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5’-5’3” girl success stories before & after



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    Hey everyone. Firstly, you all are doing an amazing job!

    I am 5'1" so tiny 😊
    My story - in the left hand picture I'm probably around 140lbs at a guess but I didnt start my journey til I was 135lbs.
    On the right hand picture, that I took yesterday, I am 108lbs. Currently I am in maintenance and have been recomping since last October when I hit my GW of 112lbs.
    When I was losing I ate 1200-1300 calories and didn't pay much attention to macros. Nor did I follow any kind of structured workout routine.
    These days my maintenance calories are 1460 at rest, but I lift progressively 4x a week and walk around 5 miles a day so usually get to eat around 1600-1700. Currently in the best shape of my life and only want to get better 😊

    Amazing!! How long did it take you?

    Hey - sorry for the late reply, I took a break from mfp! It took 18 months to get to goal weight and then 7 months of recomp to get to the point I was in the more recent picture
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