Losing weight but some parts do not change ?



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    Your SHAPE doesn't change. You're born with predisposed as how your shape is. Your shoulder width, hip width, length of bones, etc. are set. And where your body holds and stores fat is also set. For some it's upper body, some lower and some in the middle where it's most prominent. You just have to keep plugging away at a good modest calorie deficit and have patience. Now what you CAN do is enhance the shape you have by improving the muscles. That's where resistance training comes in. And people who get into shape have to work hard at it.

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    Pickcupcakes actually it's not. Loads of online calculators have this as the ideal weight for a small framed person of this height (like me). Depends on frame size.
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    It takes a long time to get rid of all the fat! I don´t know your body fat % but I´m around your height (163) and was 71 kgs in Feb 2020 and am now down to 55 kgs. My body fat was really high before but it was all over my body, and now I´ve lost loads (down to 25% form 39% at the start).

    I can see that the main areas of fat loss are my chest, ribs and waist area, also my thighs are a lot smaller, hips and everywhere else too, but I´m now carrying most of my fat on my bum, thighs, lower belly and upper arms. These were always my problem areas I guess you could say, but now with barely any fat on in the other areas its more noticeable than ever I think.

    I originally thought I´d be happy at this weight but now I realise I need to strip off a bit more fat before I see an improvement in those areas and will most likely be around 51 or 52 kilos when I´m finished. I am very small framed so this would be considered a completely normal weight for my size.

    I know that exercise can help your muscles look more defined, and I do weight training, Yoga etc. but fat loss is the only way to get rid of any wobble!
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    At that height and current weight you’re still just tipping into the overweight classification by BMI.

    You may well find that as you get closer to the middle of the healthy BMI range you’ll see some more change. Many people tend to lose in an ‘outside in’ pattern. Meaning they lose from their extremities first and the centre core is the last to shift.

    Stay strong, keep at it!

    yes according to my BMI im overweight and my goal is to reach 55kg but at this losing rate it will take forever -_-

    Oh! Trust me, I fully 100% totally understand! (And the tautology is deliberate to stress how much I get the frustration!)

    I’m 4 inches shorter than you and started at exactly the weight you are now. It has taken me since July 2019 to get to within 3lbs of my initial target weight. I’m currently 118lbs and fully expect it’ll be July 2021 before I lose that last 3lbs. I also fully expect that when I do get there I’ll decide another 5-10lbs are necessary to lose the last bits from my stomach. 🤷‍♀️ So that’ll be at least another year! 😂

    thank you for your empathy 😭 yeah I did not think it would take me years to reach my goal. 118 lbs is around 53 kg right!! and what happened, did not your body changed even with this low number? I got a doctor tell me that If I wanna see my self skinny I should be in 40s kg according to my height and I was really shocked so 55 kg is my second goal.

    yeah I thought that when I will reach the 60s I will see a huge improvements but then I decided to lose more -_-

    Your doctor is right! I´m your height too and am currently 55kgs and believe me I´m nowhere near done with my weight loss journey. It´s going to be a slow process getting the last few kgs off, but I am determined to stip off the excess fat I´m still visibly carrying. Body fat % plays a large part in this so maybe find out what yours is. I¨m at 25% now but want to get down to just over 20% if I can ideally.

    I looked at a few online calculators and for my frame size (small) I should be around 49 kgs which surprised me, so I think I´ll be happy at just over 50. Let´s see!

    I don't have a scale that calculates my body fat percentage so I don't know but if I need to be 49 kg I need to lose 20 kg more 😭😭😭😭😭and god knows how many years it will take.

    I wouldn't worry about hitting that number. Aim for your first target and go from there. That's where I am. It's taken me a year to get 16 kilos off and personally I'm not in a hurry so don't care if it takes another 6 months to lose the last few kgs.
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    Jat74 going by bmi it is under 18.5 so yes it is.
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    You lose weight with caloric deficit — you already know that.
    You gain muscle with exercise. There are different kinds of muscle fibres and each reacts to different kinds of exercise. Unless you strive to be a professional athlete, then I suggest a variety of cardio, HIIT, walking and resistance training. A great total body exercise — plank. You use pretty near every muscle in your body. Once you master the plank, then move to one arm plank.
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    Don't be discouraged. Losing weight is weird. Little chunks of fat come off in the oddest places.. leaving dents and wiggles for a while. It makes ya feel like a science experiment. It is just the fat shedding. Do you ever get that soft giggly fat?..and then the next week it is gone? Mine does that right before I lose the fat.

    Also..not to be rude.. but you most likely need to keep on losing the weight to get the fat off. Exercise if you can and lift weights to help the muscles shine through when the fat is all gone.

    And we born in all shapes and sizes... part of being human beings. Thank goodness we live in a time that celebrates all silhouettes.
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    New person here :)

    Late October 2019 I started my journey and I have lost weight. however my problem is that some parts (specially my Stomach and thighs/hips) did not change!! I mean they reduced in size but fat is there, for example above my navel is lots of fat, it still holds the same Shape. I have put specific workout routine for belly and thighs in addition to treadmill. I have change the workout in case my body have adopted but still same problem only shrinking in size but the shape is the same fats are just hanging.

    last time I checked my height is around 163-164 cm and my weight now is 67.7 kg and since last September my weight loss rate is sooooooo Slow (less than one kg in month and sometimes even less), I thought when I enter the 60s I would look different but honestly I kinda disappointed of my body shape. :/

    any tips!

    You honestly need to build some muscle. I’m Asian (so smaller framed too naturally) and I’m 5’ 4”/162 cm and now I would look emaciated at 49kg because I’ve built muscle! A few years ago I used to weigh 135 lbs and I looked pretty much the same even though now I’m 160lbs! I even checked measurements from a few years ago just to double check. You honestly need to build muscle and stop focusing on the scale so much. I’ve been through that battle until one day I realised it was damaging my mental health and that’s not good. The scale is just a tool and that’s it. Now my new target range is 140-145 lbs which is 15-20 lbs higher than what it used to be. I can honestly guarantee that if you were to build muscle, you would have a faster metabolism, feel stronger, have more energy, better posture and so many other benefits! Also it would fill in and give you a nicer shape. This is coming from a ‘former skinny obsessed and recovered from multiple EDs girl’ so I know how hard it is to let go of the scale obsession and being a low number as possible. I would also ask, once you reach such a low weight- how will you feel? What if you’re miserable? Always cold? Tired? Isn’t your health more important? Will you even be able to maintain it? Whenever these thoughts creep into my head such as “I wish I would weigh 115 lbs” I have to keep reminding myself how will I be able to maintain this new weight? If it makes me miserable then it’s not worth it. So for now just aim for the next 5-10lbs because as everyone said before it’s amazing what losing just 5 lbs can do when you’re nearer to the end because it’s much more noticeable and then see how you feel. You could start a recomp from there.
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    At 163cm 49kg would be underweight

    Exactly- I found that triggering because of my ED past. I hope that they realise how damaging this stuff is.