Hi! Back on the wagon (again)

I wouldn't say I'm a yo-yo dieter, because I've been heavy most of my life. I once lost 60 pounds on WW, but then gained it all back over a course of time. Had some minor set backs with health and am just feeling crappy. I like to say menopause and the pandemic have not been kind to me since I have a job where I sit all day. But for 5 days now, I've closed all the rings on my Apple Watch. YAY. Of course, I've been working out and counting calories (in a deficit) but have gained .6 pounds. But I keep telling myself, you're just getting started and changing some of that fat to muscle. Rights?


  • magster4isu
    magster4isu Posts: 612 Member
    Hello. I'm in a similar situation as you. I also lost a significant amount of weight and due to some external (and internal) factors I gained that weight back. I have fixed the external issues and am now working on getting back where I was.