For those who have lost and gained and are losing again (what I've learned)



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    Looking great! Are you officially in maintenance now?
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    Looking great! Are you officially in maintenance now?

    I have about 10 more to go, with the intention of maintaining between 110-115, so almost there!
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    Thank you for the update or I might have never seen this thread!

    Sharing your insights makes me want to reflect on mine and take some time to write them down. Thank you!

    In the past the losing wasn’t the hard part once I was mentally in that headspace. Maintenance was the challenge because I was either “dieting” or I wasn’t. And when I wasn’t, nothing was off limits - types of foods or quantities. What I am finding through my tracking using MFP is that I can still have the foods I want, just not in unlimited quantities. If I choose to eat high calorie, low nutrient foods, I will 1) be able to eat less food overall, and 2) most likely will still be hungry. Trade offs/priorities. I am happier when I am not hungry all the time, so eating nutrient dense foods is leaving me satiety.
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    Some great insights here. Thank you. I was 180lb, lost over 40lb but then over a 3-4 year period I managed to hit 192lb (currently 187lb). Hopefully I can use some of your advice here and succeed properly this time!
  • Thank you for sharing your journey! I struggle with the same thing. I'll try follow your advice!
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    Updated before-and-after, now with face pics:


    Girl, you look great already! Good job :smile:

    Wish I would have seen this thread before posting mine. I originally lost about 60lbs then gained almost half of it back. Having a hard time getting back on track, keep going up and down, back and forth :s

    But yeah, is does help a lot to see others have gone through the same thing. The mind is the hardest thing to break, I think that's the main issue
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    thank you for sharing
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    Digesting your advice & hoping to benefit from it.

    PS: I think 138 looks better on you than 130. Your arms look better to me at 138 (but maybe you're lifting weights now to have better muscle tone).

    Her post isn't here for you to give your opinion on her body. Keep that to yourself, because her whole point would be lost if you cant.
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    I'm still loving this thread.
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    So much good advice here! Thank you for sharing your experience! Enjoy the journey and be healthy. Not making weight loss an obsession.
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    By looking at your progress photos, with the exception of 2011, I can honestly say I thought you were still college age
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    While I have never been overweight, I have gone from sickly thin, to skinny fat, to fit a few times in my life. If you haven't heard the phrase "skinny fat" before, it means someone who appears to be thin, but they have a high body fat percentage. I had anorexia as a teen, and I was actually emaciated for awhile. I temporarily recovered in order to join the military. I had a kid and got out of the military. Then the post-partum weight caused another bout of anorexia. This time around I got skeletal-thin. My lowest BMI was 14.

    That was about 16 years ago. Since then I've gone from skinny fat to fit over and over again. Something always seems to happen to throw me off of my routine. The latest thing was obviously Covid. I gained 10lbs and became flabby. Now I'm super close to my pre-covid fit self, but I hate this going back and forth business. I just really really want to stay at my goal and maintain it. I can't predict the future, but I can use tips and tricks that will help the routine stick. The biggest thing for me is finding a workout routine that I enjoy. I was shocked to find out from my personal trainer that I actually love doing strength training. I'm no longer intimidated by the machines and weights, and seeing the weight that I can lift increase is always good motivation.