Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 163



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    @SheilaBoneham, Thanks Sheila. I'm giving my best effort.

    Also, for you Sheila @SheilaBoneham and Donna @deepwoodslady look back a few years at your early rounds of JGM10D. Read your notes, how your weightloss trended, look at your food diary, if the information is still there. A couple of years ago, Underarmour deleted a lot of old information. So it could be hit or miss.

    @tiabirdie56 I've kept all my old challenge notes on my PC. I will have to do that when I get time. I also want to look through all 65 zucchini recipes on your first post page from country living. I appreciate you sharing them!
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    Guinness World Record Attempt 10k in the books! We have 24 hours to get over 1,035 runners to complete 10k. For my time zone, the 24 hour period is 9pm last night to 9pm tonight. We have until 9pm (my time) tomorrow to upload our time/screenshots. (Mine is uploaded already, didn't want to waste any time!)

    Once my time is verified, I can download the certificate of attempt and my medal should ship out. I believe they said 1-2 weeks Guinness will verify if we beat the record. If so, I should be able to order my Guinness World Record Holder certificate!

    That’s so cool/fun!!! I was wondering what that Guinness world record race was that you were talking about last round.
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    That’s so cool/fun!!! I was wondering what that Guinness world record race was that you were talking about last round.

    This is it! The previous record was 1,034 people doing a virtual 10k event in a 24 hour period. It's worldwide so the host (Virtual Runners) set the time based on one time zone and then broke down starting times for the other time zones (hence mine being 9pm on the 18th even though it's supposed to be run on the 19th).

    Based on their website, Virtual Runners have verified over 6,000 runs so as long as Guinness accepts all those as well (plus all the others being submitted through tomorrow), we got it! I'm hoping mine gets verified, though I don't see why it wouldn't. I did a little over 10km to ensure it would work out.
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    Sorry for the multiple posts folks, internet played me up this am and struggled to get photo on!!

    I wish we could LOL on here! By the way, my picture was taken a few years ago at Valley of Fire State Park, here in Nevada.
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    @tiabirdie56 @SheilaBoneham @deepwoodslady Tish, Sheila, and Donna - at the end of each round I email the notes in my phone to myself and copy them to a journal in my computer.