March 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Tramboman !!!!
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    Happy birthday!! @Camaramandy648
  • Tramboman
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    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Tramboman !!!!

    And happy birthday to you!!!
    Glad things appear to be heading in the right direction for you.
  • pfeiferlindsey
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    3/1 - No running - Spin and strength training
    3/2 - 4 early morning miles that felt really awesome

    Total for March - 4 miles
    Goal for March - 70 miles
    Miles to go - 66 miles

  • Camaramandy648
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes!
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    So here’s a monthly question promoted by @Tramboman and his non-trombone. What images do the various user names in this group inspire in your head.

    I always assumed @quilteryoyo was one of those mad keen quilters, but apparently not so much...

    With @polska_girl I think polka dancing rather than Polish person...

    And I always read @noblsheep as Noble Sheep and picture a very dignified sheep!

    Wait @noblesheep isn't noble sheep??

    I agree with the other two. @rheddmobile always makes me think of red cellphone (mobile phone)

    @runs_on_espresso is nice and easy

    My name is a very old username I've always used. Avid is a type of video editing software and keo are my initials. So boring haha
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    So 5k run done this morning and I'm about to cycle to work. Whew lots of stuff. Nothing exciting.

    I'm doing the Hal Intermediate plan and I thought I'd be getting more runs at race pace but atm they are all base runs? I paid for premium so it's supposed to update as I go along. Will see what happens over the next few weeks I guess.
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    Happy Birthday tomorrow @Camaramandy648!!! You have been busy, and so glad to hear you (at least) have a job and exciting that you have better prospects in the works.
  • martaindale
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    4/45 miles

    3/2: 4 miles

    Absolutely beautiful day here. Sunny and upper 50's at lunch time when I headed out. One of the nicest things about my days working from home is getting to wait for the weather to get nice before I head out.

    Happy birthday @Camaramandy648 I am glad to hear things are looking better for you.

    I really need to know the origin of @noblsheep now because I already read it as Noble Sheep too! My username is boring but easy because so few people spell their name like mine, so it is usually available.

    And, welcome to the new people. Some good goals there!
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    Rheddmobile is actually the name MFP picked for me based on my registering from my husband’s mobile phone - my husband’s usual online identity is Rhedd, aka Red, since he has red hair. I couldn’t be bothered to change what they gave me since I didn’t expect to be social on the platform, and by the time I knew differently, people already knew me under that name. We are pretty used to being addressed as a couple online since we work professionally on video game art as a couple, so it wasn’t a huge leap from “Rhedd and Allie” (which is also an online identity, short for Allerleirauh, and not my name) to just Rhedd. There are still certain corners of the internet where we get asked, are you THAT Rhedd and Allie? The one who made the hair and the faces for such and such a game? Yes, my husband is THAT Rhedd and and I THAT Allie.

    I also thought of Noblsheep as a very fine and large sheep. We used to own a sheep and he was awful. However, many sheep are quite dignified beings. Tramboman made me wonder. Quilteryoyo, I have an unfinished yo-yo quilt myself so I figured it was something to do with that.
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    March Goal: Hike/Run the "D's" and "E's"*

    3/1 off
    3/2 2.50 Djibouti
    Rube that I am, I'd never even heard of this place before. It was enchanting!

    Total 2.50
    Happy (late)birthday @kirstymn, and congrats to @Camaramandy648 and great news @quilteryoyo


    *So, my 2021 resolution is to hike/run all 193 (or 195 depending on your source) countries of the world this year. This could be difficult, since I don’t have a passport. But YouTube to the rescue! I have been using the site to take train “trips” recently, and have found them strangely motivating. Why not use Youtube vlogs to hike/run the world (and learn something about each country)?

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    @Teresa502 I agree with you on @TheMrWobbly and @AlphaHowls ! I do remember the weebles. Just like @TheMrWobbly they never stay down! I think I usually read @hanlonsk as Hand lon - or loan. So someone who lends a hand? Also I always read "camera" when I see @Camaramandy648 so someone who takes pictures.

    @Camaramandy648 Happy Birthday! Yeah for the new job and other opportunities to pursue. Yeah for the in person race. You'll kill it.

    @Avidkeo I always think of someone who is enthusiastic or intense when I read your name.

    @martaindale I do often picture a martingale bird when I read your name.

    @rheddmobile I did quilt and have an unfinished one, but have never made a yo-yo quilt. The yo-yo part of my name is based on how my weight goes up and down and up and down, like a yo-yo. Hopefully, it is broken and stuck in the down position. :wink:

    Both adjectives apply well to me lol
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    March Goal: 100 Miles

    3/1: 1.32 miles
    3/2: 5.32 miles

    6.64/100  miles completed for March

    It was a little chilly at about 35°F this morning.  But it wasn't raining and I was dressed well.  I ran 5.3 miles. It was a mostly uneventful,  but nice run. 

    I thought similar things about most of the user names. I did think that @avidkeo might have something to do with video games.  And for some reason I thought that @rheddmobile might be from Alabama even though I know she's in Tennessee.

    Happy Birthday @camaramandy648! And congrats on the new job!


    2021 Races:
    11/6/21: Run For 57th AHC Half Marathon
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    Happy Birthday @Camaramandy648! Congrats on the job.
    Glad your appointment went well, @quilteryoyo!

    Worked late yesterday, then worked more when I got home, so no running last night. Today is supposed to be a rest day, so I will try to do yesterday’s workout tonight. One more day of being on call...