Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 175



  • Outdoorsy_Canadian
    Outdoorsy_Canadian Posts: 54 Member
    175 (1)

    UGW: 145

    1/17- NSD.
    • Mix of a lazy day on the couch and shoveling out from our HUGH snow storm.
    • Very tiring walking the dog through snow that was taller then her (and she’s a big dog).
    • Not looking forward to the drive in to work tomorrow.

    1/18 - NSD
    🖇Be productive ✔
    💪Be active in some way ❌
    💧H20 ✔
    💤Sleep (7+)
    🍫 NLS ✔

    IF- 16:8. Day 1

    • Assembled new shelf for living room: happy how it looks
    • Fell asleep on the couch after dinner.
    • Only activity I had today was digging the garbage bins out of the snow

    🖇Be productive ✔️
    💪Be active in some way ✔️
    💤Sleep (7+) ❌
    🍫 NLS ✔️

    1/20 - NSD
    • Poor sleep last night.

    🖇Be productive
    💪Be active in some way
    💤Sleep (7+) ❌
    🍫 NLS

    1/21- NSD
    • IF 16:8
    • Unproductive

    • IF 16:8
    • Poor food choices
    • Unproductive day.
  • playhardkf2017
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    @playhardkf2017 It's amazing to me how much FUN it is! Having the great trainer like you mentioned is so key eh?

    We had a blast today and both met our goals.

    That’s awesome you both met your goals, congratulations! The right trainer is so key, the one I found always mixes it up with her music with everything from 70’s to 90’s music and all sorts of genres too, so I never get bored. The length of the rides vary too which is nice if you want a quick 20 minute ride or a longer 60 minute one.