March 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • Tramboman
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    eric13296 wrote: »
    For March I want to build on my February goal of completing Couch to 5k.

    March goals:
    Run 100kms (62 miles)
    Build to 5mi long run by the end of the month.

    Good luck to all of you and I'll see you at the finish line.

    March 1 - March 5: 17km. Long run is at 3.9 miles and Couch 2 5k is finished!

    Well done!!! Keep it up!!!
  • quilteryoyo
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    @katharmonic Hahaha You must really love that cold weather. Those temps are a little cold for me to run in, especially with a wind. Hope you enjoyed your snowshoe hiking.

    @Tramboman It was definitely the chocolate! :lol:

    @Scott6255 I hope your next run is a lot better! Good for you for sticking this one out. Have you changed anything that you know of nutrition, hydration, or sleep wise that could be the culprit?

  • kgirlhart
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    March Goal: 100 Miles

    3/1: 1.32 miles
    3/2: 5.32 miles
    3/3: 5.32 miles
    3/4: 5.52 miles
    3/5: 1.40 miles
    3/6: 1.2 miles

    20.08/100  miles completed for March

    Today's run was a short and quick (for me) 1.2 miles. My pace was 8:46. I rarely run that fast. It was a gorgeous day too so I also took my dogs to the park and walked a mile which is a lot for them now that they are both pretty old. It should be nice again tomorrow too so I am hoping that my long run will be really nice.


    2021 Races:
    11/6/21: Run For 57th AHC Half Marathon
  • quilteryoyo
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    @shanaber You are doing great. I never seem to feel a tail wind either. I'm glad Hobbes is doing so much better!
  • martaindale
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    @Scott6255 I've definitely had some bad struggle runs lately too. I hope you can figure out what's going on.

    At least for me, I have to say @shanaber may be on to something. I have not been great at adjusting my intake as my mileage has gone up. Also, my stress level has been really high and it is taking it's toll. I have definitely been more tired and just not enjoying my runs as much.
  • martaindale
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    @quilteryoyo Cute puppies!

    @shanaber I have felt a tailwind like once ever. It was glorious a d felt like I was being carried down the road. Once. Every other run either feels totally still or headwind in every direction. What is that about!?!
  • RunsOnEspresso
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    @shanaber it's good training for the Yeti challenge. I'll be out at 1 pm and 5 pm so it'll be warm.

    Also, glad to hear Hobbes is on the mend!
  • HonuNui
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    March Goal: Hike/Run the "D's" and "E's"*

    3/1 off
    3/2 2.50 Djibouti
    3/3 2.61 (no travel-video kept buffering....)
    3/4 off
    3/5 3.11 Denmark
    3/6 Dominica and Dominican Republic

    Total 11.32
    @Scott6255 Hugs
    @shanaber glad Hobbes continues to mend and @quilteryoyo Puppy Mom looks Malmut-ish. What was dad?


    *So, my 2021 resolution is to hike/run all 193 (or 195 depending on your source) countries of the world this year. This could be difficult, since I don’t have a passport. But YouTube to the rescue! I have been using the site to take train “trips” recently, and have found them strangely motivating. Why not use Youtube vlogs to hike/run the world (and learn something about each country)?

  • marisap2010
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    @Scott6255 Sorry your run didn’t go well. Maybe it was fuel like others said, or maybe just your body saying it needed some extra rest that day.
    @quilteryoyo Cute puppies!
    @shanaber Glad Hobbes is feeling better!

    My friend and I decided to do the 5k cross country route after body pump yesterday. Maybe we missed a turn or something because we only had 2.75 miles at the end. I ended up just leaving at that point because I had errands to run. It is cold this morning but should be in the 60s this afternoon for my run.