Ive lost over 100lbs! 270lbs-170lbs

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I started last year around June at over 270lbs and now weigh 169lbs. I'm 5'10" and work in IT and sit for long periods of time. I lost weight by walking, getting a Garmin watch to count my steps and challenge others, and logging my food into myfitnesspal. People often asked me how I have lost so much and I simply tell this, Eating right, exercising, and being persistent. 4s7ldovenhlx.png
Ive included a pic of me at 240lbs from 2017 next to me now at 170lbs. I dont have any pics of me at 270 because I was camera shy.



  • vxcross
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    that's awesome, good for you!! :)
  • OnceAndFutureAthlete
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    Looks good on you!!!
    I bet your body thanks you, too.

    Well done!
    And congrats on your hard work - and results!
  • alisampm
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    Awesome job!
  • jma13
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    Congrats! :) Keep it up! Inspire me to do the same.
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    Fantastic, you look wonderful. A great achievement!
  • TheWaistBasket
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    What a transformation. A long way to go for me. It's possible. Thank you for sharing your success.
  • Goodgollygee
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    Good for you!!! Fantastic!!! Keep going!! I am new here. I just joined here and you have already given me hope. I have a long way to go too! So glad for you!!
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    This is fantastic. Bet you feel a whole lot better. You should be very proud of what you've achieved. Well done!
  • Sailor555
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    Great comparison face photos. You look great, and sound like you feel good too. Very inspiring for the rest of us! Congratulations on your hard work paying off. What an achievement!
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    Excellent job. My goal weight is the same and we are the same height. You give me encouragement by your example.
  • Miryam2017
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    Well done! Hopefully, you will inspire many people to follow your simple yet effective plan. The portraits are amazing evidence.
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    Wow! Fantastic!
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    Very impressive!
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    Wow. That's a great achievement.
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    Wow!! you married? LOL
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    Incredible job!!!!
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    Awesome approach and awesome results! Congrats on all your hard work and commitment paying off!