Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



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    Pat on the back to both of you.
    Stella, I hope you get better each and every day. I pray for you girlfriend.
    MrsHermitt - You've nailed it. You are on with it !!
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    Alexandra, stella and MrsHermitt how are you girls doing?
    I haven't heard from anyone lately??
    The year is coming to an end soon. I'm gonna need some diet partners to get on with a new life. I plan on losing 60pds next year. I am headed for 80pds.
    Who is coming with me??
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    @ladycopnh1 Not much to post. I couldn't weigh in last Saturday because my scale had an attitude / couldn't make up its mind / fluctuated too widely within 20 minutes.
    I'm still working on my daily goals, still working hard towards my goal of losing 2-2.5 lbs per week.
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    I'm doing good!

    I will have surgery to take out the remainder of my thyroid on January 19, and I have the initial consultation for my breast reduction on January 3. So given that my thyroid function isn't where it should be, I'm not beating myself up about not losing weight. I'm instead taking this as an opportunity to practice maintenance, see where I have bad habits around certain foods and see if I can introduce the things I want in my life in a rational healthy way with sensible portions, and so far it's largely going well. I'm logging and weighing as before to keep an eye on things, because it would be very easy with my thyroid largely off to have my weight start drifting back up. I'm keeping it within a five pound variance which I think is a sensible and sustainable thing when I do go into maintenance for good.

    I'd want to hold my weight steady for six months anyway to meet the breast reduction guidelines, and while I would have rather held steady at 180 instead of 240, well, it is what it is, and sixty pounds off proves I CAN lose weight if I choose. And based on previous surgical experience, they'll want to get my thyroid function sorted before I have the breast reduction anyway.

    My thyroid has largely quit functioning and grown benign tumors instead. As those are large and actively growing, and there's not a lot of room in there for that sort of thing, and sometimes they can turn malignant if left alone, my endocrinologist recommended that I have the other half of my thyroid taken out. The left half did this trick about 2000, and I had it removed then, and now we're removing the right half for similar bad behavior. I'm not at all worried about the surgery, I've had it before, and I should bounce back nicely. And then I can get the replacement thyroid hormone properly titrated and get back to losing another sixty pounds.

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    My best to you both.
    Today I am putting my treadmill in my everyday schedule. I want to get back to being a God walker.
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    @ladycopnh1 Thank you

    Official weigh day: 252.4 lbs, down 0.4 lbs from two weeks ago. I suspect I gained last week but the scale was malfunctioning last week.

    I track my exercise, health tidbits, and calorie (red or green) on a paper chart, which helped me learn this:
    Exercising in the evenings after eating has less impact than exercising in the mornings before eating, regardless of same caloric intake. That's at least true for me. [It is not as easy for me to exercise in the morning because of building noise restrictions and DH's work hours, but things are about to change yet again for us so we'll see - losing job, have to move]
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    my Goodness, I'm sorry to hear your struggling. Don't forget, you have to take care of "yourself."
    We'll think of something to do to get in those exercises.
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    Well, how did you do yesterday ?
    Thanksgiving- friends, family, Appetizers, drinks, dinner, dessert....more drinks, midnight snack ?
    Then we wake up this morning and feel like the Coast Guard should help us back into the ocean, cuz we've obviously become beached overnight and not sure why.

    We need to get ahold on this.
    We need a new beginning.
    I need to be challenged.
    I need to find me.
    Let's do this.
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    Let me ask you another question....
    If you were preparing for a stiff competition such a weight lifting challenge or the Boston marathon,
    would you wait till the day of the race to compete ?

    I don't know about you but I'm getting ready for the race.
    I got my treadmill fixed.
    I have diet chats made on my computer so that I can follow my weight loss or gain.
    I have a plan of attack to stop gaining weight.

    what are YOU doing now to prepare for January 1st ?
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    I went over on Thanksgiving but mostly due to snacking while cooking, late dinner.
    Good analogy to a long race. A journey to health, at least for me, is a long one.
    Every Saturday I look at how I'm doing with my health and other goals and adjust my plans for the next week.
    Weigh Day!
    Highest Weight: 262
    Starting weight with MFP: 260 lbs (morbidly obese) Oct 22, 2021

    November 27: 252.2 lbs (I actually saw 250 on the scale but it was days before 27th, even made my goal of exercising 5 hours total this week. But my body had the last laugh apparently. Going to try a fasting diet next week to scare my body into submission. Hungry is healthy for me, full is gaining weight. dang it. On the bright side, I actually had energy in the evening once or twice, which is very unusual for me.)

    November Goal: 249 lbs (Milestone marker; top lb bracket of 'obese BMI' for me; no longer morbidly obese)
    November Actual: 252.2 lbs
    November Loss: -0.6 lbs :cry:

    What I've learned so far:
    - exercise in the evening after eating has less impact than exercise in the morning before eating, regardless of same caloric intake


    3 Habits for Nov/Dec (tough time of year):
    Started midday Wednesday 11-24-2021
    Saturdays are rest days
    Song for this habit set: Mindy Smith "Come To Jesus"
    1) ⏰Get up at 5am, pray

    2)👟 Insist on your exercise time at (earliest possible) 8:30am (no eating beforehand)

    3) 🎼Kitchen routine: kitchen w/ bluegrass station->Scripture & crafts (or journal, read, etc)
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    MrsHermit - I am so happy to hear from you. It looks like you have an awesome plan. I like the 5am pray time. One of the last things my mom said to me before she passed away was "Don't give up your faith."
    I got creative one day and created a maze to follow throughout my weight loss journey. It's a crazy maze which gives a bit of fun to it. I put an X in each box as I travel through to get to my goal. I need to also make one for my exercising each day.

    Alexandra - How are you doing ?

    Stella - How are you doing ?
  • I'm doing ok. Neither gained nor lost over Thanksgiving, which is a victory given the state of my thyroid.

    I see the endocrinologist tomorrow, and hope to get bumped up a bit because things are better but not yet right. As a 5'6" 250 pound woman, I ought to be drifting gently downward at 1500 calories a day, and instead I'm basically maintaining. (Also, I still itch and I'm still physically exhausted.)

    I get the rest of my thyroid removed in mid-January, and not before time, as I've started to feel like I have a slightly sore throat on that side. The thing is definitely misbehaving, and it should come out before the nodules go entirely rogue and get malignant.

    Otherwise, we're getting ready for the solstice/Christmas. Son is enjoying living with us three, we're enjoying having him around, and it's all good.
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    MrsHermit wrote: »
    Highest Weight: 262.2 lbs
    Starting weight with MFP: 260 lbs (morbidly obese) Oct 22, 2021

    Current challenge weight: 248.2 lbs
    Weekly weight loss/gain: -2.2 lbs
    Total weight lost from highest: -16.2 lbs

    December 4: 248.2 lbs (no longer morbidly obese!!!!)
    December 11: 246.0 lbs
    December 18:
    December 25:

    December Goal: 242 lbs

    What I've learned so far:
    - exercise in the evening after eating has less impact than exercise in the morning before eating, regardless of same caloric intake
    - Keeping calories as close to goal as possible has more impact than exercise for me
    - Saving calories (not eating) until evening makes the evening feel more relaxed
    - Busy hands are a good idea, as are habit goals


    @ladycopnh1 Thank you. I've had to take a step back and rethink my habit goals because of upcoming bigger changes (moving..where is unconfirmed). It's been a very busy week trying to figure things out. I'm going to keep prayer at the beginning of the day a must, then work from there. Smaller goals and stick with it. I've been doing well on logging my exercise and calories, though when we move I don't think I'll have internet for awhile.

    One day at a time, one choice at a time, one good habit at a time!
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    Hello everyone!

    I would love to be in this one.

    Like you i had lost a significant amount of weight - 100lbs - and i did keep it off for a couple years. Then gained back 110ish pounds over the next 5ish years.

    Really desperate to feel in control of my body and mind again and to regain a sense of hope and self compassion. I have an 8 year old I want to take skating or you know just play on the park with without feeling so self conscious and tired :(

    I would really grateful to join you all!!

    Thank you ☺️
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    @tayortoeknee I too want to get healthy to just be there for my loved ones and not be so darn tired all the time. I'm trying to make choices that are sustainable, not a diet but a lifestyle, so like an atomic habits sort of thing. Like if MFP were to unplug next day, am I learning the habits and tools I need to keep on going? One day at a time, one small step at a time!

    I haven't been exercising or cutting back on calories as much this past week because of stress and just trying to prepare for something (move, nomadic, what?). Last two weeks have been date-shy as bad news/events tend to always happen in the past two weeks (or next week) and last year was hell during that time. Thankfully nothing serious has happened so far and I actually had a happy birthday. Not a single bad news that day. End of week, we finally found out we are in fact moving to a place, not going to be nomadic so that stress is relieved. We'll be pretty much broke when we get there, but we will have a place to camp on while we build shelter. Thank God.

    Highest Weight: 262.2 lbs
    Starting weight with MFP: 260 lbs (morbidly obese) Oct 22, 2021

    Current challenge weight: 245.2 lbs
    Weekly weight loss/gain: -0.8lbs
    Total weight lost from highest: -17 lbs

    December 4: 248.2 lbs (no longer morbidly obese!!!!)
    December 11: 246.0 lbs
    December 18: 245.2 lbs
    December 25:

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    Tayortoeknee and Mrs Hermit. this is great and I welcome everyone with open arms. I am getting my treadmill fixed AGAIN tomorrow (for the third time in one year). If it doesn't work this time, I'm going to be making a call to better business bureau. I am serious about being up and ready for January 1st. I have meal plans, exercise schedule, and tracking guides. I am over 100pds over weight and I am ready to feel better next year.
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    I will still be in the 200+ crew for a couple/few more months. Which is fine. I am however under 250 for the first time since may 2019 so my complaints are minimal.
    With any luck I will be under 240 either tomorrow or the day after... Just in time for Christmas lol.
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    I would like to join! I am at 255 and I am a 48 male. The older I get the harder it is for the weight to come off, so this year I am focused to loosing 1 pound a week. My biggest issue is Portion Control. If I log what I eat on MFP, then I can loose some weight. My second issues is sticking with it all year long, usually by July I get board with it an quit. So this year my plan is to stick with it all year long. Merry Christmas everyone and see you in the New Year!

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    @ladycopnh1 I can't have a treadmill but I do workout to some youtube videos (Up To The Beat Fitness; Sharona's Hill, Leslie Sansone Walk At Home). One day at a time on your journey! I gained weight this past week though I tried to wrestle it down.

    @makinlifehappen Congrats on being under 250!

    @Stimpy56 Welcome! Look at atomic habits, or sticking very tiny habits to something that is already a regular routine in your day. Like, do you tend to snack after X? Then grab water or tea instead, or replace it with a walk. Log your food every day at Y before or after you do Z. I don't have the book about atomic habits but some of their points seem to make sense (very small specific goals, lots of repetition instead of 1 big quality thing; attach goals to something already happening in your day).
    I have an issue with portion control and food choices too. I joined MFP to learn about those things, though I have avoided calorie counting for a long time because I thought I couldn't log mine (didn't know MFP allows you to put in your own recipes.) I'm thinking about trying to work in alternate fasting perhaps but have to do it so that it doesn't negatively impact my kitchen duties. Also, my husband gave great advice about halving whatever I'm choosing, which matches my observations at the end of the day, saying, "If I had taken one instead of two of those, or a third less of that, I would have made goal.".
    Keep trying, one day at a time!
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    I am all in! Today is day 1, as I told myself this entire last month that Christmas Day was my starting day, as it would be after all family get togethers with lots of food!

    I am 35 years old.

    Height: 5’6”
    Starting weight: 215 lbs
    Goal weight: 160lbs

    Having some pain in my left hip. Too young to be feeling this way. So far, bp and blood sugar is good. But I don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

    My goal to start is 1,600 calories a day. Anything less to start I am afraid I won’t stick with it. I probably eat an average of 2,200-2,500 a day, with night time snacking being my WORST problem! If I can kick that, I will have no issues staying under 1,600 calories a day.

    I am disgusted with what I see in the mirror. So I told myself rather then beat myself up, let’s start and stop making excuses!

    I am going to have a goal of walking 30 minutes a day on my treadmill, 5 days a week. Starting today! Been logging my calories so far. Looking for support as well. It’s so easy to start and so easy to give up shortly after! I’ve lost 50lbs 8-9 years ago and it seemed so easy. This time, I’m struggling with my will power to stick with it but I know I will feel so much better so that is what I keep focusing on! The end goal!