Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 147



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    *ROUND 147 ( April 12- April 21) Increase electrolytes, no grains

    Seeking lower bodyfat%
    My name is Tish.
    Age: 64
    Height: 5'7.5"
    USW: 260
    2021 Start Wgt:215 (Jan 1)
    CW: 215
    RGW: Lose 1/2 to 1 pound
    FGW: 175       
    *It's easier for me to think 10lbs ahead at a time*
    (Lowest weight 171.2~March 17, 2019)
    {Round 136 - 215 EW}Dec 31 2020(1/01)
    {Round 137-209.8 EW}Jan 11 2021
    {Round 138- 209.5 EW}Jan 21 2021
    {Round 139-  DNW EW}Jan 31 2021
    {Round 140-   EW}Feb 10 2021
    {Round 141-  211 EW}Feb 20 2021
    {Round 142-  215  EW}Mar 2 2021
    {Round 143-  215  EW}Mar 12 2021
    {Round 144-  215  EW}Mar 22 2021
    {Round 145-  214.3 EW}April 2 2021
    {Round 146-  DNW EW}April 11 2021

    Day1▪︎Mo•4/12- DNW (Su/11- 5:30pm, 23.5hrs) 73g carbs; NC•52

    Day2▪︎Tu•4/13-  (Mo/12-   1pm, 5:45, 7:30pm, 19.5hrs) 43g carbs; NC•31 DNW again. Probably no change from the last time, 215.5? Just trying to get the carbs reigned in to 50 grams or less NET. One thing at a time. Today WON'T be one of those days. I have a birthday to help celebrate and there will be lots of carbs.

    ✔Day3▪︎We•4/14-  (Tu/13- 1pm, 7pm, 9pm, 17.5hrs) 220g carbs

    ■Bodyfat% using Vanity Planet BF scale
    ■BMI using National Heart Lung & Blood Institute app

    link to: Waist to Height Ratio

    link to: Waist to Hip Ratio

    link to: Cucumber Detox Water Recipe

    SBMI ~ Smart Body Mass Index Link

    Seeking lower bodyfat%

    •3.5lbs lost
    •BMI lowered  points5
    •BF% reduced

    R137/Jan/2~SW: 212 (new start)
    R138/Jan/12~SW: 209.8
    R140/Feb/01~SW: DNW

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    @musicsax your long coastal walks sound so lovely right now!
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    @SheilaBoneham Don’t think of it as a DIET which most go on and off. Find a sustainable way of eating. Your tastebuds will change. I ate rice the other day at the Chinese restaurant and it tasted good. Reheated yesterday, it was tasteless (in spite of the soy sauce I had put on it) and I found myself wondering why I had eaten it at all. I used to bake - and I love doing it - but since I quit eating grain, all baked goods are fairly disgusting. My DD#1 has started IF and is struggling with working 6-7 days a week, a new house being built, and meal prep. Fasting is largely (IMHO) a mental game. I had to talk myself into it. Finding what works for you and sticking to it is a mind game. Those are my uneducated and unqualified thoughts on the subject. Just my thoughts - shall I bill you on the 1st? LOL
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    Round 147

    Age: 39
    Height: 5’ 3”
    SW: 163
    CW: 124.4
    GW: 125

    GW for this round: 123-125

    Round 140 (15): 128.8 to 127.4 (-1.4 lbs)
    Round 141 (16): 127.4 to 128.2 (+0.8 lbs)
    Round 142 (17): 128.2 to 125.8 (-2.4 lbs)
    Round 143 (18): 125.8 to 124.4 (-1.4 lbs)
    Round 144 (19): 124.4 to 124.8 (+0.4 lbs)
    Round 145 (20): 124.8 to 124.0 (-0.8 lbs)
    Round 146 (21): 124.0 to 124.4 (+0.4 lbs)

    Goals for this round:

    - Maintain between 124 and 126
    - Continue 10 week strength training program
    - Check in every day

    4/12 - 125.4 - Happy 40th birthday to me! 🥳 I am so, so happy today. If you had told me on this day last year that today I’d be 40 lbs lighter, able to run a 5K without stopping, able to hold a full plank for 2+ minutes and able to do 3-4 full push-ups, I would have laughed. I owe a ton to this group and all the support - it’s still hard to believe how far I’ve come. The process really can work! We can do this! I’m in the best shape I’ve been since college and so much happier and healthier than I was. I got to sit outside in the sun with two friends yesterday for a picnic birthday brunch - it almost felt normal. Both my husband and I have our first vaccine and are scheduled for #2 at the end of this month. I have two amazing kids who I have the incredible privilege of getting to raise and teach each day - they even made Mommy a special birthday cake with TONS of sprinkles (Daddy helped with the baking but the sprinkles were all them). I know there is so much wrong in the world right now, but today I’m focusing on the joy. 🥰

    4/13 - 125.4 - I will absolutely take that on the scale this morning, since I ate yesterday like calories didn’t exist. Back to reality today - I’ll still enjoy the leftovers and the rest of the birthday cake, of course, but I’ll measure and track them now. Thank you all for the birthday wishes - I try to be a positive voice and give back a little of the help and support I’ve gotten from this group. I hope everyone has a great day - I started mine with a killer leg workout and now I get to go try out my blender with a breakfast smoothie!

    4/14 - 126 - Higher on the scale than I’d like, but there are multiple possible reasons (birthday celebrations catching up to me, hormones, water weight from working out) so I’ll just keep tracking and see what it does. A bit sore and tired this morning; was up multiple times last night with the toddler. My strength workout this morning was back and biceps, then I added a 10 minute HIIT to that to burn some calories.

    4/15 -
    4/16 -
    4/17 -
    4/18 -
    4/19 -
    4/20 -
    4/21 -
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    Round 147
    ROUND 105 FOR ME.

    “Today….I am choosing Me”


    Highest weight ever (2014/2015): 253
    Original starting weight for this current journey : (1-11-2018) 235.0
    R146 EW= 206.4
    R147 EW= TBD

    Current New Goals:

    Short Term Goal: To weigh less at the end of this round than I did at the end of the last round.
    Final goal: 145-155. We’ll see how I look & feel when I get there.
    Exercise: Move 30 minutes per day rotating activity.


    COLOR CODE: Fuchsia is a Happy Weight Loss for me. Blue is a sad weight gain.Black is no change.
    R43 through R53 (06/07/18 thru 09/24/18) = …..19.4 LOST (Ending weight 176.0)
    R53 through R63 (09/24/18 thru 01/02/19) = …..9.5 GAINED (Ending weight 185.5)
    R63 through R73 (01/02/19 thru 04/12/19) = …..6.3 GAINED (Ending weight 191.8)
    R73 through R83 (04/12/19 thru 07/21/19) = …..3.6 GAINED (Ending weight 195.4)
    R83 through R93 (07/21/19 thru 10/29/19) = …..7.4 LOST (Ending weight 188.0)
    R93 through R103 (10/29/19 thru 02/06/20) = …4.1 GAINED(Ending weight 192.1)
    R103 through 113 (02/06/20 thru 05/06/20) = …..12.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 204.9)

    R113 through 123 (05/07/20 thru 08/24/20) = [color=blue)…..4.4 GAINED [/color=blue] (Ending Weight 209.3)

    R124 (08/25/20 thru 09/03/20) = [color-=blue)……1.8 GAINED [/color=blue] (Ending Weight 211.2)

    R125 (09/04/20 thru 09/13/20) = ……1.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 212.6)

    R126 (09/14/20 thru 09/23/20) = ……0.6 LOST [/color-fuchsia] (Ending Weight 212.0)

    R127 (09/24/20 thru 10/03/20) = ……1.6 LOST (Ending Weight 210.4)

    R128 (10/04/20 thru 10/13/20) = ……1.8 LOST [/color-fuchsia] (Ending Weight 208.6)

    R129 (10/14/20 thru 10/23/20) = ……1.8 LOST (Ending Weight 206.8)

    R130 (10/24/20 thru 11/02/20) = ……1.8 GAINED (Ending Weight 208.6)

    R131 (11/03/20 thru 11/12/20) = ……1.2 LOST [/color-fuchsia] (Ending Weight 207.4)

    R132 (11/13/20 thru 11/22/20) = ……0.7 GAINED (Ending Weight 208.1)

    R 123 thru R133 (08/24 thru 12/02/20) = ……2.6 LOST (Ending Weight 206.8)

    R133 thru R143 (12/03/20 thru 03/02/21) = ……0.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 207.0)

    R144 (03/13/21 thru 03/22/21) = ……0.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 207.4)

    R145 (03/23/21 thru 04/01/21) = ……0.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 207.6)

    R146 (04/02/21 thru 04/11/21) = ……1.2 LOST (Ending Weight 206.4)

    R147 (04/12/21 thru 04/21/21) = ……xxx LOST (Ending Weight xxxxx)

    04/11 …..206.4….. ENDING WEIGHT LAST ROUND
    04/12 …..207.4 ….. I ate 3 meals yesterday instead of my normal 2 which pushed my calories and carbs up a bit. However, I did make good choices and I got out in the yard yesterday evening for a bit to do some more raking and yard clean-up. The house I bought was empty for awhile so the leaves and pine needles are never ending. I burned extra calories had over 11,000 steps so for that I am grateful. Good luck everyone this round!

    04/13 …..207.2 ….. Another small step forward in my journey. I am grateful for any progress. Now…… to avoid the two steps back!

    04/14 …..207.6 ….. Likely a no TMI uptick. Yesterday was a good day with both diet and exercise (movement).

    04/15 …..xxxxx …..

    04/16 …..xxxxx …..

    04/17 …..xxxxx …..

    04/18 …..xxxxx …..

    04/19 …..xxxxx …..

    04/20 …..xxxxx …..

    04/21 …..xxxxx …..
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    Main goal - count calories even when with partner/at social events, even if it’s not perfect an estimate is better than nothing!


    04/12 - 164.2 - over ate a bit at night time but eating during the day was fine
    04/13 - 161.8 - cakes at the office! I had one but counted the calories and hopefully can manage the snack ☺️
    04/14 - 161.7 - so yesterday’s snack turned into a bit of a day of indulgence but I’m back on track today and down a little bit too!
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    GW: 178lb
    CW: 211lb
    End of Round 147 Goal: 208.5

    Round 142- 219lb (-4.4lb)
    Round 143- 216.4lb (-2.6lb)
    Round 144- 215.8lb (-0.6lb)
    Round 145- 213lb (-2.8lb)
    Round 146- 211lb (-2lb)

    04/12- 210.4lb. Always nice to start the challenge off with a loss. Just over a pound to go and I will have lost 1 stone since my journey began. Got a long way to go, but I’m definitely on the right path. Still can’t shake this chest infection so ringing the drs today to see if they can prescribe me some anti-biotics.
    04/13- 210lb. Started back at the gym yesterday and my legs are sore! Started with a leg day, so my quads are aching. Another loss which is great. Hope to maintain a good level of loss this round.
    04/14- 209.8lb. Small loss, but this one means so much! Below 15stone, despite the fact that I will see this number again through fluctuations, I’m glad to see the back of it. 31lb to goal, which I know is miles off, but I’m in this for the long haul.
    04/15- 211.4lb. This is definitely the result of a couple of heavy days lifting at the gym. My muscles are very sore from squatting and deadlifting, so this will just be water retention. Going on a long walk this morning, hopefully flush loads of it out of my system.