What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • springlering62
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    I've now lost about forty pounds and am dealing with very weird self-perception issues. Half the time I feel really skinny, the other half I feel impossibly fat and like I've made no progress at all. Photos and the raw data of measurements help, and I know cognitively that it isn't *real* when I feel like I'm still just as heavy as I was when I started. But I was not expecting this weird mind stuff.

    It's a pain.

    I now wear a size 6 jeans, small or medium tops and dresses. My SHOE size and ring size have both dropped. My bra size is 4" shorter and down 2 cup sizes.

    That's 60lbs on me.

    I. Still. Flip. Between 'too skinny' and 'have lost no weight at all, really fat'.

    So true. After 4 years in maintenance you'd think I'd be used to the new me. Nope I too still flip as @wunderkindking calls it. Last week while on a holiday I felt really really fat. I came home looked in the mirror and noted Nah you are still the same, then tried on my skinny skirt - it still fits

    Oh yeah. This is SO true.
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    charmmeth wrote: »
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    less butt= longer pants

    I had no idea this was a thing, until I kept having to take my skirt hems in! I wear maxi's all the time. Then I kept walking on the skirt hems, after I would maybe fix a waist. At first, I didn't understand why my skirts kept getting longer... I was like "Why is this happening??!" But when you said that, that is sooo a thing. My hubby said my skirts no longer need to cover my butt, of course it is happening in the front - the sides. The incredible elongating skirts!!

    I realise that this is happening with my trouser legs too!

    And blouse sleeves! As the cooler nights start, I put on a long sleeved pretty blouse last night to go out to dinner. I found myself pulling on it to keep it out of my plate - didn't occur to me this is the reason until now!
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    Probably been said a thousand times previously....happiness and feeling content is not a number on the scale...and body image, mental health and other factors are extremely important, not just fat loss...if you don't change your attitude (mindset) to food, exercise/fitness, life in general and health (sometimes that means being less strict and more flexible, especially those who have had full blown eating disorders, which also need therapy and help aside from less food or more food, etc) you will always be yo-yo ing....
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    mjglantz wrote: »
    I too got asked a lot "what did you do?????" (I've lost about 85 lbs & kept it off over 8 years). My answer was that I choose to eat healthy most of the time, tracked my food & paid attention to staying within my range, and exercised every day. That wasn't sexy or easy enough I guess. I even got certified as a health coach and several friends wanted to work with me until they found out that I would charge them...something for free is worth what you pay for it ;)

    I bet they'd pay for pills, shakes, or some TV commercial workout video though! America's mentality in regards to weight loss is astounding.
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