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Let it GO! Decluttering (simplifying) your life of (people, places or things) success stories?



  • RubyRed427
    RubyRed427 Posts: 3,493 Member
    jaded989 wrote: »
    So glad I came across this thread, my Mom was a life long hoarder so I learned from the best. I just restarted MFP and need to lose the clutter as well as the weight. My house and my weight go in phases and reading this made me realize that when I am at the higher end of the scale I don't take care of my house and the clutter stats to accumulate, I just have no motivation to take care of it. Once I start trying to lose weight I want to start cleaning everything up. I never realized how much in synch these 2 things are.
    Anyway, I'm going to start small & start in my bathroom with the vanity. I have a ton of old make up, hair products, first aid items etc. (some of which are years old) which I don't use and never will use, they're all going in the trash. So many other places to move on too but I can't think too far ahead or I will feel overwhelmed and not even start.

    I'm sorry someone pressed disagree. I find that mean spirited. Please ignore that. <3
  • annk18
    annk18 Posts: 82 Member
    It could easily have been an accident. I don't know how many times I have pressed disagree on the phone app. If I notice it I correct it, but what if I don't notice????? Sorry to anyone I did that to'