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Fitness and diet myths that just won't go away



  • Analog_Kid
    Analog_Kid Posts: 973 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »

    Worth visiting the link just for the photo of the earnest-looking weight-lifting mouse. 😆

    I thought it was a hamster. Either way, it is a cool pic!
  • dralicephd
    dralicephd Posts: 96 Member
    fr3smyl wrote: »
    Myth: drinking certain teas will make you poop out extra fat. Many of my family have believed this.

    Umm.. What?!?!?! :D That would be disturbing!!! I really got a bad mental image here. lol..
  • dralicephd
    dralicephd Posts: 96 Member
    Question: several people stated "starvation mode" as a myth. What do you mean by this?

    I ask because I'm trying to check my own faulty assumptions. :smile: (Trying to undo decades of terrible food and exercise advice over here.)
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 19,326 Member
    dralicephd wrote: »
    Question: several people stated "starvation mode" as a myth. What do you mean by this?

    I ask because I'm trying to check my own faulty assumptions. :smile: (Trying to undo decades of terrible food and exercise advice over here.)

    The effects commonly associated with the term are myths.

    You can't lose fat or weight.
    You'll gain weight.
    Happens if you skip a meal.

    Sadly the term was thrown out with the myths.

    Another term is now used in studies that means the same thing - metabolic adaptation.
    If you eat too little (genetics matter, amount of extra fat matters, body stress) you can stress the body into adapting and burning less than it otherwise might have. Never enough to stop fat loss though if you keep eating less and less.
    That fact coupled with a few other items can appear to lead to some of those same myths - increased cortisol with increased water weight could cause scale loss to stop, or increase.
    Muscle loss caused by that much deficit and slower metabolism will be bad combo when attempting to eat at a supposed maintenance level if goal weight reached.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 22,360 Member
    "Steady state" is an exercise pace or duration.

    Well, that's maybe more of a silly implicit assumption or misstatement than a myth . . . but it's common and persistent.

    As in: "I do high intensity cardio because steady state is boring."

    There is LISS, MISS, and maybe even HISS (which wouldn't last long, relatively speaking 😉😆).

    "Steady state" is a constant pace, any constant pace: It's a pacing strategy, in contrast to intervals, for example (LIIT, MIIT, HIIT?).

    If a specific pace, it may be SS with respect to some duration: My 5 minute SS pace can be fairly fast, but my 5 hour SS better be relatively slow, eh?


  • ythannah
    ythannah Posts: 4,013 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    In fact, if anything, it's now believed that repetitive motion exercise is a positive for avoiding lymphedema. Reasons are not clear, but one speculation is that the movement of muscles and tissues has a sort of pumping effect on the lymphatic fluid.

    I have lower limb lymphedema and this is correct.

    Back when I was first diagnosed I still had access to academic journals and found that most of the research at that time was being conducted in Europe, particularly Germany. Muscles move lymphatic fluid.
  • dralicephd
    dralicephd Posts: 96 Member
    I heard the following this weekend from a family member: "Calories in, calories out" is a lie!!!!

    Yes, nutrition is also important, but you can eat really well and still gain weight if you eat too many calories for the amount you expend. (I'm a living example of this and why I'm back on this site logging my food.)
  • wunderkindking
    wunderkindking Posts: 1,471 Member
    ccrdragon wrote: »
    That if you are or have ever been fat it is because you lack willpower.

    ...applies to some people. Does not apply to everyone.


    We can take this one even further... I have seen posted here and elsewhere that anybody who could put on 10 lbs in a year is a glutton and all that person would need to do is stop eating so dang much food and the weight would just fall right off.

    Problem is, when you run the numbers, to put on 10 lbs in a year, your horrible nasty gluttonous self would be eating a mind-boggling 96** extra calories per day...

    So again, stoppit!!!

    3500 calories per pound
    10 lbs gained
    365 days in a year
    so => (3500*10)/365 = 95.89 calories/day

    Yep. And the maintenance calories is a whole 10 calories per pound or so. So, to maintain me at the low end of obese vs the high end of normal would be... 200 calories. Needed to cut more than that to lose, sure, and I dropped to about the middle of the healthy BMI range for my height, but I STILL HAD TO ADD CALORIES AND CALORIE DENSE FOOD BACK.

    Getting and staying fat doesn't involve some incredibly gluttony all the time. Usually it's just smallish overages done consistently. Kind of like smallish deficit done consistently leads to steady loss.
  • wunderkindking
    wunderkindking Posts: 1,471 Member
    dralicephd wrote: »
    I've heard another one about how everybody has a "setpoint" weight and that it is hopeless to want to be smaller than that, because eventually your body will creep back to that setpoint. This makes no sense from a biology or evolutionary standpoint.

    However, it makes perfect sense if you consider people try an unsustainable lifestyle to obtain the weight loss and then eventually fall back on old habits. (That's not a biological "setpoint"!)

    I was thinking about that this weekend when I was telling someone I'd technically like to lose another couple of pounds because my brain likes multiples of 5, but ultimately even losing another couple of pounds would involve me changing things more than I was willing so where I am is just going to be where I am.