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  • kymarai
    kymarai Posts: 2,681 Member
    It finally started snowing about 845 tonight.
    Protein- close 18%
    Water 41oz of 56oz


  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 8,922 Member
    Kylia—SNOW! Enjoy it. <3
  • auntiebk
    auntiebk Posts: 1,740 Member
    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: typed hymns, dogs to powerline; fire district phone calls (5), textbook email, cell phone charged & codes;
    Bonus: 3 loads laundry
    Get to do: take BP, dogs to powerline, livestream church, fire district: retrieve voicemails, forward to HD masking number, unlock, grantwork prep for Monday pm, J & Credit union re: credit card, debit card pin, ask for boots donator contact info, appreciation letter or certificate to boots donator, research effective conflict resolution, index mutual aid files; call S, call C, call R, FM Cu, watch STAS Day 20, make experimental almond paste, declutter sideboard, practice new dances (Pure Movies to Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Sleeping with the Devil, I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat), A Little Less Broken, One Margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Nothing but You, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick); finish mulching flowerbed; broadcast cover crop seed in veg garden areas, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove. Reconcile Joe’s EOB’s Thrivent shows only 2263.48 so far, next BGBS ask Terry about GB’s FD firetruck tax levy – contacts, media, advocate???, call Wild Rivers (541 247 3514) for dog wash/nail trim appointments.
    Reward: inventory seeds, plan next year’s garden, wishlist replenishments,
    Happier January:
    30: Count how many people you can smile at today: and remember??? :laugh: 2 (Joe, H’s daughter)

    Phew I’m exhausted. Phone calls with folk who need to vent helped me procrastinate on needed grantwork. Then was too tired, hungry, headachy to concentrate. Glad managed to get the dogs down the drive before the rain returned.

    Heather I was shocked and dismayed back when they killed Assumpta off from BallyKissangel. :0 Hate it when they do that.
    Julie “find my speech is more powerful when relatively slow with low voice.” True for me when I worked with native Japanese males. though “relatively… low” is key as my voice is high, piping and childlike. And yes, today indulged people who needed to vent/process, though it totally wiped me out. Hooray for getting time off from one employer to finish your thesis. Bravissima!
    Lisa, Joe always limits appointments or other things to do to no more than one a day. If I did that it would take me forever to get anything done, but, like you, they wear me out. Especially meetings and long phone calls. I’m good for nothing after but vegging out or napping.

    Too sleepy to comment to all, ((hugs)), love and prayers. Beth are you ok?

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    January: leaner/stronger/kinder than December.
    daily: sit with Joe: 28, weigh/wii: 30/12/44 steps>5592=7591 yesterday 3963 today vits=28 log=30 CI<CO=27 CI<250<CO=23 Tumble 5=25 Shadow 5=26 mfp=29 outside=26 up hill=23
    wkly: BB&B,T’ai Chi or SWSY x3 =2 rx=4 dance=4 clean 60 mins=16.75 packwalk=5, wt=1/3:144.2, 1/10: 142. 1/17: 142.4 1/24: 140!!!
    mnthly: board mtg=1 , grant=3 , 21 plan= bonus: AF=17 play=25 sew=1 waist=42.5
    2021: choose to be leaner/stronger/kinder NOW
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,448 Member
    edited January 31
    Kylia- I adore my Instant Pot and use it nearly every day. But it is a learning curve. Lean meats are not good in stews, whether it's instant or not. :D I only cook with chicken thighs, lamb neck fillets, pork shoulder, or, for beef I would choose chuck. I don't often cook beef stew as it can be dry. Even mince I choose a higher fat content.
    For your stew I wouldn't bother to sauté much. Just a quick toss , preferably with some fatty bacon or pancetta, then onions, garlic, liquid of some sort, not too much, keep any liquid to a minimum, wine, or beer would be good, stock cube, then on high pressure for 20 mins. Natural release. Add carrots, celery. Herbs. 10 mins high pressure. NR. You can thicken with cornflour if you like it thicker.
    There is a very good cookbook out there by Jeffrey Eisner, which you can buy on Amazon. Everyone swears by it. I spent months learning my IP, but his book woukd have helped. There are a lot of videos and websites and an App.

    Lisa- Try Google. There are basically two different methods. I do the the boil one. Whole milk. Boil. Cool. Add a tablespoon of good yoghurt. Set for as long as you like it sour. I set for 10.30. Overnight.
    I don't strain. If I did I would use industrial coffee filters over a mesh sieve. I only do 2 pints at a time.
    I love my yoghurt! :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,448 Member
    Forgot to say, the point about the IP is that you don't have to do all this while standing over it. I would put on the meat part after lunch, or, for you, in the morning before work. It keeps warm for 10 hours! Then when I got home from work I would throw in the veg and go away and put my feet up or have a shower. No worries about forgetting it. I often do things in two stages and just leave it alone for hours. Even boiled eggs I put on low pressure for 3 mins and come back when I remember, two hours later. Perfect. :D
    But don't waste your nice lean venison or beef in a stew! :noway:

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 19,972 Member
    Tracey, my mom gets very little exercise. She basically sits in her spot on the couch all day. Her memory is going bad, and my dad thinks a little exercise would help all around.

    Can you and your father take her to the doctor for a complete physical? While there, could you mention your concerns about her memory?

    I know you mentioned that your father was thinking about a care home. Before you can take that step, your mother will need to be assessed. That complete physical could be the starting point.

    M in Oz
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 19,972 Member
    exermom wrote: »
    A friend of ours whose husband passed away had a “virtual memorial service”. I’d never heard of one. Basically, it was a zoom memorial service. She said she’s going to have a church service once we can all get together. I know a lot of people are planning that. But I wonder if it’s a good idea. The remaining spouse needs to “get on”. Sure, the memory of the dead person will always be with them. But will an in-person memorial a few months later open new wounds? Remind them?

    Virtual memorial services were quite common here during the 4 months we couldn't go out.

    But several years ago, when my great grandmother passed away, there was a service right away, and then a memorial service a few months later for those who could not attend the first service. If I recall correctly, the second service was in a different city where she had lived for many years. That sort of thing does happen.

    It also happens with weddings! I had my first wedding and reception in one city and then 3 months later we had a second reception in another city. I wore my dress for both occasions.

    exermom wrote: »
    Meg – I must have missed it, what is “home confinement”. Why is your husband just now having to do it? Those ravioli sound delish

    Michele NC

    And why did "home confinement" involve going out for a meal?!?!

    M in Oz
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 19,972 Member
    Review ... (Distances include cycling + walking + a bit of rowing)
    Mar-15 … 489.8 km (304.3 miles) = 38 hours 4 min
    Apr-15 … 491.94 km (305.6 miles) = 43 hours 6 min
    May-15 … 361.81 km (224.8 miles) = 35 hours 50 min
    Jun-15 … 569.53 km (353.9 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-15 … 230.7 km (143.35 miles) = 32 hours 45 min
    Aug-15 … 211.3 km (131.3 miles) = 28 hours 8 min
    Sep-15 … 306.7 km (190.6 miles) = 35 hour 2 min
    Oct-15 … 441.82 km (274.5 miles) = 47 hours 43 min
    Nov-15 … 660.21 km (410.23 miles) = 60 hours 41 min
    Dec-15 … 499.91 km (282.8 miles) = 54 hours 56 min
    Jan-16 … 864.79 km (537.35 miles) = 65 hours 36 min
    Feb-16 … 470.53 km (292.4 miles) = 40 hours 39 min
    Mar-16 … 917.73 km (570.2 miles) = 66 hours 13 min
    Apr-16 … 417.83 km (259.6 miles) = 40 hours 23 min
    May-16 … 267.09 km (165.9 miles) = 36 hours 10 min
    Jun-16 … 552.1 km (343 miles) = 54 hours 48 min
    Jul-16 … 709 km (440.5 miles) = 60 hours 41 minutes
    Aug-16 … 775.9 km (482.1 miles) = 54 hours 52 minutes
    Sep-16 … 371.3 km (230.7 miles) = 32 hours 20 min
    Oct-16 … 649 km (403.3 miles) = 49 hours 46 min
    Nov-16 … 403 km (250.4 miles) = 52 hours 16 min
    Dec-16 … 511.05 km (317.55 miles) = 52 hours 2 min
    Jan-17 … 741.9 km (461.0 miles) = 70 hours 3 min
    Feb-17 … 600.5 km (373.1 miles) = 57 hours 30 min
    Mar-17 … 1113.2 km (691.7 miles) = 78 hours 25 min
    Apr-17 … 1181.9 km (734.4 miles) = 76 hours 45 min
    May-17 … 426.6 km (265.1 miles) = 39 hours 21 min
    Jun-17 … 575.7 km (357.7 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-17 … 714 km (443.7 miles) = 52 hours 23 min
    Aug-17 … 475.8 km (295.6 miles) = 38 hours 41 min
    Sep-17 … 455.5 km (283 miles) = 41 hours 25 min
    Oct-17 … 647.1 km (402.1 miles) = 57 hours 19 min
    Nov-17 … 427.0 km (265.3 miles) = 50 hours 4 min
    Dec-17 … 553.5 km (343.9 miles) = 52 hours 12 min
    Jan-18 … 590.2 km (366.7 miles) = 57 hours 49 min
    Feb-18 … 826.9 km (513.8 miles) = 57 hours 35 min
    Mar-18 … 582.01 km (361.6 miles) = 50 hours 11 min
    Apr-18 … 176.23 km (109.5 miles) = 29 hours 47 min
    May -18 … 167.6 km (104.1 miles) = 29 hours 08 min
    June-18 … 349.9 km (217.4 miles) = 36 hours 58 minutes
    July-18 ... 324.2 km (201.5 miles) = 24 hours 26 minutes
    Aug-18 ... 210.1 km (130.6 miles) = 25 hours 59 minutes
    Sep-18 ... 261.7 km (162.6 miles) = 25 hours 11 minutes
    Oct-18 ... 230.8 km (143.4 miles) = 30 hours 15 minutes
    Nov-18 ... 216.8 km (134.7 miles) = 30 hours 3 minutes
    Dec-18 ... 285.2 km (177.2 miles) = 37 hours 49 minutes
    Jan-19 ... 241.6 km (150.1 miles) = 27 hours 2 minutes
    Feb-19 ... 175.5 km (109 miles) = 19 hours 8 minutes
    Mar-19 ... 170.3 km (105.8 miles) = 28 hours 21 minutes
    Apr-19 ... 160.3 km (99.6 miles) = 25 hours 4 minutes
    May-19 ... 164.0 km (101.9 miles) = 29 hours 10 minutes
    Jun-19 ... 246.2 km (153 miles) = 25 hours 40 minutes
    Jul-19 ... 217.3 km (135.0 miles) = 33 hours 45 minutes
    Aug-19 ... 162.5 km (100.9 miles) = 28 hours 4 minutes
    Sep-19 ... 136.0 km (84.5 miles) = 23 hours 10 minutes
    Oct-19 ... 196.5 km (122.1 miles) = 31 hours 27 minutes
    Nov-19 ... 155.5 km (96.6 miles) = 25 hours 01 minutes
    Dec-19 ... 203.7 km (126.6 miles) = 26 hours 54 minutes
    Jan-20 ... 304.4 km (189.2 miles) = 32 hours 49 minutes
    Feb-20 ... 248.6 km (154.5 miles) = 34 hours 50 minutes
    Mar-20 ... 148.3 km (92.2 miles) = 30 hours 12 minutes
    Apr-20 ... 171.9 km (106.8 miles) = 19 hours 28 minutes
    May-20 ... 183.7 km (114.1 miles) = 20 hours 49 minutes
    Jun-20 ... 130.9 km (81.3 miles) = 18 hours 50 minutes
    Jul-20 ... 41.8 km (26 miles) = 9 hours 8 minutes
    Aug-20 ...148.9 km (92.5 miles) = 21 hours 43 minutes
    Sep-20 ... 119.8 km (74.4 miles) = 23 hours 17 minutes
    Oct-20 ... 191.7 km (119.1 miles) = 23 hours 40 minutes
    Nov-20 ... 273.0 km (169.6 miles) = 29 hours 16 minutes
    Dec-20 ... 216.8 km (134.7 miles) = 21 hours 59 minutes

    Goal: More than ... Jan-20 ... 304.4 km (189.2 miles) = 32 hours 49 minutes

    Friday, 1 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Saturday, 2 January 2021 … 5.5 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Sunday, 3 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 12.8 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Monday, 4 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Tuesday, 5 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Wednesday, 6 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 5 flights of stairs
    Thursday, 7 January 2021 … 4.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs

    Friday, 8 January 2021 … 7.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Saturday, 9 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 26.3 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Sunday, 10 January 2021 … 5.5 km walking + 17.7 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Monday, 11 January 2021 … 9.1 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 6 flights of stairs
    Tuesday, 12 January 2021 … 3.5 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 7 flights of stairs
    Wednesday, 13 January 2021 … 5.9 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 1.8 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Thursday, 14 January 2021 … 6.3 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs

    Friday, 15 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Saturday, 16 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Sunday, 17 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Monday, 18 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Tuesday, 19 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Wednesday, 20 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Thursday, 21 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs

    Friday, 22 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Saturday, 23 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 52.8 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Sunday, 24 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Monday, 25 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Tuesday, 26 January 2021 … 0.5 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Wednesday, 27 January 2021 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Thursday, 28 January 2021 … 2.6 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 5 flights of stairs

    Friday, 29 January 2021 … 3.4 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs
    Saturday, 30 January 2021 … 1.2 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 1.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs
    Sunday, 31 January 2021 … 0.0 km walking + 24.4 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 0 flights of stairs

    2021 Monthly January
    Walking Distance (km): 71.5
    Walking Time (min): 893.9
    Cycling Distance (km): 133.9
    Cycling Time (min): 493.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Number: 71.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Time (min): 56.8
    Rowing Distance (km): 2.8
    Rowing Time (min): 36.0

    Total Distance (km): 208.2
    Total Distance (miles): 129.4
    Total Time (min): 1479.7
    Total Time (hr): 24:39:41
  • spikeyhair
    spikeyhair Posts: 2,041 Member
    edited January 31
    HEATHER we have Netflix Amazon Prime and audible courtesy of my daughters subscription and I have Spotify for my music courtesy of my sons sub

    We watch a lot of foreign language series on ALL4
    Have subscription to radio times which I love use my Tesco points to get a cheaper

    I don’t use an IP but I have slow cooker pressure cooker

    Kate UK ❤️
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,448 Member
    Kylia - In Britain everyone who has a TV has to have a BBC licence fee, but, if you have an antenna, the TV stations are free to view, apart from Sky, Netflix etc. The licence fee is around £150 a year. So, basically, that's all I pay and it includes a lot of free catchup on Freeview.
    Kate UK - I will ask my son about Netflix. DH used to piggyback his Sky Sports, but he has stopped paying it.

    I'm off to walk over for my vaccination in a minute. Weather a bit iffy. DDIL wished us luck this morning. Her parents both had theirs on Friday. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • KJLaMore
    KJLaMore Posts: 2,477 Member
    Morning all! I feel more relaxed today, than I have in a long time. In the past couple of days, I have had a few chats with Lauren and the boys, and other than the broken arm and dealing with the legalities of the accident; everything appears to be pretty much "back to normal" for them. I was able to use my old and rusty Spanish and speak to my son in law's mother. It was mainly just "niceties" (hello, how are you, and thank you so much for stepping in to help the kids). Lauren told me later than Maria was touched that I chose to speak to her in Spanish and that my Spanish was good and I had almost no accent. (A+ for me!).
    I have been using my pressure cooker a bit more. I do make yogurt in it almost weekly, but I could just as easily make it on the stove; as my pressure cooker doesn't have a yogurt function. Anyway, in addition to yogurt, I use it to cook those veggies that take a long time to cook (potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots). Last month I got a creamy veg soup recipe from some one and I have been making that almost weekly because it is so easy. (About three medium white potatoes, four sweet potatoes, six carrots, four ribs of celery; steam for 8 minutes in the pressure cooker, then add about 32 ounces of veg or chicken broth. Blend with immersion blender or in a regular blender, until smooth. You can add a bit of cream if you like, but really not needed) Tim has been eating a big bowl of this soup every day and it makes me very happy, because he is NOT a veggie eater (unless it is dipped in something not healthy). One thing I want to try in my pressure cooker is pasta. I make pasta for the kids every Tuesday and I am not a patient cook. Waiting for water to boil is the WORST! I still make my roasts and a lot of meals in my slow cooker (not the pressure cooker, although it does have that function). I also use my stovetop and my oven daily. And...my Christmas present/toaster oven gets used about once a day, by Tim to warm/toast his rolls. lol If I wasn't afraid of hurting my son's feelings, I would have that toaster oven packed up and put away until I am too old and too tired to cook big meals in real appliances.
    Favorite flower- I don't really have a favorite flower; as there are so many that I love to look at. BUT...if I were to go on scent alone, I would pick Lily of the Valley first, then Lilacs. Oh...to get a breeze on my face and catch those scents...Mmmmm! My grandmother's back yard had huge patches of Lily of the Valley growing everywhere! It was like walking through a fairy world and seeing those dainty white bells all over the place. She had little gnomes, garden houses, funny feeders for birds and chippies. It was a small backyard, and I don't recall seeing the wash tub, compost, or trash bins (which were also back there). As a child it was a magical place. Lilac grows wild around here. Along the dune areas across the street and along the bike path. So that wonderful smell is heavy in the air during spring and summer.
    Something I enjoyed yesterday- Well, a couple of days ago I discovered Sarah Millican. I decided to listen to her as I went for my walk. Big mistake as I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. So...last night I listened to one of her shows after dinner, with Tim. He thought she was funny, but he gave up listening to her because he "can't read as fast as she talks". lol I had to turn on the closed captioning for him, because he had a hard time understanding what she was saying due to her accent. That fact also makes me laugh; we need closed captioning for most shows. It's not just the varied accents of the UK; Australia, NZ, Canada, and many southern states in the US will merit translation for hubby. lol
    Katla- Ouch! Don't facebook and walk! lol Sorry about the wall and your foot! Yeah, Peyton is only one and a half and she struggles when we are outside. She gets tired so quickly, so when she plopped herself down in the dump truck and sat there, like a slug; I had to get video of the kids taking her for rides. I think it is funny that she never cracked a smile. She just sat there, blob-like, too tired to care.
    Vaccine- Well, I have been on the list to get one since they came out. I am technically 1B, and they have been giving people in my group their vaccines for a couple of weeks now. I have not gotten a call. I have since put my name on the list at a couple of area hospitals as well, so we will see what comes of that. I, personally, don't think that the whole system is very well organized in this area. It has been slow to roll out the vaccines and had multiple "interruptions" due to (first) the governor's office "forgetting" to count our county when ordering vaccines (?!?) and (second) a shipment or two having to be thrown out due to improper storage. Oh well, I am not worried. I will get it, and if I have to wait a bit, I am okay with that.
    To all who have lost loved ones- Sending lots of love your way!
    Lisa- I think it was Barbara who said that it is okay to not be able to mourn someone (paraphrasing). Sometimes, our brains, souls, hearts never actually mourn the loss of someone in particular. Sometimes it simply acknowledges the loss; but if there was no great connection to that person (even if it is a family member), it can't really feel a deep sorrow. I have struggled with this feeling with my younger sister's passing. We were close as children; not so much as adults. Her cancer diagnosis brought us together for a while, but even as I was helping and supporting her our differences and animosities were still right there. It is what it is. I feel the loss of her presence on earth, but I lost my childhood friend and confidant many years ago when we grew up and took different paths. Love and hugs to you as you sort through.
    Allie - Hello, lovely! Glad to see your post! Be a good girl and do as the doctor's say! Sending you healing hugs!

    Favorite smell? Do you have one (or a few)? Is it connected to a person or a memory?

    Woo-hoo! Woke up to about a foot of new snow in my driveway! I love it when it snows a lot on the weekends. There is no great rush to get out there and get it done, then I can linger over one more cup of coffee when I get back inside from shoveling! Right now it is dark out, but I can see the plows moving up and down the road (they all seem to congregate on the little dirt road across from my house. I am sure they are planning on depositing all of the snow at the end of my drive!) Anyway, this will be a good 600-800 calorie burn (depending on how heavy it is)!

    Well, I think I should put this book to bed. lol I have a lot to do today, since I was a slacker and did almost nothing yesterday (which felt fantastic)! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
  • kymarai
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    Good Sunday! Slept pretty well until husband took off CPAP! 😞 His snoring must have startled me and I was wide awake for about an hour. I couldn't figure out where he put his mask-smh. This morning he says he is congested-well duh. I did finally get him to roll over and be quiet long enough for me to fall back asleep.

    Kelly- She really was funny!

    Heather UK Thank you for the tips. I didn't realize I could start then just leave it. That is a big deal. As for lean venison, I keep the tenders for steaks and tips with gravy. Those are so tender that it only takes a short while yo sizzle. The roasts are tough. They require long time cook to tenderize. My husband can't see fat on his food or see the bones, hence why I don't generally serve either. Sometimes my roasts are great in the crockpot. Other times they are dry. My problem with the crockpot is the potatoes and carrots get mushy as I am at work for 10 hours. Since husband hunts(I know, blind man hunting) our freezer gets filled every year. Now that my youngest daughter is mostly vegetarian due to kidney stones, we have even more to cook. I am not sure what I will do when he no longer can hunt. Hamburger will be the biggest issue as I can't stand the smell of browning hamburger meat. It makes me nauseous. I use bison burger for hamburgers at home. I like hamburgers, just not cooking them. I know, strange🙃 I have joined the Facebook IP page and will order the cook book. Thank you! Thank you for the tv explanation.

    Speech- I do find that quiet is so much more effective than yelling. I was a "yeller" when my girls were young. They were use to that, but when I got quiet and spoke, it lit a fire under their tails. Worked great when I did day care. When I remember to do it with my husband he listens too. 😉

    Smells- Almonds (jergens lotion) always remind me of my grandmother. Every night she motioned her hands, elbows, and feet with Jergens. It was such a soothing scent to fall asleep to. I slept with her when we visited each year. ❤

    I need to get some stuffs done. Bills to pay, a little laundry, some work stuffs. I really would rather read my book! Maybe I will hot tub, read, walk some, do something productive. Sounds like a plan. I really should get in hot tub every day. I think I will add that to my February goals.

    I LOVE you all! You Are AMAZING WOMEN! Have an AWESOME day!

    Kylia in snowy Ohio (okay the ground is white)

  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,448 Member
    JABBED!!!!!!!!! :D:p:D
    We had a nice brisk walk, 25 minutes each way. It was so touching to see all the volunteers shepherding the old people about. All ages in their yellow jackets and masks. I thanked them all. It was a happy place. Everyone was lovely.
    DDIL and son kept texting us with excitement and friends and relatives were calling and texting with news of their appointments. :D My Welsh friends have them and my brother now.
    We had the Pfizer vaccine. Next one in a few months.
    We briskly walked home and celebrated with a glass of Pedro Ximenez sherry. Delicious!

    KJ - Where did you learn your Spanish? I try to do a bit of listening every day, but it tends to get pushed out by German and French. :*
    You did make me laugh with Tim and the accents. Sarah Millican used to be one of the choices on the C25k app. :D I must say, I am very good at understanding most accents, but a very strong Glaswegian has me beat. Years ago I used to teach a boy from Glasgow and I couldn't understand a single word. Truly.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
  • Katla49
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  • bananasandoranges
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s

    Phew I’m exhausted. Phone calls with folk who need to vent helped me procrastinate on needed grantwork. Then was too tired, hungry, headachy to concentrate. Glad managed to get the dogs down the drive before the rain returned.
    Julie “find my speech is more powerful when relatively slow with low voice.” True for me when I worked with native Japanese males. though “relatively… low” is key as my voice is high, piping and childlike. And yes, today indulged people who needed to vent/process, though it totally wiped me out. Hooray for getting time off from one employer to finish your thesis. Bravissima!
    Lisa, Joe always limits appointments or other things to do to no more than one a day. If I did that it would take me forever to get anything done, but, like you, they wear me out. Especially meetings and long phone calls. I’m good for nothing after but vegging out or napping.

    Too sleepy to comment to all, ((hugs)), love and prayers. Beth are you ok?
    @Auntiebk Barbara, well, I don't always let people vent endlessly. I often try to coral them into a more reciprocal conversation. When I'm spending time 1 on 1 time face to face with people who I haven't see for a while, 'im more indulgent, overall. But when the same people go on and on and on in a one sided way I try to interject and get the subject to move on, (unless its a major issue they are going through, and not all the time). I find people rarely value that long term. they tend to "empty their sack" (French expression) but without much appreciation afterwards, on the contrary sometimes. But in little doses, ok.

    I think my voice is more low and not so fast when I'm comfortable, and more high and fast when I'm stressed. Actually, in one of my 1st teacher trainings when I was about 18 or 19 or so, I was teaching visiting school groups in a large auditorium like space. my mentor, when giving feedback the 1st time, said my voice didn't carry well, and suggested I lower my voice. I did and it worked well. I find lower voice works well for teaching.
    I just found this bit online, which cites a university study, "New research shows that women's voices today are significantly deeper than previous generations and that is because of roles shifting and power dynamics." "This isn’t surprising as a lower voice is unequivocally considered more dominating. Chimpanzees and frogs know this and do this and so do humans it seems...Perhaps women’s voices are evolving this way as a survival of the fittest type of strategy."

    @cityjaneLondon Heather, yay for your vaccination.

    to hard, but
    roses are great, they grow so easily in the earth in the southwest of France
    geraniums can flower for so long, and are nice for the balcony window boxes,
    lavender has a sweet, healing and restful smell, and also can be dissuasive for certain bugs and also can be dissuasive to certain animals
    lilies of the valley have such a sweet, subtle smell.
    tulips are so perky and colourful
    I've been getting hyacinthe lately, at a friend's suggestion, they are very inexpensive to get a bulb ant they can last several weeks in place of a bouquet.
    the changing
    Lilly of the valley, I'd say.

    Probably some delicious food I'm wanting at the time, could be fruit in late spring and chicken soup, or cinnamon
    for non food smell, (and to not go back to the above flowers) I like sandalwood.
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    I love all flowers, but a nice delphinium is hard to beat.
    My favourite smell of all is garlic frying in good olive oil. I am immediately in the South of France , walking past a doorway just before lunchtime. Magic! B)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Nature and weather! We had snow last night and it has been raining since around 5 am. The West side of all the tree trunks are dry! It is similar to seeing how fire moves in a forest. It totally misses some trees, half touches others, yet consumes some. Sorry, just found it interesting.
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    Revisiting 2021 goals posted on January 1, I guess I didn't get to breaking it down by month, till late in the month and didn't post it.

    Don't read if a very long list of do tos makes you stressed.

    DID Well:
    tracked or kept on track
    avoided sugar
    got time off for thesis in some of the schools (long story)
    followed up well on worker's rights stuff
    delegated a lot in this area
    followed up well on haematology stuff
    followed up well on dental stuff
    followed up well on changing insurance
    went for walk most days
    on recumbent and upper body sometimes
    meditation sometimes
    cleaning 15 min/day many days
    paperwork 15 min/day occasionally
    follow up grading etc yes

    Main to do:
    meditate daily
    keep cleaning daily
    keep 15 min paperwork/bills daily
    THESIS at least 4h per day weekdays now.
    Have, if possible, equivalent of FT permanent job (not more than full time) earning at least X net per month.
    (at present I have 3 PT jobs working much more than full time all in all earning less than X).

    sub-goals to help with this :

    -Finish PHD
    HOW ? (tasks)
    -Alot at least 1h per day on teaching days to working on this on weekdays NOT DONE OFTEN
    -Alot at least 4h per day on non-teaching days to working on this on weekdays MAYBE ONE DAY
    -Sign up to present work bi-monthly in new meetings. I SIGNED UP AND CANCELLED DUE TO EMERGENCY STUFF
    -Ask for feedback and suggestions from peers, and higher ups X
    -If COVID allows, do writing sessions (online or live) with peers X
    -Make proposal(s) for article (before deadline next week or week after) X

    -Apply for jobs (now listed but not yet open for external applications) X
    HOW ? (tasks)
    -Look at ads and sort which ones are conceivable in view of my profile X
    -Do rough application (CV and other docs) X
    -Show to colleagues and ask for feedback X
    -If reasonable time investment mprove profile if possible relative to requirements in common months X
    -Plan several related projects (apply at least 1x to A, B, C) X

    -Follow up current teaching work
    HOW ? (tasks)
    Good timely corrections of writing ACCEPTABLE DELAY
    Write class description NOT DONE YET, TO DO THIS WEEK

    Follow up partnership between V & P NOT YET, THIS WEEK
    Plan co-teaching sessions allotted for 2nd semester NOT YET NOT URGENT

    Follow up on legal issues related to worker’s rights
    (which can have effect of increase in rate of pay without changing jobs)
    HOW ? (tasks)
    -School A
    Nothing to do, just waiting at present CHECK
    -School B
    Prepare next legal answer in February (many pages) PLANNED FOR MARCH
    -Collective work
    Regular collective meetings CHECK
    Following up on tasks AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE
    Delegating more CHECK
    If possible have live meetings from time to time (motivating for all)

    Have Website redone X
    Ask 5-10 people if they have a name of someone who can do it X
    Call X
    Spend time on going through archives etc, to put on web site. (February ?) X

    Request information regarding projected retirement benefits X

    (this is really 1st in terms of my priorities, but requires less time than the above...this year...many years i’ve invested way more in peeps than work)

    Go back to normal social life NOT POSSIBLE
    HOW ?
    -When possible invite friend(s) over for coffee, meal other 1x a week NOT EASY
    -In mean time meet with friend 1x a week for walk, coffee, or, if no other option, online social meet up. NOT EASY

    Maintain back home links somewhat
    HOW ?
    -Send gift to R&E X
    -Scan thing and send to family X
    -Call E ? X

    Not sure how to qualify this as not sure if it’s ideal to be too goal focused on this, (i’m thinking it is not, and yet, in late 50s one doesn't necessarily fall into it as easily as in 20s and 30s) but ideally not just dating (last year’s goal, accomplished to quite a reasonable degree relative to condtions! One step forward!) but being with someone i’m good with in a couple and visa versa. I’ve experienced it before for some years, so presumably that’s possible again. And enjoy life in the mean time regardless !! Not stressed about it but open and enjoying life in the mean time.
    HOW ?
    -Go back to working from school when possible. WELL ACTUALLY I HAVE TIME OFF FOR THESIS WRITING SO THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE
    (meeting people naturally in ‘regular life’ is most comfortable for me, i also miss chatting with women friends from café)
    -meet with neighbor (she works in matching industry and offered to show me profiles free of charge to see if any matches- but i have to get rid of or hide visible shelf clutter first ! She likes to meet people in their homes!) It could be interesting to hear her feedback regardless. OH YEAH I GUES...

    (also very important in fact, but also more natural to me and easier path than the above, since more within my own capacity to follow up on at least, in theory)
    Weight and exercise
    HOW ?
    -EATING & CALORIES Current MFP proposal. 1220 cal net per day. Enter activity, not consume it all. (have a some deficit most days relative to net 1220, never or almost never go over) DID PRETTY GOOD AND HAD BEEN SLACKING IN TRACKING LATELY THOUGH I THINK I KEPT SIMILAR CICO; I WANT TO GET BACK TO TRACKING. IT REALLY WORKS WITH ME AND PUTS FOCUS ON PROCESS NOT ON RESULTS.
    Aim for 0-2x a week max foods with sugar cane. PRETTY MUCH FOR WHOLE MONTH YAY. SOMETIMES MUCH BETTER. HAVE TO KEEP IT UP.
    Aim for 5 different types of veggie per day (soup?!) SOME DAYS

    -30 min/day walk 6x a week, any pace YES ALMOST ALWAYS
    -1h 3x a week on stationary bike (?), at least 2 NO BUT SOME TIME ON BIKE. I'M STILL DEVELOPING THIS HABIT
    at least 2x 20 min upper body stuff (weights, stretches, twists, etc.), during cycling or not.
    -aim for at least 3x 20 min at maximum HR range JUST SOMETIMES NOT QUITE THAT LITTLE AMOUNT
    -15-60 min/day pottering at home (cleaning, handiwork, reorganizing, etc.) AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRETTY MOST DAYS

    Look at 2 insurance offers, do numbers, choose one this weekend and notifiy them as required before Jan 14 . TOOK FOREVER AND GOT IT DONE

    Do recommended follow up SO FAR

    Find contact info of dentist recommended by retired dentist and make appointment.
    Get 2 crowns, 1 onlay, and (apparently) one implant on 3 molars. (in next months) APPOINTMENTS MADE FOR FIRST 2 CROWNS NEXT WEEK
    Contact past orthodontist for maintenance (had invisilign and neded to make sure retainer – complicated by future crowns- is ok and see if i need review X

    Get progressive glasses (this month) X

    gyn, mamo, etc. (nothing urgent, can be for May-June)X X

    several people type 2 diabetes in immediate family and i’m sensitive to sugar (ideally this month) SAW ONLINE HAVENT PAID (COVERED BY INSURANCE BUT TIME CONSUMING PAYMENT PROCESS)_ A BIT COMPLICATED_HAVEN'T DONE BLOODWORK;JUST NEED THE TIME;

    Found name of therapist who will be about 30 euros out of pocket with current insurance, less if I improve my coverage as I likely will. I met her once and she seems ok. I don't have great expectations but if she is ok that could be helpful. Like many of us, I've had a lot on my plate these past years, and I find a good professional listener and therapist can sometimes be helpful. I have more of of a short-medium term approach to this. it's not at all taboo in my family to consult and not at all in my usa peeps. in france it's a bit more mixed, but not terribly taboo for people in the city at least, though most don't talk about it like they do ultra easily in the usa, or at least those I knew. WENT TO ONE APPOINTMENT AND HAD TO CANCEL 2ND DUE TO LAST MINUTE HEMOTOLOGY APT. HAVE NOT MADE 2ND ONE. NO ANSWERING MACHINE AFTER HOURS AND IVE BEEN RUNNING AROUND. THE 6PM CURFEW DOESNT MAKE THINGS EASIER

    5.FINANCES (outside of #1)
    - Have all bills paid and tax and tax-type forms up to date and done on a monthly basis.
    Totally caught up by March and then stay up to date.
    HOW ?
    Spend 15 min per day 5x a week on solely on finance-related stuff. X
    -Save 5-10% per year. X
    - Give away 5-10% per year. X
    - HOW ?
    Do and maintain budget X

    (also important but not very time-consuming relatively speaking)
    More Peaceful and mindful
    Meditate 10-15 min per day 6 days a week SOME DAYS
    Aim to be offscreen at least from midnight to 6 am. If awake, do something off screen (active or read) or meditate in bed or send positive energy to self and others (metta meditation) or something like that. NOT AT ALL
    Go to meditation or meditation-type thing (online or live) at least 1x per year. WAY LATER IN YEAR

    7. HOME GOAL
    (also important but more finite in time required than some of the above)
    Sort closets and shelves and maintain them.
    HOW :
    work on 1 area per week, as part or part plus of daily cleaning and tidying. YES
    -have bathroom repainted X
    - call expert and make appointment (next week) X
    - schedule repair(after visit) X
    -Get outdoor plants for balcony 2 TINY ROSES BUT THEY WONT SURVIVE THE WINTER
    - Buy 1-2 plants per month, till it seems good, plus earth if needed, start by April if it's too complicated to get much in winter. DID

    General Paperwork
    GOAL :Be on top of paperwork by march and stay on top monthly.
    2x 15 min per day on non-financial paperwork (filing, answering letters, getting rid of stuff, taking action related to papers): (15 per day was not enough. more would be better, but I prefer to ask myself for baby steps at present in this area). ONLY OCCASIONALLY

    *** daily things are meant to be 5-6 days a week!
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