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    Looking to gain health, pump my Self confidence, Improve my fitness resistance and hey connect deeply with like minded individuals.
    God bless 2021🙃🙃❣️.
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    I went up to 93kg after our first lockdown here in the UK, now am back down to 79kg, aiming for 76kg. Then will focus on strength and rebuild back up to wherever that takes me.

    I am 40, 5’9” and train everyday. Currently kettlebells, pull ups and running.

    My diet is low carb between 30-75g usually on the lower end unless I feel tired from training. Then I add a bit for comfort :). Eating a lot more protein on this diet which has been a game changer! Eating between 130-160g a day.

    Using suolplements more too, Creatine, testo fuel (which has vitamin D and some other things), athletic greens, bcaa pills, krill oil, and magnesium. Anything else you’d recommend?

    I love my food so this has been interesting. The lockdown has forced me to cut back on drinking as what’s the point if you can’t hang out with friends? :)

    I am lucky in that my work demands me to be in shape as I own a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school I. London Wave BJJ. We are currently closed so working on posts and my training gives me ideas for this and how to do things in future with my students.

    Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy and happy :)
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