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5’-5’3” girl success stories before & after



  • tecat810
    tecat810 Posts: 4,638 Member
    Feel free to add! 5"3 146 and working on recomp. Probably 135 or so is my goal.
  • MichelleMcKeeRN
    MichelleMcKeeRN Posts: 450 Member
    KetoKay91 wrote: »
    @MichelleMcKeeRN thank you, I’m doing keto with intermittent fasting. Don’t have an exercise plan. I’m constantly running after my two small kids so I’m counting that as my workout 😊

    Which IF plan are you doing?
    I am seriously impressed with your results!

  • KetoKay91
    KetoKay91 Posts: 14 Member
    @MichelleMcKeeRN i do 18:6 at least 3x/week. It’s been amazing. Feels like the weight is literally just falling off.
  • atimeforeverypurpose
    Thanks ladies! Wow, you've made great progress. I've never seen a websignt just for us 5"2' ers. I'll try 1200, some strength training, walking and let you know how it goes. :) I like the idea of cyclying keto or paleo just to start up then adding back in the healthier stuff.
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