month which is lower than my original goal,  but higher than my revised goal so I am pretty happy with that. And I am at 1345.82 for the year which is more than my goal of 1300 for the year. I should have 2 more runs this month/year, but we'll have to see. It is supposed to be stormy in the morning and I don't run if it is lightning.  And Thursday we may get a wintery mix and I just don't know if I want to run in that in the dark before work.  


    2020 races:
    11/7/20: Run for 57th AHC Half Marathon
  • rheddmobile
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    @Faebert Oh no! Please keep us updated. Get well soon.
  • quilteryoyo
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    @rheddmobile Love the new shoes and the trail and the miniatures! All so cool.

    @marisap2010 Yeah for your husband wanting to get into running with you. That should be fun.

  • Tramboman
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    Did anyone get any running related stuff for Christmas?

    I got two new pairs of shoes. One was a Christmas miracle - a pair of my three years discontinued Brooks adrenaline gts 18s - new and in box! This is the first brand new pair I’ve found in 2 years, I have been buying “lightly used” shoes from eBay and Poshmark, and trying various other shoes which turned out not to work as well. I wore them Sunday and it was so lovely wearing bouncy new shoes! The other pair was a replacement for my beloved Salomon speedcross 4s which I have had so long that the side finally started to split. I updated to the 5s and so far they seem better in all ways - my only issues with the 4s were the forefoot was a little narrow and the heel tended to slip, and the 5s are wider through the forefoot with a more locked in heel. They are even more lugtastic than the very luggy 4s, which have such big lugs that they feel almost like running on cleats when worn on roads. But great on grass, mud, or slick trails. I wore them in and out of creeks today on slick mossy rocks with no problems.

    Nice easy trail run today to test new shoes, almost 8 miles, about half hiking. Very pleasant weather, mid 50s and overcast with a light wind. Saw a giant red tail and some deer. We shared the trails with 4 riders on horses, who were very polite and got over for us to pass them.
    I thought I would take a picture of the last time my trail shoes were this clean!

    My husband’s big gift this year was a 3d printer. He’s a professional 3d modeler for video games, but hasn’t really gotten into printing because of the technical issues with setup being tricky to learn long distance. Since I’m into dollhouse miniatures this will be great. It takes a while to build stuff in 3d but he has already made me some dollhouse things I have wanted for years. Is anyone here into tabletop RPGs? We used Hero Forge to design tabletop miniatures of ourselves running! They printed beautifully. We’re waiting on paints to arrive so our ones are in a single color, but when painted they will look like this:

    I try to avoid being jealous but those 3d figures are JUST TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!