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  • LisaGetsMoving
    LisaGetsMoving Posts: 664 Member
    Goals for 2021:
    -Consistent tracking of food AND water intake (increase water intake!)
    -Move my body more through enjoyment of simple activities like walking, biking, hiking, dancing with the dog, etc
    -Minimum two days a week spend some time building muscle
    -Get my sleep schedule back on track

  • happimess01
    happimess01 Posts: 9,045 Member

    Hit 109 kgs by February
    Hit 99 kgs by April
    Get to onederland by June
    Hit <20% bf by the end of the year
    Do dumbbell workouts 3 times a week till gyms open
    Join a gym(when they open) and follow a beginning lifting program continuously for the rest of the year
    Learn to cook at least 12 new healthy recipes