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    :) Both of my walking friends have cancelled on me for today. The regular dog walking friend has her daughter visiting and they're going out to breakfast early. The Sunday friend texted that she's in Texas and won't be walking so that will free up a big piece of time for working in my yard. Yippee.

    :) Welcome Jennifer and Pam We are glad to meet you. Make your first new resolution to read this thread every day and join the conversation.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Lisa - Oh phooey to the Farmers Market. :# I hope you have big freezers. Sorry your son has such a loving heart (or something like that, but you know what I mean) And no, we can't put our wise old heads on their young shoulders.
    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Yeah, I'm kinda there on the "phooey" part. Talked to Corey - he doesn't mind supplying the funding for the things I make, but said I need to be sure to stop when it becomes a chore. It's supposed to be enjoyable, not a hard slog.

    Helpful, too, that the freelance writing gig has geared up a bit of late. It comes in waves, like everything.

    Regarding my son... yeah, I can't go there, both for him and for his sister. My silence on these subjects is painfully necessary. They must make their own way through these stressful situations, and I have no right to weigh in on these matters, regardless of how much I want to do so. Trying to see it as opportunities for growth, both for them and for me. The more they exercise the strength they both have, the less they need my advice. Hard to keep my mouth shut, but well worth it.

    Jennifer from the PNW - welcome, we're glad you're here! Drop into any conversation where you're comfortable.

    Off to the races, my chickens! Need to make myself a scrambled egg or something, my stomach is clawing at me.

    Lisa in AR
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    Morning ladies
    Wow what a morning...i made myself get up and dressed and went grocery shopping.. there was a 5 for 10 sale going on ,Alfie had a sleep over at Tom and Elenas so after i got home and out groceries away i went and picked him up.. bless his heart he sees me and he is ready to go,I love the little rascal...
    Im going to visit a friend this afternoon at her little lakehouse.. and Alfie is coming along..
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    Margaret: Your comment made me think about the situation here. I looked up drought information for St. Helens, OR. The information was that no one was having drought problems in Columbia County now. It is June and river levels are normal. I am not confident that this will continue indefinitely. We’ve had much less rain this year than usual in my observation. :ohwell:

    Jennifer: Where do you live in the PNW? OR or WA? :star:

    Flea: Good luck with your research. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: I haven’t seen a sign of RV Rita in months. I hope she is okay. :star:

    Barbara: I am so envious that you have your dog, Tumble. I miss Schooner every day. Our DS and DDIL have asked us to come to support them when baby number two is due to be born. They specifically asked us not to bring a dog. DDIL rescued a dog that turned out to be unsuitable for a home with young children. She found the dog a place with a woman who works with rescue dogs that have behavior issues. No dogs for them at this time. :noway: No dogs for us until after we return home from the birth of the new baby, sometime in November. :ohwell:

    Barbie: I’m sorry that your walking friends have cancelled. I hope it is a short-term situation. :flowerforyou:

    Allie: I’m happy Alfie is back with you. :heart:

    We are having a bright, bright, sunshiny day. Yesterday I pruned one of our rhododendrons that was getting too close to the siding of our home. The other one is not crowding the house but needs a little attention. I may take that one on today so that both are pruned.

    Katla in sunshiny OR
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    Dropping by to say hello and to wish everyone a happy, healthy and pleasant Father's Day Sunday!! <3
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    Did a Peak 10 DVD today then took a walk. Seems the skunk must have gone away. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Yoga for Weight Loss DVD.

    Barbie – yea for Jake’s report

    03CiaBella – yea!!!!

    Barbara – went out by the pool today. Last night the skunk was in the pool, then on the deck, then he crawled over to a shady spot, then as the sun set he crawled to another shady spot. When I came in, to me he looked dead, I didn’t even see his fur moving when he was breathing. Yet, this morning when I came back from my walk I looked and he wasn’t there. I guess he was just recuperating. Here’s another interesting fact (which I’m sure you care about), skunks aren’t endurance swimmers. Well, as long as he’s gone, I don’t really care

    Sunday here: did a Yoga for Weight Loss DVD then rode the recumbent bike since it’s raining out and I can’t go for my walk. Watched The Beverly Hillbillies while I was using the bike. Saw the first episode. Was pretty interesting. Work tomorrow so no formal exercise.

    Rebecca – oh, Athena is so adorable. Thanks for making my day

    Jennifer – welcome

    Going to try making ribs in the IP for Vince and now have them under the broiler. Last time I made them I removed the membrane. Boy, was that hard! So this time I kept it on and just cut it where the ribs were. We shall see how that goes. I did have to stack j

    Pam – welcome! Tell us more about yourself. You’ve come to a good place for encouragement.

    M – great pictures

    Yesterday before church went to WalMart to get some prescriptions for Vince. Also bought some of the non-refrigerated items we needed. Had dinner then went for my evening walk

    Better post this before I forget (again)

    Michele NC
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    @Katla49 I am in the north Seattle area. So urbanish? Not suburbs, but not like living downtown. We found a weird property that’s just shy of a half acre. I am NT long forward to the fire season. We are looking into a couple air purifiers this afternoon. I’d like to put them in the bedrooms.
    My Rhodi and Azalea needs pruning. I was afraid I missed the date. My whole front yard needs it. 🤭 we’ll see what I have the spoons for today. My house is a disaster and I think we are going to start having people over again. All 4 of us are fully vaxxed now, so I feel good about it.

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    Took DD to the airport this morning. She should be in Denver soon. She will leave from there to go to Iceland tomorrow. It is so nice to be able to take her to Paine Field in Everett instead of driving over an hour in to SeaTac.

    Allie - you and Alfie have fun at the lake.

    KJ - Have a great vacation. Love the picture of the boys. Looks like a wonderful way to start the day.

    Lisa - Sorry about the market after all your preparation.

    Rebecca - that Athena is a cutie. I love all of her adventures.

    Welcome to those who are new.

    Everyone take care Sue in WA

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    Alzeimer's and aging,
    I have heard of people being pretty upbeat with Alzheimer's too, though I don't know if it's the norm. a close friend (who exaggerates bit) said her grandma was full of life. a long time family friend forgot she had been married (I think her husband had already passed) and quickly found a boyfriend in the nursing which her kids found a bit unsettling.

    On another elderly ailment thing, my mom was anti-doctor and so didn't get her cataracts removed for many years. She was still driving but at about 10 miles an hour slowly to the side of the road on a road where 30 or 35 was the limit. She was stopped once and she told the police she was driving slowly in protest of something or other (she was regularly politically active throughout her life), they gave her a warning and the second time made her get a test and found she was legally blind. Not very safe, but a bit funny to have finagled that answer. Thank goodness no-one was hurt. She was a character!
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    lovely weather today!
    met a friend-colleague for a glass of wine yesterday evening. we last met just before xmas. she was scared then about catching something from me. and we stayed on the balcony and she didn't stay long. but yesterday she was fine and not scared at all. it was pouring on the way there but it was fine I had my hot pink umbrella and happened to be wearing trousers that dry very quickly thank goodness! nice telephone working session yesterday morning with friend-colleague, and food shopping a bit of cleaning (not too much) and some watching movies, etc.

    I love my morning moments at the café. today I saw there were at least 6 women alone at same time as me. (around 10 am ? Sunday morning) For 6 euros you can get a fresh oj, a quality cup of tea, and a croisant or 1/3 of baguette (I'd say), butter and jam. I skip the croissant and baguette since I'm GF but it's still cheaper to get the 2 drinks for 6 euros than to buy them separately. I guess I could have the butter and jam. LOL.

    still not doing brilliantly at tracking.

    did some workers rights work this weekend. started using the facebook account one or our members activated a year ago, and we got 72 "interactions" in 2 days. (new 'friends', shares, posts, etc.) much better results than we've been having of late with a good year of confinement.we do occasional mass mailings (email) but it's a bit of work and with a few tens of people responding. this is very lowlabor and offhand and it's cool to see the "interactions" through the page.
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    Machka you have a heavy load.
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    Jennifer PNW: DH & I live in NW Oregon beside the Columbia River. We have not been in the Seattle area for the past several years. I love fisherman’s wharf and also Chihuly Garden and Glass. The two places bring back wonderful memories. :heart:

    Pam: Stop by often for friendship and encouragement. :star:

    I went to the grocery store this morning and am home where the air-conditioner is keeping us comfortable. The temperature inside is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Outside is 81.9F. There is a pleasant breeze outside.

    Katla in NW Oregon
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    Well Alfie and I are back.. what a lovely little place she rented we sat outside and there was a beautiful breeze had some sparkling water and a couple of cheese and crackers.. Alfie loved it,nice cool grass to lay in and was very sociable but well behaved.. we were there about an hour and a half..
    Im home with jammies on ,between the shopping and the fresh air.. I am beat .
    Early night for me
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