What’s did everyone have for breakfast?



  • HollyStormCloud
    HollyStormCloud Posts: 536 Member

    A sweet potato I baked in my air fryer with a small amount of Earth Balance and sprinkled with some nuts and dried fruit, plus two cups of coffee.

  • bekim123
    bekim123 Posts: 391 Member

    Oatmeal with chia seeds, flax meal, 1 tsp of cinnamon/sugar, and some raisins mixed in.

  • PKM0515
    PKM0515 Posts: 2,379 Member

    Tea with a little milk, whole wheat toast with Smart Balance, low fat cottage cheese, blackberries.

  • HollyStormCloud
    HollyStormCloud Posts: 536 Member

    Avocado toast and coffee

  • mrmota70
    mrmota70 Posts: 355 Member
    Usual... Fage 0% yogurt, fresh mango, purely elizabeth granola, lavazza coffe with some half and half just under 300 cal breakfast...
  • jccweaver
    jccweaver Posts: 2 Member
    Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Atkins
  • wunderkindking
    wunderkindking Posts: 1,607 Member
    I have one of two things most days:
    2 egg cheese omelette, 3 pieces of turkey sausage, and a piece of toast
    protein oatmeal + greek yogurt + banana.

    both hover around 400 calories and pack in protein -- and are also pretty mindless/easy for me.
  • HollyStormCloud
    HollyStormCloud Posts: 536 Member
    Just coffee and a toasted soft roll with a little vegan butter today.
  • HollyStormCloud
    HollyStormCloud Posts: 536 Member
    Coffee and steamed green beans and potatoes leftover from yesterday's lunch.
  • elaroch05
    elaroch05 Posts: 29 Member
    Coconut oatmeal with raspberries
  • Go_Deskercise
    Go_Deskercise Posts: 1,630 Member
    Coffee, 3 mandarins and 2 string cheese :p
  • erinlisahall
    erinlisahall Posts: 16 Member
    My new favorite protein smoothie - in a blender, 2C ice, 1 med banana, 1/2 c frozen cherries, 1T special dark cocoa powder, 1 scoop optimum nutrition protein mix in vanilla ice cream flavor, 10 oz nonfat milk. Dark chocolate covered cherry - can't believe its not evil its that good.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 40,874 Member
    Beef stew and sourdough toasted with a little butter.
  • laballard34
    laballard34 Posts: 2 Member
    2 waffles with peanut butter and a mug of coffee
  • lhendrix4452
    lhendrix4452 Posts: 1 Member
    edited November 2021
    I like sandwiches for breakfast because they're fast, but prefer to use a whole wheat lavash that is low carb to make a roll-up. For example, my breakfast sandwich will include a little low-fat shredded cheddar cheese, 3 slices of pan-grilled Canadian Bacon, and a scrambled egg. Or I will make an organic sliced turkey and low-fat cheese sandwich with a large handful of mixed greens or Arugula and follow that with a little plain, non-fat Greek yogurt with fresh berries and walnuts. Also coffee with unsweetened Almond-Coconut milk.
  • elaroch05
    elaroch05 Posts: 29 Member
    Hazelnut oatmeal and raspberries, along with some white tea :) It's getting cold out and oatmeal is my favorite!
  • midlomel1971
    midlomel1971 Posts: 1,281 Member
    Same thing every day. Bowl of shredded wheat cereal covered w/ sliced bananas and skim milk.
  • HollyStormCloud
    HollyStormCloud Posts: 536 Member
    Salad today.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 40,874 Member
    Bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted English muffin.
  • sgt1372
    sgt1372 Posts: 3,969 Member
    I ate a whole pound of oven baked bacon plus 3 scrambled eggs and an English muffin w/1 tbsp butter and 2/3 tbsp orange marmalade plus 2 cups (20 oz) of black coffee for brunch the other day.

    It was delicious. LOL! ;)