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    M in Oz your description of the symptoms of a frontal lobe injury fits my DH perfectly! He used to box and play hockey and baseball. Also used to fight (fist fight) with his brother. It would explain his behaviors. I’ll have to look into that more.

    Went for a 20 minute walk this morning then remembered I was supposed to be at the visitor center helping with the landscaping. So did that too! Yesterday I got up and my phone reminded me of an oil change I had scheduled. Got dressed fast-no breakfast and went there to find I was scheduled a half hour earlier! But they were kind enough to fit me in. Almost home I live 20 miles from town) and remember I needed to get a 2 year old birthday gift and do laundry. Soooo. Got home, got laundry, and back to town I went! Monday and Sunday I worked at the boat rental place selling stuff for the park Friend‘s group of which I am a part of the board. Friday and Saturday were the UFO festival.

    Now I think I can slow down for the day! Phew! Super busy!! Getting my steps in but was not good with food yesterday. Gotta get back to behaving!



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    THANK YOU- I printed it and will be taping it to my desk as a reminder. It is exactly what I needed.

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    FLEA. thinking of you and sending hug and healing thoughts

    SHARON nice to see you!!

    TRACEY if you are looking for a Mac it's supposed to be better to wait till new revamped model comes out this fall.
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    nothing special here.
    met a very old classmate a few days ago. he was all over the place years back, and we were not close at all, but we had many common close friends, so it was actually surprisingly cool to meet up.

    nice work session yesterday with colleague, also online Sunday.

    ran into neighbour and another neighbour who had been hitting on me sort of casually last fall (that's not my bag, and if every it were, I wasn't very drawn to him- he seems fine but I didn't feel much depth to the connection so I let it past. he then snubbed me which was a drag, not really him but he had been inviting me to little get togethers w neighbours : very handy as we were limited to 1km movement at first, and cafés and restaurants closed for 7 months. his friends, women and men, were great. but since he then snubbed me I stopped getting invited for a while. except one guy I kept running into. I ran into them on the way home and the 2nd guy invited me to have a apero (pre-dinner drink) with them on patio. I absolutely didn't want a drink so got something super light and bought the round. this seemed to soften the relation with guy one - who is a neighbour and close friend of a few neighbours who I find interesting....So that was a good thing.

    Not a great working day today.

    Painter came by to prep bathroom which has been in poor state since water damage some time ago. he was SO fast. in 2h he did all the prep, and then said all the painting will be done in a half a day or so.
    talk about fast. summer probably helps with faster drying...getting a palish sunny yellow (slightly to orange). he said that's an "outside color" but I like it okay. Hard to choose. most is white here but I figured a change would be ok.

    then sorted some computer thing - less bad than I thought - probably cost)free, but unable to get it done somehow.... I may need to bring it back to shop to have them update time machine...

    it feels like a spend endless time on sorting out tech stuff.

    my concentration and work motivation is very so so!

    relaxing motivation is better.

    got some pretty cloth at home to cover some busy shelves and I love it!!

    WAY behind in all paper work

    EXCEPT work for collective workers rights stuff.

    not reasonable...
    but that's where it's at.

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    What a difference ! U can’t tell much in the pic but we had lights put in the garage
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    Hello i am trying to continue on my weight reduction However im frustrated that the scale has not budged more than a 2-3 pounds in one month.
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    Allie -- Your poor granddaughter! Who wants to look like Cousin IT? I hope the hair dresser is skilled and your granddaughter feels good about herself. Back in the day, my mom took me to get a permanent. I looked like Harpo Marx and I got a lot of teasing at school. It took forever to grow out so that I could look like a regular kid again. :flowerforyou:

    (((Tracey in Edmonton))) – No advice, just HUGS. :heart:

    Rita -- I am impressed with all that you accomplish. WTG!!! :bigsmile:

    Pip – I love your T-Shirt collection and the service you give to MS patients everywhere by riding in the Virtual MS Classic. :heart:

    I had a good Yoga class this morning and am back at home. :smiley:

    Many years ago I inherited a hand-made Grandmother clock that now needs work. I have a phone number for a nearby clock repair shop. The clock was a gift for my mom from her sister. It is a family treasure and I want to get it serviced and the problem solved. Now, DH is waiting for a phone call. When that is done, I’ll give the clock shop a call.

    Katla in NW Oregon
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    Thanks katla I do it for u and your hubby
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 30min 20sec, 3.17ap, 195elev, 80ahr, 122mhr, 8.02mi= 751c
    Strava app = 972c
    Zwift home spin bike- 15.05min, 130ahr, 155mhr, 131elev, 20.21amph, 144aw, 58arpm, 5.08mi= 156c
    Zwift app = 125c
    Walk to gym- 10.51min, .51mi= 50c
    Strava app = 62c
    Treadmill jog - 32.07min, 10.35min mi, 5.5-6.5sp, 133ahr, 155mhr, 5k= 345c
    Walk gym to home- 11.23min, .55mi= 55c
    Strava app = 67c

    Total cal 1357
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    Afternoon ladies
    Took Tal for the haircut and she was practically in tears she was so happy with the haircut.. its short but she loves it...
    Karen always does a spectacular job ... makes me happy to see her happy .. but she doesnt like babies,told her good luck .. she said they cry,they smell and she isnt feeding the baby or changing a diaper lol..
    We shall see how it goes..
    Dan staying overnight to use the internet .. he did take out the garbage for me..
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    England won, so they are in the European Cup finals on Sunday against Italy.

    The cricket ended up a draw, which was disappointing for DH, but the football cheered him up. I nurtured him with delicious salmon, fennel and leek dish, and provided him with dessert, cheese, chocolate and Pernod. :D I am sleeping upstairs again though as I had a long nap today, so I'm not tired. I will rejoin him tomorrow night. It does feel a bit strange, having hardly seen him for four days and been doing my own thing. Got to get used to sharing my space again. ;)

    Love to all Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    edited July 2021
    Regarding the brain ... here are a couple images with a list of what each lobe in the brain is responsible for. There are slight differences between the images because researchers aren't 100% sure. There is some variation between people.



    In my husband's case, he has a spot on his frontal lobe which is "dead" scar tissue now, and quite a bit of his left temporal lobe is "dead" scar tissue.

    He also has a diffuse axonal injury which means that little spots all over have been affected. Axons were sheared and no longer transmit the information.

    In my husband's case, it was a severe traumatic brain injury ... but yes, concussion (mild brain injury) and especially repeated concussion can have a long term detrimental effect on the brain.

    The course I'm currently taking (Understanding TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is part of the Island Project: https://island.mooc.utas.edu.au/

    The Island Project is the world's largest dementia prevention study. "The Island Study Linking Ageing and Neurodegenerative Disease (ISLAND) Project will involve a range of studies that relate to understanding who is at most risk of dementia and how we can self-manage risk behaviours to build resilience to dementia."

    In addition to the Understanding TBI course, they've also got courses on Understanding and Preventing Dementia which I may take as well since there is evidence that brain injury (even repeated concussion) can be a factor in the development of dementia.

    Machka in Oz
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    erinup wrote: »
    Good morning!
    I am enjoying reading the posts - such a motivating and supportive group. I look forward to getting to know you all better.

    This morning was the first morning run of my marathon training - 4 miles before work. I used to run a ton and it is kind of messing with my mind that 3-4 miles is a lot of work for me now. I can't compare the now-me to the previous-me, but sometimes it creeps in. I will keep working on it. I packed my food and planned my day and am working hard to set myself up for success.

    Have a wonderful day ladies!

    Well done!

    I've got a 6.2 km run on August 1 and I need to get off my butt and start running! I did a 5K in late May and have run a bit since, but really need to make it a more regular part of my week.

    I've got my eye on longer runs as time goes by too. :)

    Machka in Oz