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    Penny- you have so many memories of whrre you have lived these last years and bless you for sharing pictures of it to us armchair travelers..I know things will be different for you in Norway and im sure you will be able to find a new normal..
    Alfie and I are just hanging out this morning..now that my birthday has passed i really have to knuckle down and start back on the weight loss journey.. the only good thing about the surgeries other than keeping me alive is I didnt have much of an appetite.. well now I eat everything and to much anf not enough exercise.. so back on the band wagon.
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    Happy July! - Thank you, Barbie, as always, for getting us started right.

    Kylia - it appears you need to hire Michele!

    Heather - I love the thought of your cleaning partnership with your husband... that way you save the hassle of a cleaner, and can keep that money for future cruises!

    Penny - If I did the math right, you're in your last hour in Longyearbyen as I write this. Deep breaths, my dear... thinking of you.

    Nothing tugging at me today, so I will hopefully be able to piece the last rail onto my quilt and then begin binding it.

    My spatial sense, including being able to know which way is the right way up for fabrics with a defined print, is pretty much shot to pieces, but then it was never good. The only test I bombed when I went in the military 42 years ago was the one where you decide which constructed box shape in the multiple-choice answers is the one that matches an unfolded and flattened box.

    They decided I was cheating, saying I couldn't do that badly in the spatial section and do so well in the word knowledge part of the test. So they put me in a room with just me and a test proctor and made me retake the word knowledge part over. My score went even higher, because I had plenty of time to take it. Silly buggers.

    My goals for June were:
    • Be lighter
    • Stick to a budget
    • Be healthier

    Two out of three ain't bad. My goals for July are the same.

    Later, y'all,
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    Lisa - I'm the opposite to you! My spatial sense is by far my biggest score, and my word and maths is much lower. I am a spatial genius! :p
    Not sure what that means as I've never really consciously used it, but I used to make all my own clothes when I was younger and I can put a flat pack together!

    Machka - I can understand that you want to keep company with your husband while he is awake, but I spend most of my time in a different room, doing my own thing. I do my writing on my bed, plus watching videos, learning languages etc. I get a lot of time as downtime away from him. I expect your husband wants your company after you have been out all day at work and is probably quite needy. Must be a strain. <3

    Saga rang today to check the health insurance. All good to go now. Next year, here we come! Mediterranean in March and Iceland in June 2022.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Thank you Barbie!

    It's warm and sunny here and I feel drowsy. I have an idea for a story to write, so I might do that later. Horseback riding depends on whether the thunderstorms are coming. And then dumbbells tonight.

    The plumber replaced the water line to the fridge for the astounding price of $800. But the basement is still damp. I so hope we don't get mold.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Happy Canada Day !
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    College Station, Tx
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    Did a spinning downloadable workout then took a walk. I do find that in the heat I’m not going as fast. Just a little slower. The plan for tomorrow is to do some HIIT

    Tracey – I can’t help but wonder if Allie’s family feels that since she’s always been at their beck and call, they expect it. Since she has always just taken the way they treat her, they feel that it’s OK. Time for Allie to step up! I really like doing crafts, but one craft that I absolutely hate to do is quilting.

    Speaking of crafts – remember I was making those dish towels with the crochet topper so you can put it around your oven handle? Well, I saw some made and I even recognized some of the towels that came from the dollar store. Do you know what they were asking? $9! I almost died. The towel cost $1, the yarn probably 10 cents at most since you can make a lot from one skein of yarn. Wonder if I should make some for the soup kitchen’s Christmas auction?

    About the job: I talked to Vince last night. He told me to go over Amanda’s head to the store manager and ask him “as store manager, am I being fired or is there a problem with the quality of my work. You know that every time I had free time, I always asked you or Terry for additional work. One time I asked Amanda for work, she told me she didn’t have anything for me to do, and I even suggested work that I saw needed to be done”. We’ll just take it from there. If cutting my hours/days continues, perhaps corporate should be made aware of this. How although I only want to work 4 hours, I have and will to continue to give the company 4 hours of work. I have witnessed other employees, while they will work for 8 hours, they text on their phone, draw pictures, stand around doing nothing, go outside to talk on their phone. I know it won’t change anything, but if anything it’ll make me feel good.

    Kylia – when we were looking for lights for our detached garage so that they would match the house’s, we went to the store where the lights were originally purchased. Is that an option for you? We were lucky in that when we purchased this house it was only 6 months old, but it might be harder if your home is older

    Lisa – I wish I was closer to kylia. I’m SURE that we could work something out. I don’t have a problem just jumping in and doing something that I see needs to be done.

    Candy – we’re so very glad you found this group, too. Love hearing from you

    The weather looks nice now. It’s supposed to start raining later so I will probably go in the pool in a few and then maybe take my evening walk earlier.

    I can’t say that in June I’ve lost weight, and I can’t say that I’ve gained. I must say, that it seems to be harder and harder to lose the weight. No surprise there. Also, my body is changing (thicker around the middle) and I DO NOT like the changes. But I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. Fortunately, I haven't gained, the rolls are just redistributed

    Congrats to all the losers!

    Dramaqueen – congrats on the good news. What I absolutely hate (and I know there’s nothing that can be done) is the phrase “well, at your age….”

    KimShea – welcome! Where will you be going on your vacation?

    Michele NC
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    HAPPY JULY 1st !!! -- :heart:

    Penny – Thinking of you and your move. Perhaps you will be able to visit Longyearbyen now and then. I hope you will be happy with your new neighbors and make good friends. :star:

    KimShea01 – Welcome! Post often so we can get to know one another. :flowerforyou:

    Tracey – You have just inspired me to knit again! Our DDIL is expecting baby boy #2. I love to knit baby blankets! Thank you! :bigsmile:

    We seem to be having a break from the heat and this morning is cool and overcast. I am hoping that my hanging fuchsia will begin to recover from the recent heat spell. It is still a crispy critter in many places and not especially pretty. :ohwell:

    Katla in NW Oregon
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    BARBIE thanks for starting us off!

    @Snowflake1968 Tracey, Any evolution on your computer situation? I have had great experience using plants and herbs etc against insects. Never had major issues with spiders but found this online. Many insects do not like lavandar. it's a totally yuck to them. i've had good luck against ants with orange flower essential oil and also cinnamon...
    found online. Many critters hate laveender so i'd start there. peppermint maybe too. i would guess it's the lemon in the lemon dish soap that bugs the spiders..
    Spider Repelling Herbs and Essential Oils include:
    Tea Tree.

    @cityjaneLondon Heather, 80min x 2 people is an awesome cleaning session;

    KEVRIT i think you know this but AA is for him and alanon would be for loved ones (whether he goes to AA or not)

    ALLIE belated happy birthday!

    Computer purchase
    I looked into all sorts of options: fixing, buying on backmarket (reputable guarantied secondhand online tech sales), and local refurbished nd finally bought a new one. I'm in the mac rabbit hole for now. Since air is identical to macbook pro at present in specs, but 300 less, plus i get a 10% teacher/student discount, it was the best option. even the refurbished seller suggested it was better buying new. i bought the 3 year garantee this time. macbook screens are so fragile and so expensive if they break.

    i didn't want to spend the 1000 euros but am glad to be done with it. my last computer was a lemon. it was giving me grief from day one, with problems recognized (overall for this version) 2 years later but never fully repaired...long story. it never worked properly. so i'm glad to be done with it. i wanted to leave the mac rabbit hole but it's not a good time to get used to a new computer approach.

    I've used valarien, well known for helping sleep. my sister who's a nurse only takes a half sometimes, cause strong for her.
    passion flower- recommended by many (passes double blind test) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21294203/
    melatonin - only taken rarely by me, though many seem to like it. a hormone?

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    Katlya sorry about the work family woes.
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    Karen- hugs to you. I hope things smooth out soon.

    Allie - I don’t know how your family can treat you so shabbily. It seems to me, as an outsider looking in, that if you aren’t at their beck and cal bending over backwards for them they treat you like dirt under their feet. It makes me sad for you.
    I’m happy to read you had a lovely day. Happy Birthday

    Rebecca- I was seriously depressed a few years ago and started reading and posting happy, positive, kind quotes nightly along with starting a gratitude journal it made a tremendous difference. I have recommended it to two friends that took me seriously and have since thanked me for the difference it has made in their lives and outlook.

    Lisa - I want to quilt, my Mom did beautiful embroidery work and I have quilt blocks for all of the family. I just don’t think I have the patience for it. I like to see progress in my crafts quickly or I give up.

    Barbie - thank you for the new thread. I really appreciate you all and enjoy catching up.

    I am starting a 4 day weekend and next week is a 5 day weekend! This weekend we are buying a used vehicle from a friend so we will both have transportation. Neither vehicle is new and not in the best shape but as long as they get us where we’re going I’ll be happy.

    We have been getting the tremendous heat here this week and it’s stifling in our trailer. I have been sitting on the deck in the evenings until way past bedtime. It’s currently 2240 and there is finally a nice breeze. I just went inside for a minute and it felt like walking into a furnace.

    I think most of the restrictions are being abolished tomorrow. I don’t know how I feel about it since we are still on outbreak at work. It will be nice to have a family gathering with all of us though.

    One of our resident’s son showed up with Wendy’s frosty’s for the staff today. What a special treat that was. I have never had one before and was shocked when I added it and found out the calorie count!!!! Since that was all I ate today at work I guess it was ok.

    I’m down 3.2 lbs this month, I hope I can keep you it up.

    Have a lovely day ladies.
    Tomorrow is Canada Day but there is not a lot of celebrating going on this year.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    I'm sorry you were depressed, but glad you took up journaling and reading positive quotes to help you. I asked my middle son once, when we were discussing his depression, and I asked him to describe was depression feels like compared to general sadness. He thought for a moment and answered, "when you do things that make you happy, but they don't give you joy anymore. That about broke my heart. But he takes mess to help him, and of course they had Athena Rose. I think looking thru life with a child's perspective helps too.
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    Paid bills, balanced to the penny, (love to put that zero with a line across it in the checkbook), and sent money to son for rent. The rent to management company gets automatically withdrawn from his account. We have his banking information on our online bill pay. I would imagine there's not a lot of elderly parents paying their kids rent, but we thought it would strengthen his credit as a young adult. Plus its funny as heck!
    💖 Rebecca
    Countdown to Athena hug 15 days!