February 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @kgirlhart Glad the temps were better and you were able to get out for a run. The frozen creek is pretty cool.
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    I'm excited for you @Avidkeo ! You're going to rock this race!
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    Go @Avidkeo Go!!! You've got this!
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    @Avidkeo have a great race!

    @Tramboman I have a yard full of grackles at the moment but I noticed I also have several pairs of red-winged blackbirds. They are the only thing willing to stand up to the grackles. We have them year-round here, but I don’t usually see them at my feeder because I feed the wrong kind of food for them.
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    Thinking of you @avidkeo, you’re somewhere around half way and I hope it going well.
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    So excellent @Avidkeo! Way to go!
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    Avidkeo wrote: »
    Finished! Official time was 2:06:48, but the course was 300m too long haha.

    Will do a proper report later when I'm home, eaten, showered etc.

    Well done, @Avidkeo !!!!
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    Congratulations @Avidkeo! That was a great finish time. I've no doubt you can sub-2 hour your goal race!
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    2/1 – Exercise Bike (5 miles) + weights
    2/2 – Exercise Bike (11 miles) + Kickboxing
    2/3 – 5.07 miles
    2/4 – 5.19 miles
    2/6 – 8.72 miles
    2/8 – 5.18 miles
    2/9 – Exercise Bike (5.5 miles) + weights
    2/10 – 5.26 miles
    2/11 – 5.20 miles
    2/13 – 5.09 miles
    2/15 – 6.12 miles + yoga
    2/16 – Exercise Bike (14 miles) + weights
    2/17 – 5.13 miles
    2/18 – nothing but long, long work day
    2/19 – Exercise Bike (8 miles) + strength training
    2/20 – 8.03 miles

    I ran with a couple of friends at 6:30 this morning. Temp was 19F but the sun came out and was a beautiful sight! A friend and I have been logging our miles in the Desert Storm 218-mile Challenge. The challenge started on January 17 and we finished it today. We had until the end of the month to complete it. It was sponsored by the Marine Corps Marathon organization in honor of the 30-year anniversary of Operation Desert Storm (I can’t believe it’s been that long). The idea was to run the distance between the airport where the Marines landed in Saudi Arabia to the middle of the city of Kuwait. My friend’s husband is a Marine who served in this military operation so it was especially meaningful for her. Each time we logged our run we received an email with interesting facts about the battle and a map showed our progress. We got our medals and swag a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t unpackage mine until today
    Upcoming Races/Challenges:
    CRAW (Circumpolar Race Around the World) – in progress
    Run the World Challenge – in progress
    Desert Storm 218 Miler Challenge (Jan 17 – Feb 28) – complete!
    Peyton’s Wild n Wacky 50k (March 13) - canceled
    Cooper River 10k (Sept 25)
    Marine Corps Marathon (Oct 31) – virtual again – deferring to 2022
    Cade’s Cove Loop Lope (Nov 14)
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    @Avidkeo Great job! Sub 2 he is definitely in your reach!!