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    Ah Dukare, not sure if it helps but I gave up on the clean house when the kids were tiny. I mean it never got actually dirty (for long) but life’s too short to fight the chaos and I’d rather play with the kids than chase after them with a mop! Now they’re older they clean too, so winning the long game!

    Celebrating your little one coming off the medicine. So happy for you all!

    Had my own mini celebration yesterday when I hit my next mini weight goal (set back last year!) and did another trawl through the “too small” clothes so kept under the bed. And yes, I got into and wore THAT denim skirt (one of my motivations was to get into it). Still a few bits and bobs left which are still too tight or with ghastly bulges at my waist, but it really smashes home how far I’ve come.

    Hoping to keep it off this time!

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    Dukare I'm so glad your daughter was able to come off the med! And good job on losing the inches ClearNotCloudyMind!

    I do a pattern of 2 months in a deficit and 2 weeks at maintenance, and I started back into maintenance today. I've been feeling tired the past few days so I'm also going to take this week off from working out and give my body a bit of a reset. There's enough yard and garden work to do to keep me off the couch.

    I've also switched to daily weigh ins. I was doing it less frequently but the wait between was messing with my head a bit. It's only been a week but I'm already much more chill about it.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!
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    Hello all! I see that you've been going for quite a few months now, but if you'll allow one more I'll share my story. I have felt like a bit of an outcast since I've returned to MFP- having done it long enough to not need the newbie advice, but feeling like enough a failure to not be one of the experienced folks doling out advice. This thread makes me feel in better company.

    I first joined MFP in 2014 as a mom of 2 and weighing in at 240 lbs. Over 2-3 years I lost/maintained 70 lbs and was very active on this site. The upper 160s were not my original goal, but once I got there, it just felt right to me. I was working out, felt strong, looked sleek.

    But maintenance was a struggle for me. Not trying to lose anymore, I was too permissive with myself. 'One treat is fine- you're just maintaining..... what's the big deal about ice cream, you're not dieting.' Then I had an injury and couldn't exercise for 6 weeks. It all snowballed. I definitely did not know how t eat without exercise calories. I "deserved' a week off, or a month. More snowball of course and before I knew it I was back to terrible habits, not measuring anything, and burnt out from too much time at the gym- I went from daily 5 am work outs to none at all. I gained back all of the weight.

    After a few fits and starts since 2017 I finally got my head really back in the game in February of this year. I'm repeating some of my best habits- increased vegetables in my diet (and other low caloric density foods), measuring everything, focusing on the things that I already know make me feel more satiated like fiber and protein. Its been going well with the scale. I'm down almost 25 pounds from my heaviest fall weight. But the daily work for me is trying to figure out what went wrong last time, and how to prevent it this time. Did I rely too much on workout calories? Was I too restrictive? Did I have the wrong approach to nutrition?

    I'm trying some new things this time and am still learning as I go. I don't go on 3 mile hikes just to earn a snickers bar. I eat broccoli because I really like the taste of it. For 4 weeks now I've been experimenting with time restricted eating/intermittent fasting as a way of managing my calorie intake. I don't go to the gym and if I do work out, its not at 4 am. I exercise for health, not for extra food.

    I'm in a good place, feeling the habits getting stronger. There are moments that are tough, but they are few and far between. Most days are great days. I have a new relationship with food.

    I welcome active friends. I log in daily, though I'm currently logging my food through a different program and I'm often too lazy to log them twice so I don't keep an open diary here. Thanks for reading my mini novel!
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    @brightsideofpink welcome! Your story really resonates with me. I don’t think I ever managed the impressive weight loss you did, but I’ve the same fear of somehow doing it “wrong” again and regaining it all again, again.

    Been thinking about it a fair bit and have come to the conclusion that this is how I live now. I’ve stopped trying to race to the goal weight, even giving up on goal weight as a concept (though 63kg is still a mythical and wondrous place I would like to be!!!). Instead I am having a little bit of what I fancy, but never enough to make me feel rubbish.

    This is a great group. None of us are on our first rodeo! We know it is and will celebrate the small successes with you that will surely come :)
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    @brightsideofpink welcome!! Inspirational despite your setback!

    My dream is to lose that much weight but while I have come a long way with habit (totally agree on that front! Do it not to eat), I'm unfortunately "too" good at maintaining.... I'm quite good at fluctuations staying exactly wherever I am ha. Post baby it was 210 until I started prioritizing working out and dropped to 196 by sheer excess working out and... I don't even know anymore... I'm also finding that I gain a few pounds before a drop. It's luckily happened enough times, that now that I'm back at working out this week, I'm not too disheartened seeing 2lb increase. Just keep working out and trying to manage everything can often times see it land on the decrease side.

    I have sat at 225 these last 6 months. +/-1-2 pounds. My problem now is figuring out how to get the calories in for breastfeeding and not feeling starved while also lowering so I can actually Lose!

    I agree-protein and fiber...but it's just so Haaarrddd 😪🤣🤣

    In other news.
    I hate gaining as I start picking up my workout routine. Really messes with my psyche....

    In other other news: he got a Juicer. Made some apple juice and it was lovely. Pure apple. 3 apples, 2 cups! Pretty good! Gonna try pineapple ( leftovers)and mango... not sure how that'll go.

    I told him we could get protein powder to make me veggie fruit juice drinks that I can have as snacks n stuff....but I'm not sure how that's gonna work as it is a Juicer, not a smoothie Ninja or whatever........ but yea. So that's gonna be interesting.

    ... in a nutshell:

    YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME THOUGH! 🥳🥳💃💃💃🦸‍♀️ We got this!!
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    Ooh Dukare - I haven't got a juicer, but we do have a juicing attachment for the kenwood. It takes a flipping age, but I've taken to making myself "Every Veg In The Cupbord" juice on the weekends. Beetroot, ginger, apple, carrot, and a half lemon (rind and all) is surprisingly delicious. It just takes soooooooooooo long to do (and clean).

    Not sure it's sustainable, but I've taken to skipping lunch at school. I'm just too wound up about my next lesson, and somehow taking back the time that I would have spent prepping lunch makes me so much more relaxed. Eating lunch has become (on weekdays) just one more chore that I'm glad to skip. It means I've the most fabulously enjoyable suppers in the week.

    Suzanne - happy mothers day to you! Our Mothering Sunday is in March, but on the upside it was "Teacher Appreciation Week" last week, so I felt a bit spoiled. The whole daily weigh in is tricky isn't it. I do try to weigh in daily but am still far too embarrassed to do it in front of my husband. With him still working from home and me leaving the house not long after he wakes up, there's not been many opportunities mid-week. I do miss the way it gives me the opportunity to head off any sneaky weight gain.

    Best of luck everyone with the rest of your week. Stay well!
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    @brightsideofpink welcome! I'm pretty new to this group too and everyone's really supportive.

    @Dukare how is the protein smoothie/ juice experiment going?

    @ClearNotCloudyMind thank you, and belated happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you!

    I took a few days off from working out. I was feeling tired and just wanted a bit of a reset. I was going to take a full week but I've decided to get back to it today. I'm feeling good and I'm noticing small things that I'd like to nip in the bud. I sleep better when I'm exercising regularly and I get PMS insomnia. Exercise helps. I also just plain miss it. I'm taking a 2 week break at maintenance right now, too.

    Yesterday was my kid's 18th birthday so I indulged. No regrets... I was actually still quite close to my goal, considering, and some things only happen once!
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    My workout this morning was interesting/ educational. I don't know if it was the 4 days' rest (one would've been a rest day regardless) or the increased calories - probably both - but what a massive difference! It wasn't just in how I felt, either. My bike has a power meter so I could see that it was real. Wow!
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    @SuzanneC1l9zz fabulous! I am totally getting what you are saying!!! It's incredible isn't it!? So glad you're doing great and staying strong. It's amazing what exercise, and rest, can do!

    The fruit smoothie thing hasn't happened but the juicer is a wiz! Takes a pineapple to make 3 cups but it's a loverly 3 cups lol. Thinking of adding the blender to bring more smoothie concept .... we will likely buy bulk fruits and refill some glass jars I have with the juices.

    Thinking of saving in pears for baby by just using the pear juice with oatmeal instead. I mean, homemade pear squash vs juice..... not sure..... 🤔🤔🤔

    I've been swamped with work and I'm wishing I worked out but man, I'm just coasting. 4 days till we leave and I'm putting in 7 hours this weekend days and 9 Monday likely. Dr appointment for the baby and then Boom, leaving.

    We will be staying with my sister which will be .... interesting... and it's down the road from my mum's, so we'll see how it goes. We'll be bringing the gaming system so hopefully I'll be able to get the workouts in. I'm not seeing any move on the scale but it's very hard to keep exercise up when you're limited in time and energy and hours in a day. .. I wanted to tonight but my brain doesn't turn on so I'm a bit of a vegetable just playing with babe and zombie surfing till I'm asleep🤣. Plus my calories aren't great in terms of What they are comprised of.

    I'm busy so I don't super snack or anything and the other day I just had my snacks vs a lunch. Didn't feel it, so that's interesting. @ClearNotCloudyMind I don't know how you can function without lunch asI tend to gain a headache and sluggish by supper without, but I do get it- it's very liberating not having to meal prep Haha. Why can't we just Not eat? It's ironic that I've gotten to this weight and yet find eating a nuisance 😆

    I'll have to try that combination of juice though!

    I discuss my weight with the hubs and he has nothing to say about it. Good man. 😆😆

    I have lapsed in some multivitamins too this week.. and water.... But I'm hopeful and every day keep trying. ...

    I'm shooting for real progress after this trip- into June. It's starting to really freak me out- already getting to end of May and I've not budged!! ... I'm starving so I eat when I'm needing to and try and up the exercise to every night. I'm hoping time will kick it into gear. I'm not over calories for breastfeeding, but I feel I could change the quality....

    Also: Pms insomnia. That's brilliant!! Pretty sure I got that too- of course it is nice not dealing with periods yet still. 😋

    It's odd that I'll have these spells, weeks, where we just forget what we usually eat. What vegetables? What are the options? How does one get good healthy meals, snacks, e.t.c? *brain shorts* 😵

    Corn is a starch. Chicken requires prep. It's just so hard! 🤣😪

    Okay. I'm gonna go sleep now.

    Enjoy the weekend!! Stay strong!! You guys are keeping me going!!!

    Do we know if @Rashmi411 got the job??....🤔🤔🤔
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    Thank you everyone for the welcome! I ended up with an unexpectedly busy week so this is my first time back to the forums since I posted.

    I had a decent week with my diet, but I have not been moving and I need to change that. I think I only got more than 5k steps once this week. I usually get 10k per day. I'm in northern New England and until this weekend it's been just gray and cool and rainy. Glad to see the sun again today!

    Have a great weekend all!
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    I understand the weather issue. we took my bike off the trainer last night, excited to ride. Today is too wet/cold/gloomy for our first bike ride of the year, so to the gym I go.

    This week, not only did we increase the number of different fruits/veggies, there were more veggies than fruits. We're still about 10 varieties away. Broken down, it comes to 2 fruits and 3 veggies a day, but finding/preparing different ones takes time/effort/planning that we haven't gotten to. Today, I bought 2 different varieties of mango; I'm not sure if they'd count as 1 or 2 different fruits.
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    Would accountable buddy! Anyone can add me! Keep each other on track!
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    Welcome @anewbody2014 this is a great group!
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    I'm a small-scale relapser, tried to lose weight off and on over the past couple years only to keep falling back into old habits and gaining back the few pounds I'd lost. Then I went to a doctor a couple days ago for a routine wellness check and got my first ever biometric screening done....

    Between my blood pressure and my weight, I'm not the happiest with where I am and would like to finally nip them in the bud before I let them spiral too far. Would love some accountability friends.

    Good luck to you all! ❤️

    H: 5'2" (mid-20s F)
    SW: 140 lbs
    CW: 140 lbs
    GW: 120 lbs

    You are the exact same weight and same goal weight. I’m also in the exact same pattern as you as well! I’m finding weight loss so hard. I’m back at the gym which I’m loving it’s just food is such a struggle 😩!! I find it very hard to say no to food!
    How have you been getting on since this post? I would love to no if your succeeding?!
    If you still want an accountability partner i would be happy to be your buddy 😊
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    Hi all 👋 I’ve read through this last page, and I can honestly say I can relate to so much!
    I had a health scare in 2015 that jump started a healthy lifestyle that I was able to continue fairly consistently for 2 years.
    May 2015 my weight was 218.9, by late 2017 I hit my lowest weight of 167.8 🎉 I was able to maintain between 170-175 for a year or so, but then slowly the weight crept back up.
    For the last year I have been consistently weighing between 193-201lbs. I’d really like to blame it all on Covid, but truth be told I was making bad choices before then.
    I need to lose the weight for me, as the initial health scare is still a concern, though not as glaring as it was before. I also have a 15 year old daughter who worries (more than she needs to) about her own body image.
    I live a busy life, but I need to take advantage of down time as it comes, and get a better handle on my eating habits again.

    I’m almost 42, mom of 2 teenagers, married with a small dog, living in Ontario Canada. I’m also a Pharmacy Technician, so I’ve been working at my workplace since all the lockdowns began.
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    Thank you all for your stories and this thread.
    I’m getting back into MFP after a couple years. I was extremely fit two years ago and at my ideal 143 lbs. Life trauma, a concussion and relationship drama combined together and I started eating junk to self harm.
    Last weigh in was 208. An honest look in the mirror this morning and I cried. Why do I do this to myself? Currently working through it with EMDR. I’m active again and eating for health and I feel better, but it is a long journey ahead.

    I’m looking for more active friends on here to keep motivated and accountable.
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    Hi everyone! I can truly relate to many of these posts. Would love to be part of an active group. I actually did better during all the lockdown/quarantine stuff. I do need to lose a lot of weight. I've done WW (just not for me), and a while ago Medifast. I lost a lot of weight on Medifast, however I'm sure I don't have to tell you the result of that. As soon as I began eating real food, the pounds crept back on. Feel free to add me to your buddy lists. Most of my friends are thin and they just don't get it. I'm sure some of you can relate to that, as well!
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    Welcome to those that just started posting (I'm on my tablet and don't know how to use the feature to mention/list people. Thus is a great group and I'm glad everyone starred it. There are days been it's quiet, but that doesn't mean it's hone silent; it just means it happens to be at a busy time when people don't have a chance to write, but they'll read. :-)

    My struggle in the past is that I'd get down to where I want to be, but then I start to feel invisible, like my metabolism has no limitations. Since being an adult, I've been active and food was the issue for me. Holidays were just bad as I was emotionally eating to make up the void of not being with my family (first time I. My life, at the time I was 39). We've been trying to add more fruits/vegetables and I/we have been trying to take on the challenge (it's actually a study/recommendation to eat 35 servings of different fruits/vegetables a week ). We've only made it to 22 or 23. It makes it a little more enjoyable/interesting that way. I also found when I do eat the more processed food and pay attention, it doesn't taste as good and I am unsatisfied.

    Of course, I do struggle a lot.

    I can't wait to read more posts. :-)
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    Hello everyone!! Welcome to the show!
    As I type this the baby stirs and I registered the time so can't stay but welcome!!!

    If I survive this week I'll let you know 😭😢🤣

    (Traveling T-20hrs away and nowhere near as packed or as many work tasks done as needed..... 💃💃 I got sleep though! Finally...sort of...).

    Man these post baby hormones are really kicking me, it's like I'm almost PMS all the time 😵🤔

    We got too much pizza cause they messed our order up and redid the whole thing.... so now I'm bringing 2 pizzas on the road lol.

    WE GOT THIS GUYS!!!!🦹‍♂️🦸‍♀️🥳🥳🍻💃💃💃😁👍
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    Good luck Dukare. You got this, and it will go great. If not, it's just one more thing to make you stronger. :-)