June 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



  • nikkit321
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    - prelog the day
    - waterwaterwaterwater
    - deliberate movement daily
    - 2-3 runs per week
    - the scale will respond if I do the above

    6/1 - 192.8 sigh...I have got to get control of myself. Run today and hope to get the dogs out for a walk too.
    6/2 - 190.4 yesterday's run didn't happen but I did get the dogs out (and no, I can't run with the dogs, I plow up too much pavement). Zumba tonight.
    6/3 - (run) 189.0 planning to run today, assuming it'll be ugly as it's been several days since I ran. Would love to get the dogs out too but another rainy day. Ordered Provitalize which is supposed to help with early menopause symptoms and hormone fluctuations...will see if it helps with the scale. Going to try it for 3 months and see.
    6/4 - (walk) 186.0 I really don't trust this, but the scale told me the same number 3 times so I'll take it. Good run yesterday and a 2 mile walk with the dogs. Will get the dogs out today as well.
    6/5 - (walk) 187.8 sigh, I knew yesterday's number wouldn't last but glad I'm still down for the week. I'll take it!
    6/6 - (run) 188.8 I definitely eat differently on the weekend than I do during the week. Joined the Y yesterday with my husband so going to do my run there this afternoon, and either try a rowing machine (full body workout) or weights. Need to figure out a consistent Y routine of 3x/week with my husband.

    6/7 - (run) 188.0 so yesterday's run at the Y turned into a walk as I couldn't figure out the speed equivalent to my treadmill. Tried the rower for 5min, I think it's a keeper. Did some arm weights and ab machine. Today I'm going to run at home and walk with the dogs, back to the Y tomorrow.
    6/8 - (walk/run - Y) 188.4 Not sure why it's up a tick this morning. Yesterday's run didn't go well. Y today. Need to figure out dinner as no plan never works out well for me.
    6/9 - (zumba) 189.4 zumba today; light dinner (eggs)
    6/10 - (run - Y?)
    6/11 - (walk)
    6/12 - (walk)
    6/13 - (run Y?)