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    tsokalas2 wrote: »
    I am just getting started, day 3; this app tells me that I need 1500 calories, but my doctor told me 1200. I am already under for the first two days. Today, I am going to try and add more vegetables and get more exercise. I work from home, which I love, but it a sedentary lifestyle, which is my downfall. However, I have to get better at moving since I do have the flexibility to do so. I know the age, lack of movement is the issue.
    It is great to hear all of your updates! I appreciate this page.

    Hello new friend!

    I normally come down on the side of "listen to your doctor," but I'm curious as to why they recommended 1200 calories for you? Most people can lose on more than that, and eating too little is also a problem even if you're trying to lose weight.

    I'm curious, too. 1200 seems drastic, even for a sedentary lifestyle.
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    Thank you. I've been here before but had a small break but I'm back ☺️
    Taking one day at a time.
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    Name: Kali
    Age: 33
    Height: 5'7
    SW: 232.2 (1/15/21)
    GW: #1 Under 200 #2 180 #150ish

    Weight tracking:
    March 2: 214.1 <--had a jump last weekend after hanging with friends (my tiny covid bubble/daily accountability friends)
    March 9 214.0 <-- haven't been able to stop eating so I'm revaluating my calories and debating about upping them incase what I was eating was too restrictive...plus there was an insomnia cookie situation this week...
    March 16 211.4 <--super happy to see a drop although I did buy a dress that I have to wear on 4/9 that doesn't zip sooo let's see how much work I can put in to make that happen (don't worry there is a backup!)
    March 23 209.2 <--while this is a GREAT loss for the week. I am having some weird bowel issues and have watched my weight jump 2 pounds in 3 days because of not going. So i'm off to add something new to my diet to move it along (prunes?) or go the pharmaceutical route as this only started after I fixed my diet and started working out.
    March 30

    Fitness goals:
    Weigh daily
    11,000+ steps 6x week
    Meal prep as much as possible
    C25K 3x a week
    30 day squat/pushup challenge <--NEW FOR MARCH
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    Challenge Weigh In Day for me

    Age 44
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 highest 3/2020
    CW 226
    GW for Mar 223
    UGW 145

    3/1: 228 lbs
    3/8: 226 lbs
    3/15: 227 lbs
    3/22: 228 lbs (high sodium over weekend)
    Total month loss:

    Weekly goals:
    -Continue logging on MFP
    -Work out 3x per week - cardio & strength
    -64 oz of water each day

    Work got busy yesterday so I didn't post. Same weight today too. Had a bit of high sodium choices.
    My mom and I switched restaurants on Sunday. Knew my calories but think I like our usual better lol Oh well. No restaurant with the husband on Friday. He discussed his injury with one of the pharmacists who confirmed no urgent care so I ate at home instead.

    Gym today with my friend. I picked up an ankle brace to see if that'll help. It'll come in handy when I go to Disney as well
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    @BethCW2963 - I'm an emotional eater, too. So I completely understand. I've found that if I feel 'deprived, it makes me upset and crabby. So I try and 'build' a favorite food or snack, into my daily calorie count. But I change the 'portion' size. I'll have a small bag of chips or small bag of popcorn. Those small bags really help me!
    I also will make some hot decaf tea, to 'calm myself. I'm a 'hot beverage person, vs a 'cold beverage person. I learned that at Weight Watchers a long time ago. Or, have some tea, with just a cookie or something low cal. Holding that mug really helps me. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but it helps me. And get yourself a special mug, just for you! ❤
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    BethCW2963 wrote: »
    Hello from Guam Everyone! :)

    So the good news is I should finally have my scales and body tape measure in the next couple of days. I gave up trying to find it at one of the stores on the island and went ahead and just ordered them off amazon and paid the huge shipping fee. I have been actively participating on MFP for the past 40 days without a scale or body tape measure - it will be nice to finally be able to log and chart my progress.

    On another note, my dinner got derailed because I had eagerly planned on having a sweet potato with my dinner but somehow the sweet potatoes disappeared! I was really looking forward to having one... Weird but no one could find them. ~sigh~ I am also out of saltine crackers and 5 of those with a little PB&J is my treasured midnight snack (i struggle with terrible insomnia).

    These events led me to think about how I get into such a big funk when I can't have to eat what I have planned. I am sure some people would say that it is not healthy to be so emotionally invested in our food choices and that we should "eat to live, not live to eat", but I'm not sure I will ever be able to completely sever an emotional connection to my food! I guess I feel that as long as I am able to stay within my daily goals, as well as eat relatively healthy, then I should be able to embrace my emotional connection to my food. I do, however, have to realize that there may be days when I can't have exactly what I want to eat and learn to improvise and make do with a smile on my face instead of feeling such emotional deprivation. Onward and upward!

    I hope everyone is having a great month!

    I feel you on that. I also get upset if someone eats my leftovers or if I spend all day looking forward to some treat only to discover I've run out of whatever it is. I don't know where that comes from; I can't point to any obvious childhood experience or anything that might have shaped this kind of thinking. It's not just food, either; it's upsetting to me for someone to handle/use/otherwise mess with basically anything that belongs to me without permission, and even sometimes with permission because they don't know what they're doing and might ruin whatever it is. I have a little sister, maybe she has something to do with it, IDK.
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    Snacks: my jam is salty-crunchy snacks. I need to have something on hand that fits the bill or I know I'll eat stuff that I should not. I usually "need" one mid-afternoon.

    I live for sweet/salty crunchy so I've been doing really well with carrots. I buy the prepackaged petite carrot snack packs (but hey if you have the time, make your own, much cheaper) and I'm able to crunch away on those happily. They also satisfy this former smokers oral fixation. I'm also a big fan of jerky but thats not so crunchy...

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    Great job on the weight loss. As far as other issues go... try psyllium husk powder. I put it in warm water and it blends well. It is the same insoluble fiber in Metamucil.
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    @kali31337 - that happened to me too when I started losing. You are eating less than before, so producing less waste. It will take your body a couple of months to adjust. Hang in there.
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    @Spotteddingo thanks! I'll look into it!

    @speyerj good to know! This is not my first time losing but definitely the first time I've ever been irregular. I normally go 5-6 times a week and I'm down to 1-2 so that's much different now
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    @seejanebird Welcome to the group! I also live in Louisiana and wholeheartedly agree about the best worst food ever!! I also struggle with knee pain and craving salty snacks. I have had a terrible time trying to give up microwave popcorn, but all that palm oil is really not good. I found a microwave popcorn popper last week that uses old fashioned kernels and no oil. Now I'm readjusting my taste for the naked popcorn to satisfy that crunchy food craving.
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    Need suggestions for QUICK/EASY grab and go breakfasts that are NOT smoothies. I didnt plan this morning and ended up grabbing a box of madelines my sister had brought me. It wasnt until after I had eaten SIX of them that I thought to look at the nutritional value. Good god 100 calories EACH! (admittedly yesterday was a stressful day, late night and I just didnt give a rats patooty but still....)
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    @hap2go The key to quick and easy grab-and-go breakfasts is preparing them ahead of time. Breakfast burritos aren't hard to assemble - I've got it down to a science these days, although we're still experimenting a little bit. My husband complained that the big burrito-size tortillas got hard and unpleasant to eat on the ends so I tried using the smaller soft-taco-size tortillas this week. That cut a good 120cal from the typical burrito I've been making, and honestly I've been sustained by that until lunchtime so I may continue using the smaller tortillas; I'll have to ask Hubs how it's working for him. His calorie needs are very different from mine, fewer is not better in his case.

    I've figured out that I can actually just mix everything in with the scrambled eggs and fill the tortilla with a certain amount of the scrambled egg mixture, instead of cooking my eggs and my meat and my veggies all separately and painstakingly building the burrito layer-by-layer on the scale. I've done bacon and hash browns the past couple of weeks, next week I'm planning on sausage and black bean, probably with some onions in there as well because I like them. I'll cook the meat first in my big skillet, and use the fat that renders out of that to cook the veggies. Then I'll pour in the beaten eggs, put the meat back, and add the shredded cheese, then mix that around until it's cooked. I'll transfer the mixture into a bowl I have on my scale and see how much I made, then tare and scoop out 90-100g or so of the mixture onto a tortilla, roll and wrap my burrito in parchment paper, rinse and repeat for all 10 tortillas.

    Using a dozen whole eggs, half a pound of bacon, 8 oz of cheese, and ~400g veg (potatoes + onions + peppers usually) give or take makes enough filling for about 11.5 burrito-size tortillas, and about 16 soft-taco-size tortillas (I still have a bowl of leftover filling in the fridge waiting to be eaten this week). If I use the smaller tortillas again for next week, I will probably make a half-batch of filling, or maybe a 2/3rds-batch (8 eggs instead of 12).
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    @hap2go I make a lot of protein muffins or something similar that can satisfy my morning sweet tooth & get me through. I know a lot of folks make overnight oats but I haven't done them yet but that can also be an easy grab and go as well.
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    @hap2go Similarly to others, I try to make either ham and cheese egg muffins ahead for the week or a baked sausage casserole (also with eggs). That is a LIFE SAVER on those mornings when work is crazy and I just can’t get it together to make an omelette or fry an egg. I’ll also do ham and cheese roll ups with lettuce if I need a break from eggs.

    @kali31337 what kind of protein muffins do you make? That sounds yummy!
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    edited March 2021
    I've tried overnight oats, maybe I used the wrong kind of oatmeal or not enough liquid or something, but I've never been particularly impressed - I usually just end up with cold, slimy, crunchy oats? Unless that's what it's supposed to be like, I don't know. I was expecting something with the texture of regular cooked oatmeal, only cold, so maybe that's the problem.

    I like oatmeal but it takes a lot of babysitting - even in the microwave it tends to boil over, even in my deepest bowl. I shared a recipe somewhere around these forums about a million years ago for a banana-oat pancake (bowlcake?), which is the only way I've ever been able to prepare oatmeal in the microwave without it exploding. I can't vouch for making this ahead of time or prepping a bunch of them as I've never tried it, but it might work, maybe if you baked them in big muffin cups?:

    Banana Oat Pancake
    • 1/2 cup of instant oatmeal*
    • 1/2 very ripe banana*
    • 1 large egg
    • 1 tbsp honey
    • 1 tsp cinnamon

    1. Put everything in a decent-size bowl. Mash the banana, scramble the egg, and mix until well combined.
    2. Microwave on high for 1-2 minutes. It should be set in the middle and not move when you tip the bowl. It makes a solid cake, not a bowl of semi-liquid oatmeal.

    I think if you were to batch-cook these you would want to use some kind of oil as a mold release for whatever container you baked your cakes in - it wouldn't be much but you'd probably still want to count it. I don't know how they would hold up over several days. I do have some bananas ripening on the counter right now; maybe I'll grab some oatmeal and an extra carton of eggs at the grocery this week and do some Experiments.

    *ordinarily I would include mass measurements, but last time I made this I was still using volumetric/otherwise not weighing foods. If anyone's interested I'll report back with weights and a calorie/macro breakdown.