Women 200lb+, Let's Get The Job Done This June!!!



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    @speyerj happy MFP-versary!
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    @goal06082021 nice job resisting the donuts! I actually look forward to going back to the office because we don't tend to have many treats brought in

    @SammiGirl1321 it is still a loss and you're getting workouts in so you're kicking butt
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    Last week I put my calories up a bit for the holiday weekend but there was only really one day that I ate most of those calories. I still had it set to lose weight just less than normal but the scale hasn't moved this week so I have no idea if it's because of that or that I've done a bit less exercise due to the heat but here's hoping I see a change next week because I'm staying within my calories and walking around 3 miles per day as well as drinking at least 2 litres of water.
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