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  • FABRICWOMANFABRICWOMAN Member Posts: 525 Member Member Posts: 525 Member
    JoDavo66 wrote: »

    Mum of 2 teens. Living in the west of Ireland. Age 51 as of April 2020

    Before 15st ish (210lbs) size 18/20 UK (jeans and top) 2016
    Now: 11st 7lbs (161lbs) size 12 UK (Black Dress Feb 2020 and Car photo is Jan 2020)

    Lowest was 10st 7lbs (147lbs) in 2008 size 10UK and this is my goal again.
    Goal: Pink dress, size 10, was 2012

    For reference, UK size US Size Conversion

    What am I doing?
    Intermittent Fasting
    Drinking lots of water
    Not eating (when I can!): Bread, processed carbs

    Motivated by: Myself, my own health & wellbeing, SHOPPING!

    I was almost 10 stone at 50 & it went pear shaped over last 5 years.
    Great inspiration- I need to cut more carbs esp processed & drink more water. Intermittent fasting seems to be my best weight loss weeks.
    Thanks for inspiration

    You look absolutely fantastic. You look like a teen-ager. I also have been doing IF for the past 8 months. Down 100 lbs. Keep up the good work. You should be proud of yourself.
  • FABRICWOMANFABRICWOMAN Member Posts: 525 Member Member Posts: 525 Member
    You look like a different person, healthier, CONGRATULATIONS!
  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 915 Member Member Posts: 915 Member

    14 stone lost x

    Wow: you look amazing! (Actually I think you look really stylish in both photos, but you don't look like the same person at all.)

  • bbandmebbandme Member Posts: 88 Member Member Posts: 88 Member
    bbandme wrote: »

    14 stone lost x

    Oh wow!!!! You look like a totally different person, and 14 years younger as well as lighter! Well done, that is one hell of an achievement, huge congratulations!! xx

    Ahh thank you 🥰 I feel so much healthier these days!! Xxx

    How did you do it, you look very toned, awesome job!
  • journeywithavejourneywithave Member, Premium Posts: 13 Member Member, Premium Posts: 13 Member
    Well toned abs. Congratulations. It is all a struggle whether we have a lot or little to lose/tone up.

    thank you so much! i strongly believe consistency is key:)
  • JoeyTajzaiJoeyTajzai Member Posts: 1,197 Member Member Posts: 1,197 Member
    You're all so inspirational. Amazing!!
  • Rawr1978Rawr1978 Member Posts: 245 Member Member Posts: 245 Member
    J_NY_Z wrote: »
    Mid conquer





    You are glorious!

    What a dollface!
  • TomFit18TomFit18 Member Posts: 2,562 Member Member Posts: 2,562 Member

    14 stone lost x

    Amazing job!
  • uyisteruyister Member, Premium Posts: 144 Member Member, Premium Posts: 144 Member
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