🌲December Daily Log-in and Weigh-in Challenge🌲



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    🌲December Challenge🌲

    Highest weight: 234
    Current weight: 212

    September weight lost: 6 pounds
    October weight lost: .2 pound gain
    November weight lost: 5 pounds

    December so far: 4 pound gain

    ❤️My new December goal is to maintain. I’d love to lose a pound or 2, but maintenance is more achievable during This crazy but fun month.❤️

    December 1—208 pounds…Here we go!
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲14,495 steps
    🌲Ate over calories

    December 2—206.3 pounds…My daughter and I did another college campus tour yesterday, so we walked EVERYWHERE! 🥰
    Talk about a calorie burner!
    🌲weighed in
    🌲8953 steps
    🌲Ate well-over calories 🤨

    December 3—208.1 pounds… there it goes up…Popeyes chicken sandwich, mashed potatoes, and Mac and cheese last night for dinner. I know better than to eat that much at night. Feeling stuffed this morning and needing to drink a gallon of water to quench my thirst. Logged it…Acknowledged it… and moving forward. Making a big salad for lunch! 🥗 Happy Day 3!
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲9887 steps… so close to 10K
    🌲Ate over calories

    December 4…209.2…Took my daughter to an awesome all-day campus visit with seminars and tours in Bowling Green today. Feeling happily exhausted. She really loved this school.
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲18326 steps… 7 miles is walking.. 🥰
    🌲Logged water
    🌲Ate over calories

    December 5…207.. 🥰🥰🥰 Yesterdays walking saved the day!
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲7784 steps
    🌲Did not log water
    🌲Ate over calories

    December 6…209…time to get back into full swing and not just “go through the motions”.
    No more overeating Christmas chocolates!
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲10,022 steps
    🌲Ate just over calories… getting closer.

    December 7…207.8… getting my good habits back together… feeling more in control… my next challenge is to break the 207 barrier. My stretch goal by New Years Eve is 200 pounds… but I’ll be happy to see 205. Gonna push through this. Making veggie taco soup for dinner tonight. Meal planning and drinking lots of water helps so much! Happy Tuesday! 😁
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲8146 steps
    🌲 Ate over calories… was doing great until the Christmas chocolate snacking kicked in. Having a tough time keeping the portion under control. Must drink more water at night.

    December 8…208.4…today it’s a wrapping gifts day… and a quick shoveling of the light snow we got last night. ❄️❤️
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲8,450 steps
    🌲Ate well-over calories. 🤨
    🌲Logged water

    December 9… 209.9… thank god that I shoveled yesterday, or I’d be over 210 today. The positive is that all of the kid’s gifts are wrapped. Happy Thursday!!
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲6583 steps
    🌲Just over calorie goal
    🌲Logged water

    December 10…208.9…It’s Friday… so I work today, then I’m off for the weekend! Must continue to keep portions in control…. “Jill, of course you can eat some chocolate 🍫… not ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE…”
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲9491 steps
    🌲Well-over calorie goal
    🌲Logged water

    December 11…210…washing comforters at the laundry-mat today 🧺 It’s so crazy windy and 50 degrees out! Very weird weather!
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲11,348 steps
    🌲Ate over calorie goal
    🌲Logged water

    December 12… 210… Time to refocus! My goal for today is to be right at or under my calorie goals for today. 🥰
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲8746 steps
    🌲Ate over calorie goal
    🌲Logged water

    December 13…209.3…Moving back in the right direction. 🥗
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲9770 steps
    🌲Ate over calorie goal
    🌲Logged water

    December 14…208.9..Lunch salads are definitely helping. Slow and steady progress.
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲14053… it was so warm I cut the grass in the front yard!
    🌲Ate over calories
    🌲Logged water

    December 15… 210.2… finished cutting the grass
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲9911 steps
    🌲Ate over calories
    🌲Logged water

    December 16… 211.5🍫🤨
    🎄Weighed in
    🎄9035 steps
    🎄Ate over calories
    🎄Logged water

    December 17… 211.5 back to lunch salads and a chocolate protein shake for a snack.
    Today I bring it back under control. 🧘‍♀️
    🌲Weighed in
    🌲9842 steps
    🌲Ate over calories
    🌲Logged water

    December 18…211.3 baby steps 🥰
    December 19…210.6 🙂
    December 20…211.8🤨 Made Christmas cookies all afternoon. My daughter had friends over to decorate cookies. It was fun but exhausting. Stood on my feet for so long!

    December 21… 212.1
    December 22….211.8
    December 23.…211.2 still hanging in there! The family is all home for Christmas, and I’m headed to the grocery store for the last time before Christmas… fruits and veggies to balance out the chocolate. Happy Eve of Christmas Eve!

    December 24… Merry Christmas Eve!
    December 25….Merry Christmas!
    December 26…213.4
    December 27...214.6
    December 28…212.2
    December 29…213.9
    December 30…214.5
    December 31…212.0

    December is done and dusted!
  • HollyStormCloud
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    Highest weight: 185
    Current weight: 155
    December weight lost so far: 0.4

    December 01: forgot
    December 02: forgot
    December 03: 154.4
    December 04: 154.6
    December 05: 155.0
    December 06: 154.8
    December 07: 154.4
    December 08: 154.2
    December 09: forgot
    December 10: 153.6
    December 11: forgot
    December 12: 154.0
    December 13: 154.0
    December 14: 153.4 Still bouncing around in the same 4 pound range :/
    December 15: 153.0
    December 16: 153.0
    December 17: 154.2 Too much sodium yesterday. I'm pretty sure this is just water weight.
    December 18: 153.4
    December 19: 153.8 Arthritis flared badly in my knee yesterday so I got 0 minutes of exercise in. Not good today either, but I'm going to try and hobble at least a mile.
    December 20: 154
    December 21: 154.2 Turns out it's not my arthritis flaring up, I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. Been mostly staying off of it for the past three days. Sucks being "down". :s
    December 22: 154.6
    December 23: Forgot
    December 24: 155.0 Dang it, gotta stop nibbling the holiday treats!
    December 25: Forgot
    December 26: 155.0 :/
    December 27: 154.2
    December 28: 154.4
    December 29: 154.0
    December 30: Forgot
    December 31: 154.4
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    Hi all.
    I'm Elsa, from Pretoria, South Africa. I am 39 years old. I love this challenge. My highest weight this year was 88 kg/194lb (October 2021).

    Current weight - 84.6kg / 186lb
    Challenge GW - 80.0kg / 176lb
    UGW - 65kg / 143kg

    🌲December Challenge🌲

    Highest weight: 88kg / 194lb
    Current weight: 84.6kg / 186lb

    December weight lost so far:

    December 1 - 84.6kg
    December 2 - 84.6kg
    December 3 - 84.6kg (I seem stuck😢)
    December 4 - 85kg🙈😫
    December 5 - 84.3kg
    December 6 - 84.1kg
    December 7 - 83.9kg
    December 8 - 84.1kg
    December 9 - 83.9kg
    December 10 - 84.3kg
    December 11 - 84.3kg
    December 12 - 84.4kg
    December 13 - 84.1kg
    December 14 - 83.5kg
    December 15 - 83.5kg
    December 16 - 83.5kg
    December 17 - 83.8kg
    December 18 - 84.5kg
    December 19 - 84.3kg
    December 20 - 83.7kg
    December 21 - 83.9kg
    December 22 - 84.3kg (had a cheat day yesterday🙈)
    December 23 - 83.5kg
    December 24 - 84.1kg
    December 25 - DNW (on holiday)
    December 26 - DNW (on holiday)
    December 27 - DNW (on holiday)
    December 28 - DNW (on holiday)
    December 29 - DNW (on holiday)
    December 30 - DNW (on holiday)
    December 31 - DNW (on holiday)
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    Hello Everyone!
    I'm Mary 64, 5'4" from Pennsylvania. My goal is to get back down AGAIN to 122 lbs. Kept it off for about 5 years and then got lazy. My body just stores Carbs too easily. I work long hours and exercise on my 3 off days/week, making up for my 4 work days. I started this challenge in November and will continue through December and January. Great group of motivating members! Thank you Jill! My goal is 5 lbs for December. My other goal is 15 lbs for Nov, Dec and Jan. JOIN US!

    🌲December Challenge🌲

    Highest weight: 255 lbs (twice) :-(
    November 1 weight-181.8 lbs
    November goal-5 lbs
    November loss-5.6 lbs :-)
    December 1 weight-176.2 lbs
    December goal-5 lbs
    Current weight today-168 lbs SAD! Had been down to 165.6 lbs. :-(
    December weight lost so far: -8.2 lbs :-)
    Nov/Dec/Jan weight loss so far (Goal-15 lbs): -13.8 lbs :-)
    Loss since 9/14/20-87 lbs :-)

    December 1-176.2 lbs. Pre logged yesterday for today and Pre logged tomorrow. Stayed within my calories, carbs and water minimum.
    December 2-176.2 lbs Pre logged for tomorrow.
    December 3-175 lbs
    December 4-173.8 lbs! I'm No Longer Obese by BMI charts! I'm overweight now! Even as a RN I don't dwell on BMI. I have always weighed more than what people think. My boys are all the same way. Solid. My one son in the military when he was about 4-6% body fat was Obese on a BMI chart. So...
    I'm wearing size 10 jeans but put on a pair of 8's today and easily zipped them up, but not wearing them because my flabby belly hangs out over bad. Did my Elliptical for 222 minutes for 16.3 miles today.
    December 5-171.8 lbs. Did 224 minutes on my Elliptical for 14.25 miles. I was obviously moving at a slower pace since I didn't get to my usual 15-16 mile range. Thrilled by the swoosh of weight though today!
    December 6-172.8 lbs-Stayed on track so hopefully just my usual uptick before a drop! Worked today, off tomorrow so will be on my elliptical again.
    December 7-171.2 lbs Was on my Elliptical for 250 minutes/18 miles. Had a Nursing conference dinner at a restaurant and figured I would make sure I had more than enough for a calorie deficit. Pre logged today for tomorrow. Had 150 oz of water today.
    December 8-171.2 lbs Thought I would have a drop today but maybe tomorrow.
    December 9-171.2 lbs. :-( Didn't drop yet. 220 minutes on my Elliptical today for 14 miles.
    December 10-172.2 lbs :-( Still no drop. Had stayed on point so it has to be my usual uptick before a drop.
    December 11-172.2 lbs :-( Still no drop again! Getting a bit old. But tomorrow is my official weigh in day for a couple challenges. So.... hopefully tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Going to a work holiday party tonight. Its a Rock N Bowl. Just us no families. To hang out other than at work. Where things are hectic at times with patients. They are having pizza but they also planned some Keto friendly items, like unbreaded chicken for at least 1 other girl and me. I'm also taking some of my own snacks. Hard boiled eggs, cheese and some pecans, just in case. And I ate dinner at home.
    December 12-170.8 lbs Well it's a drop. I was hoping for more than 0.4 lbs, like getting into the 160's as I have been staying on track. But I have met my December goal ALREADY!
    Glad I took my own snacks to my work bowling party last night. We had some much fun, even though the majority of us stunk at the games. I hadn't bowled in probably 20 years at least! They had pizza, BREADED chicken nuggets and french fries. I didn't indulge in it at all. I ate a hardboiled egg, a colby jack string cheese and water.
    Did 242 minutes on my Elliptical today for 17 miles and my fat percentage is coming down on my scale.
    December 13-172.0 :-( Ugh!!!! Again hopefully the usual uptick before a drop because I have stayed on track.
    December 14-169.4 lbs :-) Yessss! Finally into the 160's! But now I can't wait to get into the 150's. I got a later start today. I only did 140 minutes on my elliptical for 11 miles today.
    December 15-170.6 lbs
    December 16-170.6 lbs
    December 17-170.6 lbs- Have been having some very long work days, so logging 15th, 16th and 17th today. Gosh I really dislike my usual uptick after a drop! :-(
    December 18-170.6 lbs :-( Elliptical today 137 minutes for 9.1 miles.
    December 19-169.6 lbs :-) Starting back down again. Elliptical today for 140 minutes for 9.15 miles.
    December 20-171.0 lbs. :-( Ugh!
    December 21-168.2 lbs! Yippee! :-) Hopefully my next "usual uptick" won't go into the 170's again. I really dislike that uptick before a drop and going into the upper 10 lbs is worse than staying in the one I have achieved.(160 range is better than the 170's). Didn't do my Elliptical this AM. I had a hair appointment. (A girl has her priorities!) And hopefully finishing my Christmas shopping after it. Maybe will get to it later tonight. I'm off tomorrow and plan to do my baking, pies and Pumpkin rolls, as I'm working Thursday and Friday.
    December 22-168.2 lbs I was out Christmas shopping yesterday, after my hair appointment, till 10:30 PM! I didn't eat since 10 AM but drank water. I was barely hungry. Ate meat and veggie when I got home and then some pumpkin custard made with erythritol, I made a few days ago. Helped me to not actually eat my pumpkie pie. Didn't get on the elliptical last PM but I did get on today. 150 minutes for 10.1 miles. Today is my baking day, as I work Thursday and Friday.
    December 23-167.2 lbs
    December 24-167.2 lbs
    December 25-167.2 lbs I behaved today, prime rib, roasted broccoli, cauliflower, pepper medley and spring mix salad with strawberries, feta and nuts with no dressing. Then a piece of pumpkin cheesecake. Stayed within my calories. Did 180 minutes on my Elliptical this AM for 11.3 miles.
    December 26-165.6 lbs Down 89.4 lbs! Met my Nov/Dec/Jan goal already! I got through 2 festive, BIG food holidays and didn't gain! I will not slow down on my part but continue on as I have been. I'm not saying if the scale will cooperate and continue on dropping as it has though. Wearing my size 8 jeans today and a medium flannel shirt I haven't worn since 2014! Did 240 minutes on my Elliptical for 16 miles. A 90 lb loss is just around the corner for me and 100 is just around the bend!
    December 27-167 lbs. My usual uptick. :-(

    December 28-168.8 lbs. :-( Yuck! Did 240 minutes on my Elliptical for 16.6 miles. Ate at Texas Roadhouse tonight. Probably a uptick tomorrow from Sodium most likely.
    December 29-169.6 lbs
    December 30-169.6 lbs
    December 31-168 lbs

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    I'm in. I'm Chris. I live in northern California.
    71 year old female...5'5" ...I used to be 5'7" but arthritis hit and I lost two inches, so now that two inches is squished around my waist like the billows of a big accordion...
    ...Oh, well. I'll just keep working on it.
    Highest Weight: 192.2
    Challenge Starting Weight: 147.7
    Challenge Goal: 140
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130.0
    12/01 - 147.7 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/02 - 147.0 at 5:30 a.m. ...6.23 miles in 105 mins
    12/03 - 147.0 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/04 - 145.6 at 6:00 a.m. ...rest day
    12/05 - 147.0 at 8:15 a.m. ...6.25 miles in 109 mins
    12/06 - 147.3 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/07 - 147.0 at 5:30 a.m. ...6.24 miles in 107 mins
    12/08 - 147.2 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/09 - 146.7 at 5:30 a.m. ...5.74 miles in 99 mins
    12/10 - 147.0 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/11 - 145.8 at 6:00 a.m. ...5.91 miles in 105 mins
    12/12 - 145.9 at 8:30 a.m. ...rest day
    12/13 - 146.9 st 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/14 - 146.2 at 5:30 a.m. ...had an appt this afternoon that took up all my walking time! :s
    12/15 - 146.0 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/16 - 149.0 at 5:30 a.m. ...5.47 miles in 100 mins :s
    12/17 - 148.9 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/18 - 147.0 at 6:00 a.m. ...5.33 miles in 97 mins
    12/19 - 146.1 at 8:00 a.m. ...no walking...too cold for me...wrapped Christmas gifts instead. :D
    12/20 - 145.9 at 7:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/21 - 145.9 at 7:30 a.m. ...nothing today except junk food...cold and windy.
    12/22 - 146.7 at 8:00 a.m. ...6.31 miles in 113 mins
    12/23 - 147.6 at 8:30 a.m. ...nothing...no exercise...ate better!!
    12/24 - 147.5 at 8:30 a.m. ...5.67 miles in 100 mins ...Christmas w/family...good food
    12/25 - 145.8 at 8:15 a.m. ...nothing but rain and cold...ate a little better.
    12/26 - 147.4 at 8:45 a.m. ...nothing but rain and cold
    12/27 - 148.6 at 7:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/28 - 148.0 at 8:30 a.m. ...6.32 miles in 111 mins
    12/29 - 147.2 at 7:45 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/30 - 146.2 at 6:30 a.m. ...rest day
    12/31 - 149.3 at 9:30 a.m. ...6.42 miles in 108 mins
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    Well done everyone! See you in the January Challenge!