My Turn to Overshare My Adventure



  • beastmodekittyx
    beastmodekittyx Posts: 97 Member
    Congrats! You really are amazing!
  • JessiBelleW
    JessiBelleW Posts: 815 Member
    I love your overshare! Mad congrats on your journey and I feel like you can see your energy return. I really enjoy your posts and wish you continued success ☺️
  • bionicrooster
    bionicrooster Posts: 353 Member
    you are a rock star, seriously!
  • NC_Girl
    NC_Girl Posts: 177 Member
    You are my inspiration. Thank you for sharing. ♥️
  • DiscusTank5
    DiscusTank5 Posts: 321 Member
    So proud of you and your hard work!
  • Une_Poire
    Une_Poire Posts: 55 Member
    Just found this thread for the first time, thanks for sharing and congratulations on all your hard work!
  • TinaLeigh67
    TinaLeigh67 Posts: 669 Member
    Absolutely amazing! Such inspiration for those of us over 50!
  • ggeise14
    ggeise14 Posts: 386 Member
    Truly amazing! My hips are groaning just looking at the yoga poses!
  • RastaLousGirl
    RastaLousGirl Posts: 2,119 Member
  • lauriekallis
    lauriekallis Posts: 4,687 Member
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your most recent updates have taken the weight of so many "loose-skin-worries" from my shoulders. And your enthusiasm and fitness is awe-inspiring - and even more "maybe I can do this" inspiring!
  • Latrellis
    Latrellis Posts: 71 Member
    You're amazing - read several of your posts! And now you're 15 yrs younger! Love it!
  • BrightEyedAgain
    BrightEyedAgain Posts: 237 Member

    I just reread this thread. It has always been inspiring to me, so I wanted to make sure others saw it as well. Cheers to springlering62...I really appreciate what you bring to MFP.
  • herringboxes
    herringboxes Posts: 256 Member
    Terrific updates! And you guys are so lucky to have each other.
  • DiscusTank5
    DiscusTank5 Posts: 321 Member
    "I noticed something looked odd about my shadow while I was holding a plank. I stared at it for a bit, until I realized, my shadow had guns, baby."

    I love your inspiring posts and photos (esp. those yoga poses--wow) but the above quote was my favorite thing I've ever read on MFP. Thanks for the inspiration and the honest talk. The tunnel metaphor was an apt one. I've always feared maintenance, but I'll keep reading your and others' experiences to know what to expect when I arrive in the next 30 lbs.
  • Pdc654
    Pdc654 Posts: 317 Member
    @springerling62. You give all of us older women hope that we can build muscle. Although I am 10 years older than you, (I think, assuming the 62 at the end of your name is the year you were born), I am hoping to build back some of the muscle I have lost over decades of yo-yo dieting with no strength training and of course age. I started lifting weights about 6 months ago, but had to restart after some illness earlier this year. It's so nice to hear how successful you've been, and that all the cardio you do has not hampered you. I don't do as much as you do but I do quite a bit of cardio especially in the summer. I love it, so I don't plan on cutting back on that. Can I ask how much weight training you do a week, and for how long your sessions are? Not that I am going to increase mine anytime soon, but just interested. Currently I'm trying to work back up to 3 times a week for 45 to 60 minutes. I am also trying to prevent any worsening of my osteopenia by including weight training in my routine.
  • sunrise611
    sunrise611 Posts: 1,848 Member
    Congratulations on your accomplishment! You look fabulous and are proof that you can lose weight at any age. Being "older" should not inhibit anyone from the rewarding process.

    One correction: Under Armour didn't produce MFP. They acquired MFP from the original creators in 2015, to the tune of $475 million and added paid tiers. Then Under Armour quietly sold MFP to Francisco Partners in 2020, for $345 million.

    The original creators were two enterprising young men who founded MFP in 2005, who vowed it would always remain a free service.

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